Breed: F1 BerneDoodle

Weight: 30lbs

Makes: F1b BerneDoodles

Raised by: Tammy and Dana in Beresford, SD

Trudi - Our Merle Bernedoodle

Trudi is truly a joy and is very special to us as she is one of the first puppies we have kept that was born in our home. She has the same silly, quirky personality as her mom, Gertie, and she loves to be with her people. She loves to cuddle and insists on going on four walks a day…not three, not five, but exactly four! She loves all other dogs, but still prefers her humans. She is not a barker. It actually startles us when she barks because it is so infrequent. In the summer she likes to find an air conditioning vent to lie on or can be found in the little pool we set up for our golden retriever. In the winter she loves to romp in the snow. She has no interest in cats and just ignores them. We can have her off leash anywhere and she will not leave us.  Overall, Trudi is just a fantastic companion and family member. We are very proud to have been able to raise her and we are very excited to see her puppies.

Trudi's past puppies:

TrufflesBlack Tri-Color BerneDoodle

Congrats to: Kristen and family from Austin, Texas on this Girl

FinnBlack Tri-Color BerneDoodle

Congrats to: Kelli and family from The Hills, TX on this Boy

GretaBlack Tri-Color BerneDoodle

Congrats to: Katie and family from Spicewood, Texas on this Girl