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Pumpkin’s Toy Size AussieDoodles in Ocala, FL


Little pumpkin at just 10 lbs. What a doll. She and her boyfriend Oakley make some very sweet toy size AussieDoodle puppies. Everyone who has a chance to spend a little time with Pumpkin, falls in love with her.

Pumpkin, fondly coined Pumpkin Pie by loved ones, is a red AKC registered Miniature Poodle born 11/29/15. To describe her in a few short words is impossible. Pumpkin is having babies because I want other people to experience some of the priceless moments, love & affection, and friendship she has brought into my life. I tell her we can’t keep this for ourselves, we’ve got to help more people find the joy and enrichment a dog like her can give to a human. She has to
have babies because she is just too good of a dog for me to keep all to myself. Having Pumpkin with me when I go to the store or walk the beach just gives me peace and a sense of belonging… Hmmm. I think dogs belong to people but I guess the best dogs make you feel like you belong to them. It makes me happy to see people young and old completely change their composure once they start petting her. There are smiles everywhere. Another same ‘ol day turned into a day thatwon’t be the same. Training came very easy for her even as a small puppy. After a couple trial runs, she understands what she’s supposed to do, then did it. She always seems to know what I want her to do. Even if what I ask makes her scared, worried or unsure, her total trust in me overcomes her fear. She has never shown aggression, never chewed up anything in the house doesn’t dig in the yard. She does, however, enjoy pulling the stuffing out of cheap, crappy, dog beds. Once the dirty deed is done, she sits there and gives me the look as if to say, “This bed is cheap and crappy! See how easy it falls apart?” She does her job well. She has me and anyone that meets her want a least 10 more Pumpkins because we all need our best friend like that one special dog we grew up with that loved us so or that first dog that will forever impact our life in every way a dog can.

Pumpkin’s Toy Size AussieDoodles in Ocala, FL is owned by:

Allyson’s Toy Size Aussie Poos in Florida

Allyson is no longer raising AussieDoodles. Allyson and her little angels, Pumpkin and Sedona, live in Ocala, Florida. Pumpkin and Sedona are Allyson's best friends. She takes them everywhere she goes. To the park, on long walks, and even to the store, but only as long as Pumpkin gets to ride in Allyson's purse. Allyson and her pups are inseparable. If you pick a puppy from Allyson, be prepared for a cuteness overload and your puppy to come to you, pre-spoiled. Allyson's Pets:

Pumpkin’s Toy Size AussieDoodles in Ocala, FL's Past Puppies


Mocha is a female sable merle toy aussiedoodle. She has the cutest white markings on her face, chest and paws. She's gorgeous! We think she will look a lot like Scarlett, our November 2018 AwesomeDoodle of the month, Ginger or Feeny.  Congratulations to Chandra and family in Illinois.


Tootsie is a female dark sable toy aussiedoodle. She has an adorable white chin and white stripe down her chest. Her sable colors will come out more as she grows. She's so pretty! We think she will look a lot like her older brother Bentley as she gets fluffier. Congratulations to Melissa and Joe in Pennsylvania.


Callie is a female black phantom toy aussiedoodle. Her copper is already so vibrant on her face and legs. She has a little white chin and a big white patch on her chest. She's so beautiful! We think she will look like Winnie as she gets fluffier. Congratulations to Vikki in Florida.


Starbucks is a male sable toy aussiedoodle. He has a white patch on his chin, chest, and the cutest spot on his head too. His darker markings on his tale, ears and face are so handsome! We think he will look like his older sister Rosie as he gets older. Congratulations to Ann in Maryland.


Rowdy is a female black phantom toy aussiedoodle. She has a cute white patch on her chin and a big white patch on her chest. Her copper markings are getting so bright on her legs and face. She's adorable! Wet think she will look a lot like Mocha as she gets fluffier. Congratulations to Evelyn and Kathy in California.


Bella is a female black phantom toy aussiedoodle. She has a tiny white patch on her chin and chest and a little on her paws too. Her copper is just starting to come out on her legs and face and her fur is so silky and soft. She's perfect! We think she will look a lot like Gunnar as she gets fluffy. Congratulations to Tina and Ken in New Jersey.

