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Jenna puppies are raised by:

  • Meet Jenna. Jenna is our phantom Moyen sized poodle.

    Jenna is a lover by nature. We have many dogs around here, and Jenna enjoys her place in the pack. I would not consider Jenna to be an alpha. She is more submissive, and content being friends with everybody! Whenever I want to catch Jenna’s interest, all I need to do is bring some type of toy around in her and her ears perk up and she’s ready to play fetch! Most days I find her tossing a ball up to her self and checking the perimeter to see if anyone will play tag with her. Jenna is very sweet and loving, and wants to be near you most of the time. But she isn’t too clingly. You might find her chilling in her crate with her favorite bone. Jenna’s calm behavior is easy to fall in love with, and her smile is infectious.

  • Size: 30lbs

Jenna's Past Puppies:


Kali is a stunning female Red Merle AussieDoodle. Her dark chocolate markings contrast beautifully against the snow white on her snout, head, legs, and chest. She has one ear that is darker than the other--so, so perfect. We think she'll resemble Whiskey. Congratulations to Alma and John for choosing this little doll!


Thank you very much for these resources, particularly in regard to the YouTube link to Kikopup’s channel. Jasper is doing exceptional with eye contact, and ringing the potty bell to go to the bathroom (we leave a weewee pad in a box for him to “go” there). I’d say it’s about 90 ish percent of the time accurate. We’ve had a 3 pee mistakes today, but I suspect it may have to be in part our fault for re-arranging things around the house (for extra puppy-proofing purposes). The teething stage is now now, but the intensity of his bite has [read more]


Sage is a Red Merle female AussieDoodle. Her sweet face is adorned with shades of brown, copper, and white. She has lots of white on her collar, chest, belly, and legs, with streak of white on top of her head. We think her copper will come out more as she gets bigger. She will look like Finley, only with darker coloring. Congrats to Andi on this sweet girl!


Jenna’s Puppies are being raised by: Ella is a Jenna X Thor Puppy: Our puppy owners consistently tell us their puppy characteristics are a lot like their mom and dad. Read the descriptions below to see if you think mom and dad would be good for your family. Ella is a Red Merle female AussieDoodle with lots of white on her chest, belly, collar, and legs.  She has a warm shade of copper on her face and hind legs, and sprinkles of dark brown on her body. We think she [read more]


“I’ve got a little pick-pocket on my hands…took this money gently out of my back pocket when I was sitting down😂🖤🤍🐾” -Melissa Duke is a male Blue Merle AussieDoodle with lots of black, copper and a white chest. His bold coloring and dramatic facial markings create such a stunning look. He is perfect. He will look like Quigley, only with darker colors. Congratulations to Melissa and Dennis for this handsome man! [read more]


Dallas is a male Blue Merle AussieDoodle with lots of white and soft copper points. Look how the copper frames his handsome face. He has the most adorable tuft of white on his head, collar, and the tip of his tail. He will look like Finch, but with less black. Congrats to Don, Nahoko and kids Sora, Ao and Rai for this beauty!


Milou is a male Red Merle AussieDoodle. His white snout, chest, and legs add depth to his warm Red Merle coloring.  He has the cutest tuft of white on his head, and lovely copper points throughout. Who could resist that face? We think he will resemble Finley when he grows up, only with darker coloring. Congratulations to Christophe for this adorable boy! [read more]


Keela is a Blue Merle female AussieDoodle with lots of warm copper points and a fluffy white chest. She has the most adorable dark markings on top of her nose. Her two front paws are white, too.  She is amazing! We think she will resemble Liv when she grow up, only with more white. Congrats to Jamey, Amy, Aiden and Delaney on this cutie!