red poodle


Breed: Poodle

Weight: 18lbs

Raised by: Mike and Candace in Ashley Ohio

mike family aussiedoodles

Ranger - Ranger has an infectious free spirit.

That’s what comes to mind when we think of Ranger. Ranger has an infectious free spirit and is Always happy and loves spending time with our kids and other dogs. While some poodles have a tendency to bark or crave attention, Ranger is content is whatever state he’s in. If that’s in the house with us or in the yard checking the perimeter or running around with the stick in his mouth he just found. We rarely hear a bark from him so it’s easy having him around. We love that personality trait. Ranger is a great indoor and outdoor size dog. He stands 15 inches tall and is 18 lbs. Ranger has a dark red coat and we know he will produce gorgeous mini AussieDoodles.

Ranger's past puppies:


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Congrats to: Alexandra and family from Surfside, FL on this Girl Black Phantom F1 AussieDoodle puppy.