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Robin is a 19lb, 13.5″ tall, Toy Sized, Blue Merle Australian Shepherd. She lives with Becky and her family in Prospect, KY.

Robin is a guardian dog. That means she lives a fun life in her furever home, but she comes here for play-days and to have her puppies. She is docile, playful, lower energy, submissive, and best of all, she is extremely affectionate.  Don’t let her small size fool you; she’s just as intelligent as the rest of our pack. Robin lives with Becky, her forever home and family. When she comes here, her eyes LIGHT up and she is SO excited to see us. She has a blast here at our house and is spoiled rotten. I love Robin more than words can describe. She is incredibly special to both Becky and I. It’s one of those relationships that simply cannot be explained, because you would never believe it if I tried.

Whatever you’re doing, Robin wants to do it too. Whether you’re working in the garage, swimming in the pool, or going in the car, Robin wants to be there.  She loves to ride in the car, loves to go for walks.  She’s not allowed in the bed so she sleeps on the side of the bed, as close as she can get to you.  If she wakes up before us, she waits patiently until we wake up. We are in love with Robin. If we could “clone” Robin, we would. We just can’t say enough about her. Juno and Pumpkin are Robin’s half sisters.

Robin is owned by:

Tom’s AussieDoodle Puppies In Kentucky

I raise my Mini AussieDoodle Puppies in Louisville, KY, which is perfect location if you’re looking for AussieDoodles in Nashville, Alabama or Mississippi. I have a passion for AussieDoodles because they are the perfect combination of the intelligence and loyalty of the Australian Shepherd, plus the intelligence and happy go lucky attitude of the poodle. I only have two girls, Poochie and Winnie. They will stay with me forever. I have a few other guardian dogs (who live in their forever homes) and they come to my home to have their AussieDoodle puppies. I raise my [read more]

Robin's Past Puppies


Brandi is a tri color female aussiedoodle. She has a white collar and white everywhere on her chest, legs and face too. She has copper highlights coming out on her face and legs. She's so beautiful! We think she will look like Dickens as she gets fluffier. Congrats to Lauree and Jim in Canada.


Ember is a red tri color male aussiedoodle. He has white everywhere on his legs, chest, face and an adorable white-tipped tail. His copper highlights are coming out on his face and some on his legs too. He's so handsome! We think he will look like Jax or Bella as he gets older. Congrats to Elaine and Jason in California.


Joan is a perfect example of our classic black tri color female AussieDoodle. She has white on the back of her neck and her copper is starting to come out in her face, legs and under her tail. She will get copper eye brows as a few more weeks pass. She will look a lot like her half sister Oreo when she gets bigger.  We predict she will be between 20-25lbs full grown. Congrats to Oliver in Massachusetts.


Bizet (Bee-zay) is a high contrast blue merle female AussieDoodle. She’s GORGEOUS. Congrats to Samantha in New York. [read more]


"Our handsome boy Chewie (Robin x Cash) showing off at the groomer / daycare! 😂😍 We love our AD!" - Lindsay Chewie is a blue merle male AussieDoodle. He has tons of white everywhere, a giant white collar, and two different shades of merle. He's absolutely stunning. He is one special dog and will grow up to look like his half brother Remi. Congrats to Joe and Lindsay in Indiana.


When this cutie was born, Jordan called me and said, "Name him S'mores"! He's got the milk chocolate, the marshmallow, and the graham cracker. I think he has a little caramel in there too. We love his new name too - Rudy!  What a cute little guy.  Congratulations to Ana and Jay in Texas.


Sadie is one of AwesomeDoodle's few exceptional red merles. If you wanted an AussieDoodle that looks just like a premium Australian Shepherd, Allie is your girl. She has everything, including a white snout, a full collar, and copper highlights everywhere. Best of all, she will have gorgeous eye liner when she gets a little bigger. Congratulations to Lisette and James in South Carolina.


"He was so sweet on the way home, unbelievable! We are so in love!" Bear is a beautiful little red tuxedo male AussieDoodle puppy.  Congratulations to Bridget and Danny in Pennsylvania.

Oso the intense dark Red AussieDoodle

At first we thought Oso was a black tuxedo, but it is looking like her fur will be a DARK intense red, which is a rare Aussie Color. We can't wait to see how she matures. Congrats to Lori and Lois on this sweet little pea.

Santiago, the Toy Size Red tuxedo AussieDoodle

"6 days later we feel as if we have loved him for years. He is such a good boy! He is about 80% using the wee pads- we heavy treat train when he goes #1 & #2. Every night when we go up to bed- we have a little playtime, then when he is tired he walks into his kennel and falls right to sleep with he door open. Such a good boy! He is eating his kibble much better and growing right before our eyes. We do training multiple times a day and using the clicker. Tonight Rafael did the clicker and he sat his butt down so fast you would have chuckled... he was ready for that next treat! I'll send better picks in a couple days. He is hard to photograph moving around so quick... little maniac! Thanks for sending us our little saint! He sends his love... woof woof" Santi has gone home with Cherina and Rafael to Oregon State. We can't wait to see how he matures.

Emma, the Toy Size Blue Merle AussieDoodle Puppy

"Emma remains a very positive addition to our family. We have so much fun watching her gleefully carrying branches around the yard, pouncing on passing leaves, proudly bringing back her fetch toy, and running through her tunnel countless ways.  I promise, we are not encouraging her to get excited, but she is just hysterically funny when she has her crazy times – running in circles, grabbing one toy and then the next! I think her record is holding three toys in her mouth while running around the chairs, under the table and jumping on and off the couch! (She is allowed on the couch).  She really makes us laugh; what a little handful of joy she is!  At other times, she is a little lover, giving us little licks as she sits on our laps and cuddles with us on the couch. We couldn’t love her more!" Congrats to Peter and Gwen on this little doll.