Breed: F1 BerneDoodle

Weight:  48

Owner: Tammy

Maddee - is a first generation BerneDoodle.

Maddee is a first generation BerneDoodle. She weighs about 48 pounds. She has a beautiful black and white coat. Maddee is such a wonderful dog! She is very active and athletic but is perfect in the house. She is incredible with kids and older people. When my wife’s elderly grandmother visits Maddee is so gentle with her. She lays at her feet or sits beside her and rests her head on her lap, of course she knows that Grandma will give her little treats! She really has no bad habits and she does not shed. She is truly just a joy to live with and is a very much loved part of our family.

Maddee's Past Puppies

Puppies will be added here soon!