Breed: Poodle

Weight: 10lbs

Makes: none at this time

Raised by: Allyson’s Toy Size Aussie Poos in Florida in Ocala, Florida

Pumpkin - She is a darling toy-sized poodle with lots of love!

Little pumpkin at just 10 lbs. What a doll. She and her boyfriend Oakley make some very sweet toy size AussieDoodle puppies. Everyone who has a chance to spend a little time with Pumpkin, falls in love with her.

Pumpkin, fondly coined Pumpkin Pie by loved ones, is a red AKC registered Miniature Poodle born 11/29/15. To describe her in a few short words is impossible. Pumpkin is having babies because I want other people to experience some of the priceless moments, love & affection, and friendship she has brought into my life. I tell her we can’t keep this for ourselves, we’ve got to help more people find the joy and enrichment a dog like her can give to a human. She has to
have babies because she is just too good of a dog for me to keep all to myself. Having Pumpkin with me when I go to the store or walk the beach just gives me peace and a sense of belonging… Hmmm. I think dogs belong to people but I guess the best dogs make you feel like you belong to them. It makes me happy to see people young and old completely change their composure once they start petting her. There are smiles everywhere. Another same ‘ol day turned into a day thatwon’t be the same. Training came very easy for her even as a small puppy. After a couple trial runs, she understands what she’s supposed to do, then did it. She always seems to know what I want her to do. Even if what I ask makes her scared, worried or unsure, her total trust in me overcomes her fear. She has never shown aggression, never chewed up anything in the house doesn’t dig in the yard. She does, however, enjoy pulling the stuffing out of cheap, crappy, dog beds. Once the dirty deed is done, she sits there and gives me the look as if to say, “This bed is cheap and crappy! See how easy it falls apart?” She does her job well. She has me and anyone that meets her want a least 10 more Pumpkins because we all need our best friend like that one special dog we grew up with that loved us so or that first dog that will forever impact our life in every way a dog can.

This dog is no longer making puppies, and is living in it's furever home with it's furever family.

Pumpkin's past puppies:


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