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  • Want a dog everyone loves? A dog that is playful but also a cuddle buddy? Look no further than our girl Harley. Harley is one of our small blue merle mini Aussie moms. Harley is a spunky little girl and absolutely loves spending time with her people. Harley lives with one of our guardian families in Columbus Ohio. They have amazing things to say about her friendly personality and they absolutely love her.

    Harley is a great size, standing 15 inches tall and 25 lbs. She has fun being outdoors and exploring the backyard; however, her favorite thing to do is spend time with her guardian family. Harley can be often be found lounging around on her back, fast asleep, like she doesn’t have a care in the world. Sometimes we think she forgets she is a dog! Some of our favorite pictures of her are her sleeping positions. Although she loves her humans and loves to cuddle, she also loves to run and play in the backyard with the other dogs. At the end of the day though, all she needs is a treat and pet on head and she’s content.

  • Size: 25 lbs, 15 inches

Harley’s Past Puppies:

Lyla Rose

Lyla Rose is a black and white tuxedo female aussiedoodle. She has silky smooth fur, the cutest white paws, and a big white patch on her chest. She's perfect! We think she will look like Threeputt or Kip as she gets fluffier. Congratulations to Janet and Craig in Tennessee.


Shadow is a black and white tuxedo male aussiedoodle. He has the cutest white-tipped paws, a big white chest, a little white chin. He's so adorable! We think he will look like Threeputt or Kip as he gets older. Congratulations to Andrew and Eugenia in Arizona.


Tucker is a black and white bi color male aussiedoodle. It looks like he has some tan/copper markings coming out on his face and legs. He has a lot of white everywhere on his face, neck, legs and chest. He is so handsome! We think he will look like Hobbs or Bailey as he gets older. Congratulations to Lisa and Jeff in Texas.


We are very happy with our Benji. He’s sweet & likes being with us as much as we love being with him. Benji is is very intelligent. We are still training him and responds very well. He likes being in our fenced in yard & is very busy chasing squirrels or watching the neighbors. Barks at cars so difficult to walk around the neighborhood with him. He plays with other dogs well & loves playing with all our grandchildren.- Marianne [read more]


Argos is doing great! He’s such a wonderful puppy. He’s fitting in perfectly. The love and changes he has brought to our lives is indescribable with each passing day. We are all adapting wonderfully. He’s simply awesome!!!


"Ollie is a great pup and we adore him. We were on a hike here and he was having a ball. Not so much when we got home and I had to comb about a hundred burrs out of his fur, but amazingly, he was even patient and wonderful for that." - Beth


Piper is a blue merle female aussiedoodle. She has a full white collar, high contrast merle markings, and the cutest dark patch over her left eye/ear. She's perfect! We think she will look like her older sister Riley as she gets fluffier. Congratulations to Mary in Florida.


Riley had a 1st birthday doggie cake! She is also quite a Frisbee star! - Mary Pat


Addie is a beautiful red tri female aussiedoodle. She has adorable copper eyebrows and some comic  copper on her face and eyebrows. She has a big white chest, white on each paw, and the cutest little white-tipped tail. We think she will look like Monroe when she gets fluffier, but with copper markings. Congratulations to Aarin in Colorado.


Joey is an adorable red tri male aussiedoodle. He has a big white chest, and a cute white arm. His copper is coming out on his face and eyebrows. So cute! We think he will look like Monroe when he gets fluffier, but with copper highlights and more white. Congratulations to Presley and Jessica in Texas.


"Everything is going well, Haiku is one of the easiest puppies I’ve dealt with." Haiku is a stunning red merle female. She has tons of white everywhere, and beautiful merle markings in all shades of brown, tan, and copper. We think she will look a lot like Rudy or Trudy as she gets older. Congratulations to Adrienne and Per in New York.


"She is a real crowd pleaser. I have been doing some socializing with her at a few places (Home Depot, Home Sense & a couple of pet stores). You can’t be in a hurry - it takes forever because everyone has to hold this little fluffy puppy. She does not mind at all and is eager to meet people." Zora is a a perfect little blue merle female aussiedoodle. She has the classic blue merle look with a white chest and white on each paw too. We think this cutie will look like Bluez or Merlin as she grows. Congratulations to Peggy and Andy in Canada.