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Roux puppies are raised by:

  • Meet Roux, our little blue merle mini aussie.  Roux is a fireball with lots of fun energy and has an extremely loving side.  She is always ready to play at a moments notice and is quick to jump up in your arms for a snuggle.  Her athleticism and spunk is entertaining an infectious and she is always up for a game of fetch.  She has a smile that makes you feel as if she understands humans just a little more than most dogs.  This fun-loving personality that we see in her makes us excited as we anticipate her puppies arrival. We know that whoever gets one of her AussieDoodle puppies is getting a personality that will be easy to fall in love with!

  • Size: 20 lbs

Roux's Past Puppies:


I couldn’t have asked for a smarter or sweeter dog than Olivia. What a personality! She is great with other dogs of all sizes and everyone she meets. And they all love her and compliment her markings! We’re having so much fun together! Congratulations to Diana in New Jersey on this pretty girl! Olivia is a black bi colored female toy AussieDoodle puppy with a partial white collar and white chest and belly. She has some white on each paw and leg and a white tipped tail like each [read more]


Congrats to Pam and her husband from Ohio on this beautiful girl! Zoe is a black bi-colored toy sized female AussieDoodle puppy with a partial white collar and a full white chest and belly. She has those sweet little white tipped paws and tail. We think she will look a lot like her half sisters CC and Coco. She is a precious little pup! [read more]


Danny is the bright spot in my days! Time has gone by so quickly I can’t believe he is 17 weeks old already! What I can believe is how smart he is! Everyone loves him and wants to take him home. There were a few times I was afraid I might have to fight for him! Danny learns so quickly and is used to demonstrate during training classes many more times than any of the other puppies! We are learning sit and down stays, leave it, and leash walking. [read more]


Congrats to Marilyn in Illinois on her new girl Marlowe! Marlowe is a red bi-colored female toy-sized AussieDoodle puppy with lots of white!  Marlowe and her little mate Juliet look like twins! We adore this radiant red coat that some of Champ’s puppies have, it is just stunning. We think she will look a lot Ozzy. She is such a sweetie-pie! [read more]


We have fallen in love with Sadie…from the moment Jordan handed her over :) She’s so cute we can’t even stand it. We’re 3 days in now, and things are going so well…a testament to how well AwesomeDoodle raises their pups! She’s sitting just about every time she approaches us, and your training video on teaching her this behavior was so helpful…all of the videos/articles are really good, and we’re watching/reading every one! We’re going to work on the biting, because you’re right…she’s a little biting machine. When she [read more]


Congrats to Diana in Florida on this little lovebug! Romeo a red merle male toy sized AussieDoodle puppy with a white collar, chest, belly and white points which include his legs, feet and tip of his tail. He has some high contrast merle spots that you can see on his video really well and will really make his coat “pop”. We think he will look a lot like his half brother Quincy. He is quite the little lover boy! [read more]


Congrats to Dai and her family on their new little gal Kona! Kona a blue merle female toy sized AussieDoodle puppy with a full white collar and big white collar and belly. Each little paw is white and the tip of her sweet little tail. Her merle pattern is elegantly dark, each Champ puppy seems to have it’s own unique shade of merle. We think she will look like a mix between her siblings Star and Piper.  She is such a pretty little doll! [read more]