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Maggie is considered a small standard / large mini at about 38lbs and 19″ tall. Her Sire and dam were both champions. If one could “mold” the perfect dog, it would be Maggie. I’ve never seen this girl get tired! She has her calm time, but very much enjoys her playtime, and is always ready to go. Maggie isn’t shy like some aussies; she loves everyone and absolutely loves snuggle time. Snuggling up close to your neck is her favorite. Maggie’s agility is amazing as well. I’ve had fun dogs in the past but she is blazing fast and is a frisbee star. If you’re looking for a dog to be a “show off” at the park, you might want to consider one of Maggie’s puppies. Maggie is also very well balanced around other dogs, just don’t try to beat her in a race. Maggie accepts every challenge and wins every time; her will power is astonishing. Maggie is a great companion and does not like being away from us. Like most Aussies, she wants to be right beside you enjoying a belly rub or simply snuggle with us when we watch tv. Maggie is a wonderful, compassionate, athletic, beautiful girl!

Maggie is owned by:

Jordan, Angela and their Amazing AussieDoodles

Meet Jordan. Jordan is raising AussieDoodles near Columbus, Ohio. He’s got “country” in his blood, and “family” in his heart. What shines most about Jordan, is his love for his Aussie Doodle Puppies. Jordan is one proud doodle daddy, and for good reason. Aside from his dogs being absolutely gorgeous, they are well trained, athletic, and best of all, super affectionate. Jordan has years of experience raising Aussies. To say that Jordan is “addicted to aussies” is an understatement.  When you ask Jordan why he likes it so much, he’ll tell you it’s the smiles [read more]

Maggie's Past Puppies


Milou is a dark blue merle female aussiedoodle. She has a cute white chin, a little white on each paw and a white patch on her chest too. She's perfect! We think she will look like her older brother Mason as she gets older. Congratulations to Danielle and Laurent in California.


"Hi Tom! I thought I would share a picture of Ella and tell you how much we love this dog. We will definitely be getting another on in about a year and a half (when Ella is about 2). Thank you!!" -Kim & Bruce


Birdie is a blue merle female aussiedoodle. She has that beautiful classic blue merle look with high contrast merle colors, plus a cute white patch on her chest. She's so beautiful! We think she will look like Brombie or Gracie as she gets older. Congratulations to Brooks and Kurt in California.


Moose is a red tuxedo male aussiedoodle. This little guy has a cute little white chin, a bit of white on each paw and a big white chest. He's so handsome! We think he will look like Juno or Monroe as he gets older. Congratulations to Kim in Montana.


"Wanted to share picture of Ginger! She’s the best - hanging out with my daughter Jasmin in Deep Creek. What a joy to have her - we want another one!!!" - Ulka


We have had Finn for 5 weeks now and we could not be happier! He has been the most wonderful addition to our family. He has such a sweet disposition and is loved by everyone he meets. We cannot walk down a block without being stopped by several people. You may soon have an influx of Canadian customers :) He has learned to sit, lie down and stay so far!! Also he has been potty trained quite quickly without many accidents. We couldn't have imagined a better companion and we can't wait for all the adventures to come with him!


"Hamilton is just amazing! It’s hard to believe it’s only 2 months that he has been a a part of our family, because he just acclimated so quickly to our world and lifestyle! Favorite things: ANYTHING that Wilson has is exactly what he wants, even if he has the same thing :). Aside from that, he loves belly rubs, the cat, playing fetch, morning walks, training class, every person he meets, (regardless of its the first or hundredth time), his bed, crinkling water bottles, the pool, (water in general) his brother and above all, Chesney and me! I have yet [read more]


Juno is a red tuxedo female aussiedoodle. We are in love with this little girl! She has the most adorable white tipped paws, a little white chin, and a big white chest. She's perfect. We think she will look like Monroe as she grows and gets fluffy. Congrats to Paige & David in Georgia.


Noodle is a parti blue merle male aussiedoodle. We are so excited to see this little guy grow up and get fluffy, because we've never had a pup with his coloring before. He's so handsome! We think he will look like Gatsby, but with more merle markings. Congratulations to Yvonne in Ohio.


"It is going pretty well. We are already completely head over heels for Basha, and have been amazed at the progress that can be made in less than 48 hours! Our first night was ROUGH - very little sleep for anyone. But last night was SO much better. She is a blast, and soo so fun to play with right now!" Basha is a parti red merle female aussiedoodle. We've never had a parti pup with the red merle markings before; so unique! We think she will look a lot like her older sister Blanca, but with the red merle look instead of black. Congratulations to Jenny and Matthew in Washington.


"All in all, he is a happy, loving puppy who loves his family and is happy just to be close by and in the mix.  It’s hard to believe we have only had him a short time ... we could not love him more!" Stanley is a red merle male aussiedoodle. He has a big white chest, a little on each paw, and even the cutest white-tipped tail. We just love this little guy! We think he will look like Miss Daisy or Daisy.  Congrats to Matthew & Renee in Pennsylvania.


