Breed: F1 BerneDoodle

Weight: 20lbs

Makes: F1b BerneDoodles

Raised by: Tammy and Dana in Sioux Falls, SD

Miley - our spunky F1 Bernedoodle

Miley is a fun loving mini bernedoodle. She is always happy and up for any adventure. She is completely fearless. She plays all day with Molly, our mini Aussie. They are best friends and even sleep together. Miley is incredibly fast and agile. She has good recall though and lives to be with her people. In the house she has very good manners. She loves to be in whatever room we are in. My favorite thing about Miley is her exuberant happiness. She is just always so loving and excited about the smallest things. She makes me laugh every day. She truly is a joy to live with.

Miley's past puppies:

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