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Snowflake is a  gorgeous apricot moyen size poodle, at about 30-35lbs, registered with AKC. If you see Jeremy, you see Snowflake; she’s always tagging along. Jingle the car keys Snowflake is ready to go.  She is super affectionate, even with strangers, and gets along with all dogs. She sleeps on the bedroom floor every night in her big luxury dog bed. Typically, Snowflake has her FOO FOO fancy poodle hair cut as shown to the right. Above, she had been shaved so it is easier for her to take care of her puppies.  She is very active and likes to play outside. Poodles are known to be the smartest dogs and Snowflake is no exception. She knows hundreds of phrases, such as “get in your bed,” and “get in the car,” and also”go lie down.” Snowflake is an incredibly gentle dog, especially with her 5 and 7 year old little family members. Snowflake is a submissive dog and knows her role in the pack. A 3 year old kid could take her bone away and Snowflake accepts it and does not try to protect her food or toys.

When I first met Snowflake, she came to me instantly and asked for affection. When we started petting her, she got closer and closer to us and she just melted in our arms.  We didn’t want to leave Snowflake; I told Jeremy that we want her! “Fat chance!” he said. “We got her when she was 8 weeks old and we would NEVER give her up!”

Can you tell we love Snowflake? Snowflake is fully DNA disease tested.


Snowflake is owned by:

Morgan & Diane’s Affectionate Toy and Mini AussieDoodles

Diane and Morgan raise their toy and mini size AussieDoodles in Louisville, KY. Their puppies are some of our most wanted, because of the extra time they spend in the puppy box, handling the pups. When I (Tom) first saw Morgan in our neighborhood (in Louisville), walking her dog on a "loose leash," I asked her if she was a dog trainer. She said, "No, I just like walking dogs." Then I asked her what high school she goes to, and if she would like a job walking dogs. She replied, "Yes but I'm in 8th grade and I'll [read more]

Snowflake's Past Puppies


"Wilson is amazing! This week we worked a lot on eye contact, positive reinforcement for his name, trail walks and leash time.  Every morning after I take my daughter to school, Wilson and I hit the trails at the town park. It's very wooded with a creek and still lots of snow. We walk for about an hour so he gets plenty of exercise and lots of time to practice off leash commands. And he's perfect!    I fenced in a 20'x30' area off my front door for easy outdoor potty training. That door has a bell and Wilson started using it to let me know he needs to go out. Potty training is going very good too! In that area we can play fetch in the afternoon to help him get ready for a calm evening.    Indoors he is still in the kitchen with a bed and a crate and a training mat. He goes back and forth to the crate and bed when he's there. At night he's been sleeping from 10:30 to about 6:30. Some nights he needs out around 5:00 but not often.    He's in the car everyday. To the park, to the store, or to volleyball tournaments. This weekend we are in Watertown and he is the hit of the tournament again!  He plays with the girls between games, I take him out on his leash for potty breaks and during games he was in his crate next to the bench where he mostly slept! And it would get pretty exciting at times, but he was so good!!! The last game of the day today, he sat with my friend on his blanket in her lap or next to her and just watched the game. Literally everyone remarks about how cute, perfect, well behaved, smart he is.   I haven't experienced any crazy puppy nights this week. Some grabbing at pant legs but he "leaves it" quickly in return for a toy or treat. Yelping helps with finger/hand chewing and having something else to offer.   The coach taught him to roll over today in about 15 minutes while I was tending to a players injury. Like I said before, he's perfect! Keep sending the training videos, we're eating them up! " Congrats to Jennifer R and her family.

Lilly: Black Tuxedo AussieDoodle

3/7/20: Just wanted to give you an update on Lilly Belle. Remember us? We received our pup from you 3 years ago (almost to the day) March 10, 2017. Tuxedo pup from Ringo and Snowflake. We love ️our pup. Now at 3 years old, she won’t leave our side and is the absolute best little pup ever.  Look at her eyes.  So much soul and love. We call her the love dog.  For instance, when one of our family members gets home, she barks and runs around gathering up all of the family members around the house to bring us [read more]


"We made it to Sydney's new home in Michigan. She was an absolute angel! She stayed in the crate in her bed and only whimpered when she needed to potty. She explored her new digs for a bit, played fetch with one of her new toys, then went in her crate and fell asleep; it was a long and exciting day for her.  I can't thank all of you enough for this little blessing.  She's so well trained already and we appreciate all of the training, socializing and love you showered her with. Please know that BG will be well-loved." We call her "Baby Gorilla!" because when she runs she looks like a little baby gorilla running. Morgan says she comes to that name when you say it. Violet is a Black bicolor, tuxedo AussieDoodle. She has all black feet (no dirty paws) and only a little white on her chest. Violet is the smallest of the litter (but only by a few ounces) and we expect her to top out under 35lbs. Violet's personality is starting to shine. She and her twin sister, Shadow, like to stick together. At 6 weeks old, their personality is just now starting to come out. They are both fairly calm and submissive, and both love to be held and snuggled. She will lie in your lap as long as you are giving her affection. She is NOT SHY at all, but not overly rambunctious either. We expect her temperament to be very well balanced. Just like her daddy Ringo, Violet has a natural bobtail, and it is SUPER cute!  Violet got an A+ at her 6 week puppy check up. She also got her first round of vaccinations and first de-worming. Violet looks like he will have a low shedding, wavy coat. We expect her to be 30-35 lbs full grown, possibly closer to 30lbs. Congrats to Sue N and her family!


"She's an ace at sitting and waiting her turn for treats on her first day home! She's really doing great. She waits her turn and she stays sitting the whole time now, even while the other dogs are getting their treats and jumping around." Juno is a blue merle and she looks (and acts) a lot like a puppy named Thunda, from our previous litter. She is very outgoing and doesn't know the word "SHY". She is a tiny bit bigger than the rest of her litter. We expect the litter to end up in the 30-40lb range, and she may be in the 35-40lb range. Not only is she the most outgoing, she is quite demanding of our attention already. She likes to be doing SOMETHING or being loved on, all the time. She has an amazing fluffy coat and we expect her to be VERY low shedding. Congrats to Amy and her family.


"We are so happy with Desmond and he has truly become part of the family!  He is so smart and adorable!" Desmond is a dark blue merle. Just like his daddy Ringo, Desmond has a natural bobtail. So cute! Desmond got an A+ at his 6 week puppy check up. He also got his first round of vaccinations and first de-worming. Desmond looks like he will have a low shedding, wavy coat. We expect him to be 30-35 lbs full grown. Congrats to Chris D and his family.