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Meet Lego. He’s a 10lb toy size poodle and he’s as red as they get. It took us a long time to find Lego and we’re so happy we did.

Lego has a little prance about him that is so fun. One minute he is bouncing around the back yard like he has springs on his feet, and the next minute he is curled up to you on the couch. Lego lives with his owner Jeannie, and his Chihuahua pal and two cats. Lego is playful with the cats but doesn’t overstep his boundaries.

Lego is well potty trained and will not go in the house. He will hop around to let you know he needs to potty outside. He’s not destructive and rarely barks. He barks at strangers when they first come over, but at the same time his tail is wagging. Within 15 minutes, he’s happy to be getting some lovin from a new face.

One of Lego’s favorite things to do is ride in the car and look out the window the entire way. He doesn’t want to miss any of the action. He is playful and loves his toys but he is not protective of them, and he’s willing to share with his pals. What we like most about Lego is he doesn’t have any of those weird behaviors that some toy size dogs have. He’s not yappy, and while he likes to be close to you, he’s not a lap guarder. He’s not nervous or shaky like some toy size dogs are. He’s confident, and has the temperament of a standard size poodle, all squished down into a 10lb package.

Lego is owned by:

Morgan & Diane’s Affectionate Toy and Mini AussieDoodles

Diane and Morgan raise their toy and mini size AussieDoodles in Louisville, KY. Their puppies are some of our most wanted, because of the extra time they spend in the puppy box, handling the pups. When I (Tom) first saw Morgan in our neighborhood (in Louisville), walking her dog on a "loose leash," I asked her if she was a dog trainer. She said, "No, I just like walking dogs." Then I asked her what high school she goes to, and if she would like a job walking dogs. She replied, "Yes but I'm in 8th grade and I'll [read more]

Lego's Past Puppies


"So far, so good with Mister Monty - Monty for short! He was calm and sleepy on the flight over and had a sleepy weekend as he was acclimating to his new home and parents. On Monday, we took him to the vet and he's totally healthy. He was very sweet and calm at the vet as I've been working on handling with him (paws, teeth, belly, etc) - the handsome man was quite a hit with the vet and vet assistants. Round two of vaccinations scheduled for next week." Monty is a toy size aussiedoodle. He is a handsome blue merle male with a big white chest, a cute white patch on his head, and white on each paw too. He is adorable. We think he will look like a smaller version of Bluez as he gets older. Congratulations to Jose and Maddie in New York.


"It’s going well, and I really mean well.  Oswin loves everyone and is eager to greet new people.  He has attended his first puppy training class and really did good.  He is socializing with new puppies.  He had been socializing with mature dogs and did well and learned. He goes to his crate, is walking on the leash in the yard and on the sidewalk.  Housebreaking is going very well.  The crate training has that housebreaking advantage.   He plays fetch, brings the ball back near - we’re getting there.  The article about frisbee training is helpful and should be a great transition. I do have to tell you that Oswin doesn’t meet strangers.  He’s such a lovable Oswin and is desired everywhere he goes.  He is doing well in the puppy training classes.  Of course, he’s a STAR:) Oswin is an absolutely treasure." Oswin is a toy size red tux male aussiedoodle. He is so adorable and his fur is so silky! It looks like he might have a little white patch on his chin. We think he will look like a smaller version of Farnsley as he gets fluffy, just without the white chest markings. So cute! Congrats to Patience and Leroy in Maryland on this little sweet boy.


"He is such a joyful part of my life.  My entire family got to meet him when I went home for the holidays (he does fantastic in the car btw) and they all just kept commenting on how he was just the friendliest pup." Rodan is a toy size male aussiedoodle. He is a red phantom color with vibrant chocolate and copper markings. We think he will look like Winnie, but with the color of Matti as he grows and gets fluffy, but a smaller size - with very bold copper. Congratulations to Miranda in North Carolina.


Abbie, the Therapy Dog: Christopher admitted that picking a puppy online was a little uncomfortable at first. He asked himself, “How is it possible to choose the perfect dog from one-week pictures and a video?” Chris had done his homework, though. He researched the breed, AwesomeDoodle, and their dames and sires. An exchange of emails with the AwesomeDoodle team reassured him. With that, he discovered what he wanted in a dog. He chose Abbie after reading about the dispositions of Abbie’s parents, Gracie and Lego. Comfortable with his decision, he prepared himself by reading all the information on the website. [read more]