Rio puppies are raised by:

  • Rio is a handsome standard poodle. He weighs about 57 pounds and he is extremely athletic. He will chase his ball all day long, and he has his favorite one that he never seems to loose! He is always happy and craves being with his family. He wants to be by your side at all times. My grandson adores him and he has always been wonderful around children of all ages. He never knocks them down or is too rough, he just knows.

    One of my favorite things about Rio is his manners. He is so good in the house. He does not counter surf, he does not try to get in to the trash he basically has not bad habits. I can leave him alone loose in our house with no worries. Our yard is enclosed with a 4 foot fence on part of it and he never tries to get out, he loves his humans too much! Rio is a joy to live with and is everything a standard Poodle should be.

  • Size: 57 lbs