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We waited a year to get this amazing girl. Layla is perfect in every way. A small mini Aussie, She is 31lbs and the most STOCKY dog we have.  Her parents are both Champions. She is perfect bone structure. She’s got the look, the stature, and best of all, she’s as sweet as they get.

I got on a very long waiting list and waited patiently for the perfect red merle. Layla came to be when she was 9 weeks old and I raised her for the first month. Then she went to her forever home with Christy, her husband and their two daughters. Christy is the sister of Becky, who owns Robin. Click here to see Robin.

Layla comes to my house now and then to visit and have play days with my dogs. She is a pleasure to have around. She is playful but not destructive and rarely barks. We socialized her well and she is great with strangers.

Layla has already passed all of her genetic testing and she is clear on her entire Aussie panel. She is AKC registered.

Layla is owned by:

Morgan & Diane’s Affectionate Toy and Mini AussieDoodles

Diane and Morgan raise their toy and mini size AussieDoodles in Louisville, KY. Their puppies are some of our most wanted, because of the extra time they spend in the puppy box, handling the pups. When I (Tom) first saw Morgan in our neighborhood (in Louisville), walking her dog on a "loose leash," I asked her if she was a dog trainer. She said, "No, I just like walking dogs." Then I asked her what high school she goes to, and if she would like a job walking dogs. She replied, "Yes but I'm in 8th grade and I'll [read more]

Layla's Past Puppies


Gilley is a blue merle female aussiedoodle. She has unique white markings on her face and and a cute white chest and paws. Her copper is very bright too. She's gorgeous! We think she will look like Nala (with more white on her face) as she gets fluffier. Congratulations to Sherree and Joe in Texas.


"Brandi is settleing in nicely and seems like she is feeling at home here in her new house with her new humans!  We love her! She is a champ at night- mostly sleeping through the night!   Our othe dog (a Schnoodle) is being very cautious - so far she is mostly interested in observing Brandi.   Keep the articles coming-we’ve finding them very helpful!" Brandi is a black phantom female aussiedoodle. She has tons of copper everywhere on her face and legs, and cute white patches on her paws, chin, and chest. She is precious! We think she will look like Winnie as she gets fluffier. Congratulations to Joyce and Don in North Carolina.


"She is doing pretty well. She did not mess on the floor at all before bedtime. She used the litter box once or twice, and went potty outside a number of times. She was very active between naps, and certainly sat waiting for treats. She has gone in and out of her crate in the kitchen on her own, although of course we have not yet closed the door on that crate. But our big news is that after she was up and had some treats and fresh water, she rang the bells to go out!! And she really did need to go potty. So some good progress. Thanks again to AwesomeDoodle for this beautiful little girl." Raven is a black phantom female aussiedoodle. She has tons of bright copper all over her legs and face. She's gorgeous! We think she will look a lot like Winnie or Ruby as she gets fluffier. Congratulations to Jocelyn and Wayne in Nevada.


"We had a wonderful trip home with Zeke! He’s super smart and super sweet! Very fast learner and bonded well with all of us." Zeke is a black phantom male aussiedoodle. His copper is already so vibrant on his legs and face. So handsome!  We think he will look a lot like Winnie or Mocha as he grows up. Congratulations to Gabrielle and Cheryl in California.

Da Vinci

Da Vinci is a blue merle male aussiedoodle. He has bright copper markings on his face and legs, and cute white patches on his face, chest and paws. So adorable! We think he will look a lot like Aspen or Izzy as he gets older. Congratulations to Maria and Robert-Michael in Colorado.


"We LOVE Bodie!!!!!  So very thankful to you all at Awesome Doodle for giving our dog the greatest start a puppy could have!" Bodie is a black phantom male aussiedoodle. He has vibrant copper markings on on his face and legs, a cute white chin, and a little white on each paw. Congratulations to Sarah and Stan in Massachusetts.


Akila is a blue merle male aussiedoodle. He has high contrast merle markings, bright copper on his face and legs, and a little white on each paw. He's perfect! We think he will look a lot like Aspen or Rory as he gets older. Congratulations to Leo and Claudia in New York.


If we could clone Lulu, we would. The perfect Black tri-color AussieDoodle with her white collar and white snout. What an absolute doll. Congratulations to Janet & Craig Barber in Tennessee.

Harley Red Bi-Color

"Harley is doing wonderful! He is so smart and it is really fun training him! My older dog is also benefiting from the training!! We are getting into a routine and he is feeling like a part of our family! He made a friend across the street yesterday. A golden retriever named Shotzy. They had the best time running. It was a lot of fun to watch! Puppy classes are going well and so it potty training. He is ringing the bells on the back door! Makes me very happy ! Harley really is special and we love him a lot!" He's as cute as his name. With all that white on his face and legs, he's going to be a knock out. He is a red bi-color and will look a lot like Brady. At 6 days old he is 19.8oz.  Congratulations to Danette, Steven, Samantha, and Stephanie in Florida.

Farnsley ADOTM Sept 2018

"Farnsley has a trainer coming to the house once a week and is doing really well with his training!  He is sleeping through the night (the past 4 nights at least).  He now has his own Instagram page, Fun With Farnsley. We just love him and are so thankful that he is ours! " Farnsley is a red tuxedo and his color is just gorgeous. We love this little guy and his cute little white toes on his back paws. He will look a lot like Eliot when he grows, but a little lighter color.   Congratulations to Jenny and Whitt in Alabama.


"Ivy is doing great.  She sits, makes eye contact and comes when called.  She is very smart and is super sweet.  She has been a great addition to the family.  We have another dog Leia that is a mini dachshund and during puppy crazy time she takes the brunt of the excitement but she has been a great older/smaller sister.  So far everything is going very well!!!  We are so thankful for such a great puppy.  She really is an Awesome Doodle!!" Wow look at Ivy. She is a red merle and looks like her mama. She has that ever so desirable white collar and white snout. We can't wait to see how she matures. At 6 days old she is 21.2oz.  Congratulations to Kim and Caden in South Carolina.


Jinx looks JUST LIKE HER MOMMA! What an incredible girl. Look at those dark spots and eye liner, just like her mom.  Congratulations to Craig and Jeannie in Tennessee.


Rooney is a black Tuxedo male and what a cutie he is. Rooney is a very special puppy because he was the first born and he was a big boy. I had to pull him out as Layla pushed.  Congratulations to Julie in New York.