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Envy, AKA Zena

Envy, AKA Zena's puppies are raised by:

  • Envy, also known as Zena is arguably the most beautiful addition to AwesomeDoodle’s incredible AussieDoodle moms. Envy’s Sire and Dam are both show Champions. Only one word can describe Envy: PERFECT. She is spectacular in every way.

    Envy is one of Tom’s Guardian dogs and she lives with Sugar Baby. Envy is like a little shadow and very loyal to her owners. She has no desire to run after distractions like other dogs or squirrels, and she is more interested in sticking with her humans. That said, she is not the “in your face” type of dog. Yes, she likes human touch and is affectionate, but she’s not demanding of affection and she is content to just sit a few feet away from you.

    Envy is not a high energy or high maintenance dog. She loves to fetch frizbees or balls, but only needs a moderate amount of exercise per day to remain satisfied. While I don’t consider any Aussie a “calm” dog, Envy is one of our most calm Aussies, so that trait may pass down to her off spring.

    At 36lbs, Envy’s pups are the perfect size for being frizbee stars, agility athletes, jogging partners, swimmers, hikers, campers, boaters, you name it! 25-40 lbs is what we call the “Sweet spot” perfect size for AussieDoodles. They have the stamina to keep up with you on the trails, where as larger or smaller dogs can tend to wear out quicker. We believe Envy’s pups will be the perfect combination of athleticism and being more calm when desired, so these dogs will be able to can run the trails one night and the next night, chill with you in the back yard or the living room.

  • Size: 36 lbs

Envy’s Past Puppies:


Congrats to David and Kim from Indiana on their new puppy Quigley! Quigley is a phantom blue merle male mini aussiedoodle puppy with rich copper points and a beautifully speckled merle patterned coat. He has a cute little white dot on his chest that is so sweet. We think he will look a lot like his half brother Moonakis. This little peanut will be your new best buddy! [read more]


Congratulations to Laura in Texas on her new doodle boy Luka! Luka is a phantom blue merle male mini Aussiedoodle puppy with very appealing copper trim and a intricate merle patterned coat. He has a cute white stripe on his chest, just like his big brother Huck Finn. He is one handsome little honey! [read more]


Emmett is going home to Cat and her family in Texas! Congrats to the family on their new little guy! Emmett is a black phantom male mini AussieDoodle puppy with that enhancing copper trim that we all love. We think he will look a lot like his half brother  Mo and he grows out his curls. This doodle boy will be your new snuggle buddy! [read more]


Milo is doing great so far and we could not be happier!  Milo has only had 2 accidents in the house and admittedly, both were our own fault for not getting to him in time when he started sniffing around for a spot! He’s eating well and loves his boiled chicken treats when it’s training time. He has almost mastered the “sit”.  He cried the first night when we put him in his crate and woke up crying once that night too but since then he has slept through [read more]


Congratulations to Brenda and family from South Carolina on their 2nd AwesomeDoodle! Eddie is a phantom blue merle male mini AussieDoodle puppy with dark copper markings. He has a big white patch on his chest and adorable front white mitts. We love the distinguishing merle markings on his face, and his coat color is a nice silver shade. We think he will look a lot like his half sister Gilly as he grows out his floof.  What a charming little fella! [read more]


Christina from MI  gets to make Rocky part of her family! Congrats! Rocky is a black phantom male mini AussieDoodle puppy with striking copper trim on his legs and face. We love his little white chin! His cute copper eyebrows will come out more as he coat grows out. We think he will look just like his big sis Ellie. He is one enchanting little guy! [read more]


Izzy gets to go home to Pennsylvania with Tom and Becky! Congratulations to you both! Izzy is a black phantom female mini aussiedoodle puppy with brilliant copper points on her face, legs and little bum. We think she will look a lot like her sissy Piper as she grows and gets fluffy.  This little honey can’t wait to be yours! [read more]


“Tucker is almost 18 weeks old!!  Tucker is a lot of fun; he loves playing fetch!  At night one of his favorite things to do is chew on his Bully sticks! When we come home from activities, he always greets us with his tail wagging.  When I run outside, he always follows me around.  He loves meeting dogs in the neighborhood!  We taught him some dog tricks like paw, sit, stay, and lie down.  Our plan is to teach Tucker to roll over now. Sometimes Tucker gets into trouble, he made a hole in my [read more]


