Breed: Australian Shepherd

Weight: 13lbs

Makes: F1 AussieDoodles

Raised by: Erin in Louisville, KY

Sidney - Pictures coming soon!

Sidney is a 13 lb red merle Australian Shepherd. She lives happily in her guardian home where she is spoiled rotten. She loves to go on walks with her “Papa”, and visit the neighbors along the way. Sidney draws lots of attention with her unique coat colors and her blue and hazel eyes. When she isn’t on a walk, she enjoys snuggling up on the couch, watching tv with her mom. Sidney is very low energy for an aussie. She doesn’t require much exercise at all and likes her Papa to put her to bed in her crate every night at 8:00pm sharp! Sidney can be shy, but will warm up to strangers with time. She rarely barks, is not a chewer or digger, and does not jump on guests. She loves other dogs and has been extra happy since getting a neighbor puppy to play with in the backyard. Her doggie cousin, Yoda, comes to visit a few days a week and she’s always excited to see him. Sidney is easy going and is just as comfortable at my house, Tom’s house or Morgan’s house, as she is in her forever home with her guardian family.

Sidney's past puppies:

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