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Allyson’s Toy Size Aussie Poos in Florida

Allyson is no longer raising AussieDoodles.

Allyson and her little angels, Pumpkin and Sedona, live in Ocala, Florida.

Pumpkin and Sedona are Allyson’s best friends. She takes them everywhere she goes. To the park, on long walks, and even to the store, but only as long as Pumpkin gets to ride in Allyson’s purse.

Allyson and her pups are inseparable. If you pick a puppy from Allyson, be prepared for a cuteness overload and your puppy to come to you, pre-spoiled.

Allyson’s Pets:


Ranger is a half brother to Robin. If you've kept up with Robin, you know that Robin's pups are some of our most coveted puppies, for their playful demeanor and her constant affection. We were so lucky to get Ranger and we expect his puppies to have some of Robin's traits. Ranger is playful, he loves other dogs, and he's always by your side, or on your lap. Ranger is so cute when he meets new people. He has that typical "stand off-ish" attitude like most Aussies have, but as soon as he sees you petting one of the other dogs, he can't help himself. He just wants some of that affection too and he doesn't care who gives it to him. Give him a little love and he's yours forever. Ranger doesn't have a mean bone in his body. He shares his toys and he loves all the [read more]


To best describe Sedona could be summed up as “Beautiful Happy Sweetheart.” She is always smiling and wagging her tail. It is so cute because she twirls her tail around like a helicopter blade ready to take flight. All I have to do is look at her and she smiles and wags her tail. She looks to Pumpkin and me for guidance on what she’s supposed to do. As soon as I am going to work or going to bed, she goes to her crate and waits for me to shut the door just like Pumpkin does. Very obedient and easy to train. A lot of the time, she rides with us in the car then in my purse with Pumpkin to walk around wherever we go. It’s a darling sight to see. Sedona is quite different in personality than Pumpkin. Pumpkin is always so excited and happy to [read more]


  Oakley is 10 lbs. Two blue eyes and full of fun. He’s an attention hog and ready to go whenever you are. [read more]

Pumpkin’s Toy Size AussieDoodles in Ocala, FL

  Little pumpkin at just 10 lbs. What a doll. She and her boyfriend Oakley make some very sweet toy size AussieDoodle puppies. Everyone who has a chance to spend a little time with Pumpkin, falls in love with her. Pumpkin, fondly coined Pumpkin Pie by loved ones, is a red AKC registered Miniature Poodle born 11/29/15. To describe her in a few short words is impossible. Pumpkin is having babies because I want other people to experience some of the priceless moments, love & affection, and friendship she has brought into my life. I tell her we can’t keep this for ourselves, we’ve got to help more people find the joy and enrichment a dog like her can give to a human. She has to have babies because she is just too good of a dog for me to keep all to myself. Having Pumpkin with me when [read more]