Maxwell Edison

Breed: Poodle

Weight: 15lbs

Raised by: Rebecca in Eau Claire, Wisconsin

Maxwell Edison - is a playful phantom parti poodle.

Max is our little phantom parti poodle buddy boy. My husband and I never really wanted a smaller dog, but Max has shown us otherwise. We literally can take him anywhere and do everything with him. He is athletic and has no problems keeping up with the bigger dogs. This boy is FAST. He loves to get the aussie girls or the puppies to try and chase him!

I thought Lucy was my velcro dog until I got Max. The little guy loves me so much, follows me room to room through out the house. Outside his recall is very impressive at such a young age! He has almost zero prey drive which also helps. When I am working at my computer all day he is just lays in his little bed beside me. Max is just amazingly super chill, we never had a puppy crazy time and at 9 months old he has yet to destroy/chew up anything!

Not only does he have a sweet, calm temperament, but he also great confirmation for a miniature poodle.

Maxwell Edison's past puppies:


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