Breed: Australian Shepherd

Weight: 35lbs

Makes: F1 AussieDoodles

Raised by: Mike and Candace in Ashley Ohio

mike family aussiedoodles

Skyler - She is the perfect family dog.

As a family, we bought Skyler, hoping for a dog that we could raise around our 4 children and could bring protection and also tenderness with our little ones. We didn’t want to get just a pet, we wanted a family member, and Skyler has proven her self over and over to be so much more than just a dog. Our kids can wrestle and play with her and she knows that it’s just play time. She is the leader of the pack so to speak and takes on the role of “guardian “to our kids. Skyler enjoys the frisbee. As a matter of fact , she enjoys it so much, she hardly lets the other dogs get a chance to play. The way we raised Skyler has allowed her to become attached to us and she misses us dearly when we are gone, even if it’s only for a five minute run to the store. Skyler has so many personality traits that we love in a dog. I think awesome doodle fans across the country will love her puppies. She is a great mother to her young and we couldn’t be happier with our girl Skyler

Skyler's past puppies:


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