Ginger is a gorgeous red merle female aussiedoodle. She has a white chin, chest, and some on her paws too. She is just perfect! We think she will look like Miss Daisy or Daisy as she grows a little and gets fluffier. Congratulations to Gary, Kim, and Katelyn in California.


Callisto "Calli" is a blue merle female aussiedoodle with bright copper markings on her face, legs and tail. She has a little bit of white on her chin and paws and a big white chest. She's so beautiful! We think she will look like her older sister Keeper or Leo as she gets fluffy. Congratulations to Ashley and Eddie in Pennsylvania.


"Things are going great with Nala. We have a trainer that has been coming to my house once a week. He’s been a help with the basic training of a puppy.  She’s pretty awesome and settling in well with us. We love her to pieces!!" Nala is a blue merle female aussiedoodle with copper markings coming out on her face and legs. She has a big white chest and a little bit on her paws too. She's so cute! We think she will look like her older sister Keeper or Leo as she gets fluffy. Congratulations to Alana in Nevada.


Mason is a dark blue merle male aussiedoodle. He has a big white chest and a little bit of white on his back paws. His solid black arm is so unique; we love it! We think he will look a lot like Bluez or Ned as he gets older and fluffier. Congratulations to Lily and Pete in North Carolina.


Boots is an adorable blue merle male aussiedoodle. He has our classic merle look, with white everywhere. He's so cute! We think he will look like Sydney or Remy as he gets older. Congratulations to Sarah and Frank in Texas.


Ozzy is a dark blue merle male aussiedoodle. He has a little white on each of his back paws and a big patch of white on his chest. His split face is the most adorable thing ever! We think he will look like Zoe or Bindi as he grows up. Congratulations to Kirsten and Tony in California.

Bogey: February 2018 D.O.T.M.

"Bogey has completed our family, we are absolutely smitten with him and I think the feeling is mutual.   Bogey is becoming a true Florida pup. He loves to wade in the backyard pond, play in the sand at the beach and feel the wind in his fur on the boat.  He also has found that coconuts and palm fronds are great chew toys.    He is extremely cuddly and wants to be as close to a family member as possible. He loves to ride in the car to take the kids to and from school, baseball and dance, and enjoys visiting our outdoor cafes and ice cream hangouts in case a bit of waffle cone happens to fall his way. He mastered the bells on the backdoor for potty training, loves to play fetch and has learned to backup, drop it, go down, come, stay and go to bed.   He is particularly curious about the delicious smells on the kitchen counter!  He is extremely outgoing and approaches  everyone from small children to workers in the street for attention. Tummy rubs are his favorite!! He visits the dog park and doggy day care several times a week and easily makes friends, funny thing is he always finds another shepherd or doodle to play with, it’s an instant connection.    Bogey is everything we could have imagined, he’s truly a family member and we love him like crazy. Thank you Awesome Doodle!"

Matti Red Phantom AussieDoodle

Matti is a red tri-color. The "tri" means she has red, white, AND copper. The copper is really rare with the red puppies. Congrats to Victoria.

Blanca Parti AussieDoodle

"Blanca is a wonderful, smart, and beautiful puppy.  People are stopping their cars, crossing streets, getting off their bikes…..and asking what kind of puppy she is and commenting “she is the cutest puppy I have ever seen!”  Over and over and over again and over again.  I can’t tell you how many times I have heard that!! And she is so adorably precious." What a doll. Looks like Cash as a little "parti" in him. Blanca is a "parti" AussieDoodle, and Jordan calls them a "Moo Cow" AussieDoodle. Technically, they have taken on the color gene of the "parti" poodle.  Super cute. Congrats to Laurie and Steve.


Wow! Annie is a dark blue merle with more copper than we have ever seen on an AussieDoodle. We can't wait to see how this rich color comes out on her. Congrats to Kathy and Bob.

Miss Grace Blue merle AussieDoodle

Miss Grace has it all. She is a blue merle female with full collar and hints of copper. She will look just like her mama. Miss Grace will go to a new AwesomeDoodle Partner, Congrats to Martha and Pete.


"Ollie is nothing but amazing in every way. We are more than thrilled to have him as part of our family. He is such a good puppy. Thank you all for everything." Ollie is a beautiful black tri-color male. He has it all! Congrats to Cynthia and family.

Luci: Red Sable AussieDoodle puppy

"She is prissy, sassy, tough, gentle, loving, affectionate, full of spunk!" Her colors are rich and very unique. We are looking forward to seeing how she grows. Congratulations to Kathy and Brian C.

Riley: The Sable AussieDoodle Puppy

"We are having a great time with Riley! She was so good in the car on the ride home and is learning our routines at home. She saw our vet on Monday and he said she looks great!  She slept 5 hours on Tuesday night and 7 hours last night!  Riley is great at sitting and she knows she has to sit and wait to come inside or eat. We're working on 'stay' but that is harder!  She's very mouthy but we're working on distraction and ignoring the behavior.  The boys are learning that if they stop moving (hands, feet) she stops nipping.  She's got the bells down for potty training but she also likes to just play with them!   She is just a joy and we're so happy she's home!" Congrats to Liz and family.

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