adult aussiedoodle


Breed: F1 AussieDoodle

Weight:  20

Puppies Made: F1b AussieDoodles

Owner: Michelle and Marc

aussiedoodle ranch dog

Lefty - She is an adorable F1 AussieDoodle with lots of spunk!

Lefty is an AussieDoodle, and she makes F1B AussieDoodles puppies. If you have allergies, a F1B is “poodle X AussieDoodle” so they are a little better for people who have allergies. They are also VERY low to ZERO shedding.

In almost every photo we see of Lefty, she’s either being held or on the couch. She is quite the lover and one of our lesser energy dogs. She is definitely quite clingy and tends to want to be a lap dog. But she is happy to go outside and romp around the ranch as well. If you’re looking for a 20lb lap dog, who can also swim, play fetch, and hike and camp with you, you may want to consider Lefty’s Puppies.

Lefty's Past Puppies

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