Roxie’s Puppies are Raised By:

  • Well I’ve said it before; our dogs are extremely loving and compassionate, but I’m not sure this quote could fully describe the kind of love that Roxie shows us daily. To say that she is loyal, kind, and affectionate would be an understatement. Roxie is her name & affection is her game. This beautiful red merle mini aussie stands 16 inches tall and is 35 lbs. Roxie’s coat is so beautiful and her blue eyes will pierce to your heart when she glares at you. As you may know, The Australian shepherd is known to be athletic, fun and loyal to their owners. Roxie possesses all of these qualities and shows them on a daily basis. From playing fetch, to hugs, Roxie just wants to be around people. Her favorite game is tag with the other dogs in which she shows off her amazing athleticism. Other than Maggie, I’m not sure if any of the other dogs can catch her. One of her favorite pastimes is wrapping her front legs around us and give us a big bear hug. She never wants to let go. Roxie is a big goof ball sometimes and makes the cutest faces. She trusts us with everything and doesn’t get hurt her feelings hurt. She’s always there for a comforting hug and would never turn down a game of fetch. Her friendship and love is therapeutic. If you are looking for a dog that will be fun in the yard and yet loving and sweet indoors, Roxie puppies might be a perfect match.

  • Size: 35 lbs

Roxie’s Past Puppies:


Hali gets to go home with Katie from Marshall, MI. Congrats Katie! Hali is a black and white colored female mini Aussiedoodle puppy. She has white markings on her chest and belly, and we love her white socks and white tipped tail. As she grows up she will look just like her older brother Jack. We just love this little sweetie pie! [read more]


Congratulations to Paul from Naples, FL on his new girl Savannah! Savannah is a black bi colored female mini Aussiedoodle puppy. She has a beautiful broad white hourglass and a big white chest. You might see some slight brushed tan side burns and eye brows come out as she grows. We love her white tipped tail and white mitts! As she gets bigger she will look like Bailey. Such a lovely little lady! [read more]


Congratulations to Lynn in Davis, CA on her new sweetie Maizy! Maizy is a red tri colored female mini Aussiedoodle puppy.  She has a beautiful red coat with vibrant copper accents. We love her big white chest and perfect white aussie blaze. She looks just like her half brother Atlas. Such an irresistible little puppy! [read more]


Bohdi is going home to Irvine, CA with Sandy! Congratulations to Sandy! Bohdi is a red merle female mini Aussiedoodle puppy. She has a white collar, white points and a beautifully merle marked coat. We love that abstract dark brown spot on the back of her head.  As she gets fluffier she will look a lot like her older half brother Rufus. What a darling little doodle babe! [read more]


Congratulations to Vivie from Baltimore, MD on her new doodle girl Hazel Hazel is a red merle female mini Aussiedoodle puppy. She has a nice broad white blaze and a big white chest. As her curls grow we think she will look just like her older half brother Rufus. What a gorgeous gal she is! [read more]


Congrats to Karolina and Leerom from Ontario, Canada on their little guy! Finn is a red merle male mini Aussiedoodle puppy. He has a white collar and white chest and spectacular high contrast merle markings. We love his golden copper accents! As he grows out his curls, we think he will look a lot like Burt. What a stunning little guy! Finn is being held for AwesomeDoodle. [read more]


10 weeks old and Patch is doing great! He sleeps through the night in the crate and willingly goes in. We’re working hard on house training. My kids are doing great with him. Our next step is to work on him not using his mouth on people (especially my kids). He is an expert at sitting calmly and waiting for a treat. He’s also learning to ‘come’ when called. Patch is a sweet and calm dog. We feel like we got really lucky! – Best, Lee Congrats to Lee [read more]


Luna is a female blue merle AussieDoodle. Her fur is super cute. She will look a lot like Macy when she gets bigger. Congratulations to Josiah and Jenny. [read more]


“We got our sweet Sassy back Sunday after 2 weeks of training. He said she was so smart and she could very well be a therapy dog. She is a little over 4 months and just a delight to be around. Walks on a leash without pulling and stays right by your leg when you say heel. When you stop she immediately sits down. You take her to a mat or “place’ and tell her to place and she stays until you tell her to get up. So proud of her(Roxie x Cash)” – Karen [read more]


Bailey is a female Red Merle AussieDoodle with Copper. She is super cute with a nice bold look and eye mask. She will look a lot like Goose when she gets bigger. Congratulations to Jeff and Nandini! [read more]


Brady is a male Blue Merle AussieDoodle. He has lot of spots and a higher contrast look, with a cool face mask. He will look a lot like Ollie when he gets bigger, but with more spots. Congratulations to Jilli! [read more]


"Thank you so much for checking in and all the super helpful tips and articles to read/watch. We are LOVING, enjoying and having a wonderful time with Atlas. Some of the successes: - He has been sleeping all night (~7 hours) without crying. He did for the first two nights but was very minor. - He follows the “sit” command most of the time - super IMPRESSED - He did fantastic at housebreaking and seems adjusted to his new home" - Nilka

Izzy Blue

"Izzy is doing amazing! She is sooo smart!(maybe a little too smart at times, haha) I found a solution to my bells on the doorknob issue that I mentioned previously (no handle on the door). I found an electronic doorbell called the Smart Bell by Mighty Paw. I installed it about a week and a half ago and everything finally “clicked” for Izzy a few days ago! She now knows to ring her doorbell every time she needs to go potty (only downside is that she thinks she should also ring it to go play outside). I have to try to remember to film her doing it and I’ll post it for everyone! Training is also going really well. She knows how to sit, lie down, come, and learned shake in two days! We are working on stay now—that’s a tough one. We weighed her and she is now 8.2 lbs (up from 4.2 at 8 wks)! Next vet appointment is the 20th for more vaccines. We are looking forward to when she is 16 weeks so she can start going on walks in our neighborhood and around town with us. This week we brought her with to go counter top shopping and everyone in the store fell in love!" - Reba


Jack is a male red tuxedo with copper. His copper will come out more as he grows. He will look a lot like Argos when he gets bigger. Congratulations to Jill! [read more]


Oliver is a male Tuxedo AussieDoodle with Copper. His copper will come out more as he grows. He will look a lot like Linus when he gets bigger.