Bentley Black Sable Toy Size AussieDoodle

"Bentley is doing well! We stopped at a hotel on the drive back and got home late last night. He killed it with sleeping last night. Slept from 10 to 1:30 before a potty break then slept again until 7 am. He was great on the car ride home and always peed on the potty pads we had in the car. Crate training is proving a bit difficult because he can't see me too well out of it but I'm working on propping the crate up a bit to be closer to my bed.  Thanks for sending the articles along. They've been very helpful so far." Bentley is a Black Sable male AussieDoodle.  He's got the cutest copper eyebrows and rich copper coloring on his body that will get more vibrant as he gets fluffy.  His little white chin and white patch on his chest is adorable too.  We've never quite had pups with unique coloring like Bentley, but we imagine it will be like a combination of the look of Huckleberry and Dudley and also Harley.  We can't wait to see his colors as he grows!  Congratulations to Samone and family in Indiana.


"Isca is doing marvelous.  She is responding well with toys but doesn't seem to be food crazy.  Her vet is scheduled for this Saturday.  She snuggles with me all the time and yes, like glue.  I'll start training her in her crate and hope to be able to leave the room for short periods so not to stress her out too much.  Whenever she starts chewing on something that she is not supposed to, I either give her a toy or walk out of the room and that seems to be working well.  Her eye contact melts hearts.  Thank you so much for all you do to ensure these puppies are well trained.  We'll do our very best so puppy and owner can be happy." The training is going very well.  Isca is doing great and as long as I take her out often, there are no potty accidents." Isca is a Black Sable female AussieDoodle. She's got an adorable white chin and a little on her chest and each paw.  She also has a beautiful copper coloring coming out on her eyebrows and her body.  We've never quite had pups with unique coloring like Isca, but we imagine it will be like a combination of the look of Huckleberry and Dudley and also Harley.  We can't wait to see her colors as she grows!  Congratulations to Mariangela and Robert in North Carolina.

Scarlett : November 2018 ADOTM

"She is doing so well.  Great personality, loves our other dogs, everyone wants to be with her—-our favorite dog ever!  She is the best company and so much fun.  Very loving while still able to relax with the family.  We adore our little Scarlett. " Scarlett is a Red Sable color female AussieDoodle.  She has a little white patch on her chin and chest, and rich dark colors on her face, tail, and ears.  Absolutely adorable!  We think she will look a lot like the oh-so-adorable Kevin as she grows and gets fluffy!  Congratulations to Kathy.

Rosie Toy Size Red Sable AussieDoodle

Rosie is a beautiful sable color female aussiedoodle.  She has an adorable white chin, a white patch on her chest, and a little on each paw.  We think she will look a lot like Riley and Lola when she gets older and fluffier.  Super cute!  Congratulations to Stephanie in California.


"It’s been a whirlwind, to say the least!   Ally was so great to drive from Ocala, FL to Hilton Head, SC to deliver Tucker to us. I think her drive to us  was 4 1/2 hours!   Then, we got him and had to drive another 10 hours to VA.   He did great!   He cried for the first 20 minutes which broke our hearts.   He fell asleep and when he woke up it was like all the stress from leaving Ally and Pumpkin was gone.  We made 6 stops and at every single one he wanted to play and chase us.   What a hoot!     We arrived in VA at 10pm, introduced him to his new digs, and then kept him awake and playing until midnight.   We put him in the crate on my side of the bed at 12:05am and he woke us at 6am!   A VERY successful first night! He is absolutely adorable!   Blaine and I are head over heels in love!   Thank you for all your help.   The training videos are great.   Even though you all suggest that we should wait a bit on introducing the collar, I put it on him twice last night then took it off.  He was a bit turned off by it.    I put it on him first thing this morning and he doesn’t even realize that he has it on!" We got a package of great welcome gifts from Awesome Doodle !    Thank you all!!" Tucker is a blue merle male toy aussiedoodle.  He has a cute little white patch on his chest and his chin.  We think his merle coloring will look a lot like Keeper, just without the copper.  So adorable!  Congratulations to Blaine and Nancy in Virginia.