Breed: Old English SheepDog

Weight: 75lbs

Makes: F1 SheepaDoodles

Raised by: Shannon in Bryan, OHIO

Piper -

Piper is a sweet, playful, and in some ways, unique Old English Sheepdog. If you’re familiar with the breed, you might have heard OES described as both clown-like and stubborn. She is both of those. Her stubbornness comes out when it’s time to go outside or come inside. When I open the door and call her, she will usually sit down and wait for about 10-30 seconds before she complies as if she is telling me that SHE will decide. She also has some characteristics not typical for OES. For example, she is the only OES I’ve ever seen who can catch a ball or frisbee in her mouth and return it. Typically, OES don’t bother to do the extra work of looking up and jumping in the air, they’d rather just wait and listen for it to land. Not Piper though! She has made several amazing catches and is the all-star at our house, besting both of my Aussies and my AussieDoodle! Also, many OES can be cranky or easily annoyed, but Piper is never cranky, a sharp contrast to her OES brother, Hendrix, who’s like the “get off my lawn” old guy. She’s always in a happy go lucky and playful mood. When I come home and my 5 dogs run to me begging for attention and a scratch behind the ears, Piper sticks around for about 10 seconds before she runs off to find a toy for me to throw to her. Attention is great but playing fetch RULES! Her puppies are sure to be the life of the party and the joy of the household. We can’t wait to see them!

Piper's past puppies:

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