Breed: Australian Shepherd

Weight:  24

Owner: Jennifer

Lulu - She is THE PERFECT family dog!

Little Lulu (AKA Lucille Ball) is an absolutely stunning mini red merle aussie. We waited a very long time to get this girl! She is THE PERFECT family dog! She has never met a stranger, and is known to even get her feelings hurt if strangers don’t stop and play with her. Of course, as stunning as she is, this rarely happens – everyone loves her! Lulu has a long list of LOVES herself: first is her family, she cannot get enough of her three young human siblings. She is in the middle of all their play time – giving kisses to giggling faces, playing tag or fetch, going on car rides for fun adventures, and most of all is family snuggle time with lots of belly rubs. Lulu is one of the best natured dogs in AwesomeDoodle. Intelligence abounds in this girl, and she learns new tricks in the drop of a hat. She is obedient and wants to please. What gets her most excited and brings out that wiggle butt is when she hears “good girl lulu baby”. Lulu is the daughter of Thor, one of Awesomedoodle’s top stud muffins. This little girl was well worth the wait and we can’t wait to see her puppies! You can’t go wrong with a Lulu puppy, she’s amazing all around!

Lulu's Past Puppies


Congrats to: Jen from Surfside, CA! Congratulations! on this Black Tri-Color F1 AussieDoodle puppy.


Congrats to: Brenda from Estacada, OR will be taking home Hermione! on this Red Tri-Color F1 AussieDoodle puppy.