Envy, AKA Zena

Breed: Australian Shepherd

Weight:  36

Owner: Jennifer in Indiana

Envy, AKA Zena - She is a beautiful blue merle Australian Shepherd with ice blue eyes!

Envy, also known as Zena is arguably the most beautiful addition to AwesomeDoodle’s incredible AussieDoodle moms. Envy’s Sire and Dam are both show Champions. Only one word can describe Envy: PERFECT. She is spectacular in every way.

Envy is one of Tom’s Guardian dogs and she lives with Sugar Baby. Envy is like a little shadow and very loyal to her owners. She has no desire to run after distractions like other dogs or squirrels, and she is more interested in sticking with her humans. That said, she is not the “in your face” type of dog. Yes, she likes human touch and is affectionate, but she’s not demanding of affection and she is content to just sit a few feet away from you.

Envy is not a high energy or high maintenance dog. She loves to fetch frizbees or balls, but only needs a moderate amount of exercise per day to remain satisfied. While I don’t consider any Aussie a “calm” dog, Envy is one of our most calm Aussies, so that trait may pass down to her off spring.

At 36lbs, Envy’s pups are the perfect size for being frizbee stars, agility athletes, jogging partners, swimmers, hikers, campers, boaters, you n

Envy, AKA Zena's Past Puppies


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