Moo is doing fantastic and is such a good-natured pup. It’s hard to walk him because he wants to say hi to everyone he passes. He finished his shots this weekend and we have been socializing him a lot more now that he has his full immunity. He is super sweet with strangers/kids and dogs of all sizes! It’s quite funny how sensitive he is. He is absolutely rambunctious with bigger and more playful dogs (his “Moo-cifer” alter ego), but becomes much calmer and gives space to older, smaller dogs. We are excited for him to start going to doggie [read more]


"She is AMAZING! I hit the jackpot with this girl! She is sooo sweet and good! She did great last night, slept in crate from about 9:30-5:45 with waking 3 times whimpering, each time I took her outside, she peed and then went back in the crate. Cried for a couple mins and then would go back to sleep. We went out again at 5:45 and she peed again and then we came in and she ate. She chowed down on her food this morn and let me know she had to go out immediately after by going to the gate in the kitchen and whimpering. We went right back out and she pooped! Every pee and poop has been outside! I’m so impressed with her and hoping it’s not just beginners luck! She def had some puppy crazy time last night biting pants and hands. We were able to redirect her with a toy tho which was great! This morn we worked on some sitting and eye contact with little bits of chicken and she did great. The hardest part is getting my son not to chime in and distract her. I will have to make sure I do some training when he’s at school and occupied with something else, but right now he won’t leave gracies side! Overall she is transitioning nicely and we are all so in love already with this sweet sweet girl!" - Leigh


“Ellie will get spayed next week and also get chipped. She’s on Nutrisource food with an added mixer and she’s almost 25lbs. Ellie is a great traveler. She spent New Years in Maryland. A few weeks ago we were in Chicago. She’s loved the city life and welcomed all of the attention from people. Even more attention in the shoe department of Nordstrom. Ellie is always ready to go for a ride or long walk somewhere. We’ve walked her for up to 2 miles so far. Our yard is pretty large so she enjoys chasing the squirrels and birds.” – [read more]


He is such a special little boy. He has been a breeze to train. He hasn’t gone in his tray in over a week. He loves to get outside and do his business and has even rung the bell on a few occasions. He has also learned to kennel, lay down, come and sit. Wilson and Kirby are non-stop players. The addition of Wilson to our family has totally transformed difficult behaviors that Kirby was exhibiting. We are thankful to you for your hard work raising him the first eight weeks. He is truly amazing.- Janice Wilson is a male [read more]


It seems like just yesterday we were driving down to pick her up! It’s been a whirlwind few months. June has a lot of favorite things: -peanut butter (a little PB on a spoon and bath time isn’t scary anymore!) -treats (open the treat bag and she is laser focused) -fetch -chewing bully sticks in your lap -hiding those bully sticks around the house when she’s done She’s also got a few dislikes: -her reflection  -when we take away toilet paper or socks she’s found -hair dryers and box fans June loves to socialize. We take her on walks in [read more]

Huckleberry Finn

"We finally decided on a name ... Huckleberry Finn.   He has been such a good pup so far.   Stanley, our 1yr old AwesomeDoodle, has been so gentle yet playful with him.  Huck slept well (11:30 to 6:30).  Not one peep out of him.  He slept in a crate next to our bed.  He has eaten and is drinking a lot.  We carried him on our hike through Marsh Creek this morning.  He was a little nervous in the car, but never cried. He met my brother and his family.    He has gone to the sliding door twice now when he had to poop which is amazing.  We plan to train him with bells just like we did for Stanley.  He has a fenced in area with food, water, a dog bed and toys that is right in our kitchen/family room area.    So far, so good.   He adores Stanley and people.  He is alert and his tail can’t wag fast enough most of the time!  The hardest part so far is that the kids want to hold him all the time ;).  Please tell Tom his little guy is doing well and is being spoiled with lots of love ️. He is fitting right into the mix of our family :)" - Renee and Matthew


“A few updates on Nest and what I’ve learned so far! I have found Nest gets extra nippy or challenging when he’s just at the end of his energy expenditure, so I often give him a puzzle to complete and then he knocks out into a nap. I train right before each meal for optimal good/obedient behavior, and play with commands right after, or we go outside so he can sniff away. Nest looooooves his Propac puppy food so incentivizing him is easy peasy! Also, he goes crazy over the healthy cheese treats I give him in behavior coaching for [read more]


"Hank has been enjoying his new surroundings, especially jumping in grass and soft hydrangea bushes. We are blowing the today leaves which will disappoint him because he sees every one as an individual treasure. He is eating well and the vet said I was over-feeding him. We are dropping down to three times a day plus chicken bits for training. He sits immediately if he senses there are treats in the vicinity. He is making good eye contact with me. He is rambunctious with my schnauzer who has been very tolerant but not playful. She was away for the weekend [read more]