Mini Poochie

Breed: Australian Shepherd

Weight: 30lbs

Makes: none at this time

Raised by: Tom in Louisville, KY

Mini Poochie - The cutest Aussie on the Planet!

Since her first litter of puppies, everyone wants a Poochie pup! Poochie pups grow to the 24-29 lb range. Mini Poochie LOVES to snuggle and is so affectionate, and her puppies follow suit. She will usually hang out in whatever room you occupy. Poochie can be independent as well. She will go out in the back yard, find a place to perch and she will hang out on her own. Poochie has a little less energy, and is a little less “high maintenance” than Winnie. In other words, she is not quite as demanding of your time. Poochie is known to get into trouble if she is not monitored.

Poochie LOVES to play fetch with the Frisbee, chase squirrels, swim in the pond, and be outside. She is loyal and comes when she is called, but can be stubborn when she has a squirrel in sight. She is a little “sensitive” and very submissive. While she loves kids and adults alike, you should NOT break her trust by yelling at her or scolding her. She does not have one single mean bone in her body. If another dog comes along and takes her bone, Poochie accepts it. She will not guard her food or toys at all.

This dog is no longer making puppies, and is living in it's furever home with it's furever family.

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