Breed: Poodle

Weight: 18lbs

Makes: none at this time

Raised by: Allyson’s Toy Size Aussie Poos in Florida in Ocala, Florida

Sedona - She is a fun-loving, intelligent Poodle.

To best describe Sedona could be summed up as “Beautiful Happy Sweetheart.” She is always smiling and wagging her tail. It is so cute because she twirls her tail around like a helicopter blade ready to take flight. All I have to do is look at her and she smiles and wags her tail. She looks to Pumpkin and me for guidance on what she’s supposed to do. As soon as I am going to work or going to bed, she goes to her crate and waits for me to shut the door just like Pumpkin does. Very obedient and easy to train. A lot of the time, she rides with us in the car then in my purse with Pumpkin to walk around wherever we go. It’s a darling sight to see.

Sedona is quite different in personality than Pumpkin. Pumpkin is always so excited and happy to see you and get up close to love and kiss you to death. Sedona wants to know you want her in your space and you want her to snuggle up to you. She is a big-time snuggler. She respects your space and doesn’t get all up in your face or jump on you. She will wait until you ask her to be close to you. She will kiss your ear and sniff your nose meanwhile wagging her tail and smiling when she gets close to you. She is a very calm dog in personality but when she feels threatened, she will be the first to take the front line to protect Pumpkin and I no matter how scared she may be for herself. There is no question she loves deeply and we are everything to her. She gives Pumpkin the respect of the older sister and me the respect of her human best friend.

Sedona came into our lives somewhat by accident. After Pumpkin had puppies, I could see how very much she loved playing and bonding with other dogs. Although I knew I was “the one” in her life, I thought her life would be even better with a doggy buddy. I started looking for a puppy thinking it would be easier for the new baby to adjust and Pumpkin would like that better. I had such a fulfilling experience with Pumpkin’s puppies, I wanted to have more. I contacted Sedona’s owner because the owner had other puppies available that had amazing color and fantastic pedigree for producing lots of color and great personality. Sedona was not even for sale and a few months old but, I saw a picture of her and fell in love.

Sedona has show quality confirmation with a graceful gait that looks like she is moving on a cloud with the wind. Her parents have so much variety of color in their lineage, I could only imagine how beautiful her puppies would be bred to the right little Aussie boyfriend. Her mother is a black and white Parti color (patches of black and white all over her body). Her father is a grey and copper brindle. Brindle is quite rare in Miniature Poodles. The excitement I had to see how beautiful her babies would be was uncontainable for me. Although she stands a bit taller than Pumpkin, she is the same weight at 10lbs which is also her parents size. After much discussion with Sedona’s owner, guaranteeing what a great home Sedona would have with us, her owner decided she would not keep her for herself and let her come be with Pumpkin & me. She did not want to sell Sedona because she was such a good dog with exceptional confirmation & bloodlines. Long story short, Sedona was soon a welcome part of our family.

Sedona is AKC registered and is white with black tips on her ears. She has little black hairs all over her body but can only be seen up close. This will surely add to some cool puppy color! She is getting some tan patches on her shoulders and top line on her back. They started out faint but, continue to darken as she ages so we will just have to see what happens. One thing is for sure, her babies are going to be amazing colors with the most devotional personality & confirmation like her mommy. Everyone that wants an Awesomedoodle baby needs to hold out and see what Sedona has in store for us.

This dog is no longer making puppies, and is living in it's furever home with it's furever family.

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