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Lulu puppies are raised by:

  • Little Lulu (AKA Lucille Ball) is an absolutely stunning mini red merle aussie.  We waited a very long time to get this girl!  She is THE PERFECT family dog! She has never met a stranger, and is known to even get her feelings hurt if strangers don’t stop and play with her.  Of course, as stunning as she is, this rarely happens – everyone loves her! Lulu has a long list of LOVES herself:  first is her family, she cannot get enough of her three young human siblings.  She is in the middle of all their play time – giving kisses to giggling faces, playing tag or fetch, going on car rides for fun adventures, and most of all is family snuggle time with lots of belly rubs. Lulu is one of the best natured dogs in AwesomeDoodle. Intelligence abounds in this girl, and she learns new tricks in the drop of a hat.  She is obedient and wants to please.  What gets her most excited and brings out that wiggle butt is when she hears “good girl lulu baby”.  Lulu is the daughter of Thor, one of Awesomedoodle’s top stud muffins.  This little girl was well worth the wait and we can’t wait to see her puppies! You can’t go wrong with a Lulu puppy, she’s amazing all around!

  • Size: 24 lbs

Lulu's Past Puppies:


Congrats to Victoria from North Aurora, IL! Ozzy is a black tri-colored male mini Aussiedoodle puppy.  He has soft brushed copper trim that will brighten a little as he grows. His white markings consist of a half collar, a little slice on his forehead, tall front stockings and little booty socks on the back paws. He reminds us of his big sissy Sofie. This little rascal can’t wait to be your side kick! [read more]

Dixie Bluebell

Congratulations to Stephanie from Richmond, KY on her new baby girl! Dixie Bluebell is a red merle female mini Aussiedoodle puppy. She has perfect white points including her blaze and white collar. Her copper cheeks and eyebrows are vibrant and quite delightful. We love her soft ginger merle shade with those darker brown contrasted spots mixed in. As she grows fluffier, we think she will look a lot like her older sister Quincy. Such a gorgeous little doodle doll! [read more]


Congrats to Jeremy from Frankfort, KY on his new sweetie! Tilly is a blue merle female mini Aussiedoodle puppy.  She has striking copper trim and almost a full merle patterned coat except for the white on her belly, paws, and the patch on the back of her neck. Her coat colors are close to Teddy’s, except imagine him him a full merle speckled muzzle. She can’t wait to be your new snuggle buddy! [read more]


Clay Burns from Matthews, NC gets to bring his doodle boy home! Congrats! Harry is a blue merle mini Aussiedoodle puppy.  His tan accents are bright and contrast nicely with his dark merle shaded coat. He has a cute white muzzle, tiny white blaze and a full white collar. He reminds us of his older sister Stella. Such a magical little puppy dog! [read more]


Congrats to Abbey and Stu from Brooklyn, New York on her little Moo! Moo is a black tri-colored female mini Aussiedoodle puppy.  Her silky black coat has intricate copper trim and a white abdomen. She has a white tipped tail, snout, and four little white socks. As she grows fluffier, we think she will look a lot like her big bro George. Such a lovable little poochie! [read more]


Congratulations to Andrew from Demarest, New Jersey on this cutie! Bailey is a red tri-colored male mini Aussiedoodle puppy.  He is sporting a nice white collar and white on all four paws. His coat color is vibrant and we love his striking copper accents. As he gets bigger we think she will look a lot like Jasper, only with a white hourglass marking on his head. What an irreesistable little bow-wow! [read more]


Brenda from Estacada, OR will be taking home Hermione! Congratulations! Hermione is a red tri-colored female mini Aussiedoodle puppy. She has a thin white stripe on her head that leads to her big, full white collar. Her copper accents are vibrant and eye catching. As she grows fluffier, we think she will look a lot like her older brother Jasper. Such an attractive little doodle bug! [read more]


This boy will be going home to Jen from Surfside, CA! Congratulations! George is a black tri-colored male mini Aussiedoodle puppy.  He has bronze trim and a white collar leading into a big white chest and belly. We love his golden eyebrows! He look so much like his older brother Opi. This little tail wagger can’t wait to meet you! [read more]