Breed: Poodle

Weight:  35

Owner: Wendy & Cozy

Glimmer - She is an affectionate and smart poodle!

Glimmer is a Dark Chocolate, AKC registered poodle weighing in at 35lbs and about 21 inches to the top of her shoulders. My Glimmer is a special dog for many reasons. Even though Glimmer looks dark brown in color her coat will turn to a silver beige. Glimmer is one of the smartest dogs I’ve ever owned. The second time we walked her on an unfamiliar trail deep in the wilderness, she was off leash and ahead of us and she knew the turn off place to get back to our home. She is an amazing mama to her pups. When she is cleaning her pups, which is quite frequent, she will take a drink of water (if her water bowl is nearby) and use the water to clean her babies. Glimmer is loyal and sticks by me almost everywhere I go. If we are walking without a leash she will come when called. She is super athletic, she loves to walk, run and play with other dogs. I’m amazed about how expressive she is with her eyes. She shows great eye contact especially with people she knows well. I think Glimmer was somewhat neglected when she was a puppy as I did not acquire her until she was 9 months old. Through many hours of socializing training she is a very different dog. She takes some time to get to know you. She is knowledgeable and cautious and aware that strangers are strangers, but once she connects with you she will never forget you and is your best friend. That’s where the eyes come in, she is a watcher and very aware of her surroundings, which makes her an awesome watch dog.

Glimmer's Past Puppies

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