Breed: Australian Shepherd

Weight: 18lbs

Makes: none at this time

Raised by: Tom in Louisville, KY

Robin - Robin, the smartest little Aussie on the planet.

Robin is a 19lb, 13.5″ tall, Toy Sized, Blue Merle Australian Shepherd. She lives with Becky and her family in Prospect, KY.

Robin is a guardian dog. That means she lives a fun life in her furever home, but she comes here for play-days and to have her puppies. She is docile, playful, lower energy, submissive, and best of all, she is extremely affectionate. Don’t let her small size fool you; she’s just as intelligent as the rest of our pack. Robin lives with Becky, her forever home and family. When she comes here, her eyes LIGHT up and she is SO excited to see us. She has a blast here at our house and is spoiled rotten. I love Robin more than words can describe. She is incredibly special to both Becky and I. It’s one of those relationships that simply cannot be explained, because you would never believe it if I tried.

Whatever you’re doing, Robin wants to do it too. Whether you’re working in the garage, swimming in the pool, or going in the car, Robin wants to be there. She loves to ride in the car, loves to go for walks. She’s not allowed in the bed so she sleeps on the side of the bed, as close as she can get to you. If she wakes up before us, she waits patiently until we wake up. We are in love with Robin. If we could “clone” Robin, we would. We just can’t say enough about her. Juno and Pumpkin are Robin’s half sisters.

This dog is no longer making puppies, and is living in it's furever home with it's furever family.

Robin's past puppies:


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