Dixie puppies are raised by:

  • Dixie is available now to a home within one two hours of Bryan, Oh.

    Dixie is one of our tiniest AwesomeDoodle soon to be mamas. If there is one word to describe her, it’s spunky. She has 3 older doggie siblings in the house, Zinnie, another of our mamas, weighs 45 pounds and two Old English Sheepdogs who each weigh 80-90 pounds. At 10 pounds, Dixie keeps them all in check. What she lacks in size, she more than makes up for in speed, agility, and stamina. She runs circles around them. Even though she seems to never run out of energy when it’s time to play, she is calm and laid back when it’s time to relax inside. She is not a velcro dog in any way, but she loves to sit by you and be cuddled. She respects personal space so she is the one who usually scores a spot in bed at night. She hops up, asks where she should lay down, and she stays there quietly.
    When strangers come over she alerts us to the possible danger but she calms down when told and immediately tries to make friends. It’s easy for her to do because she minds her manners and she’s so dang cute. She loves it when someone new picks her up and she immediately snuggles into their neck and will give an occasional polite little lick of appreciation. People go nuts over this and are always commenting on how sweet and calm she is.  We are super excited for Dixie to have her first litter and can’t wait to see what will be some of the tiniest AwesomeDoodle babies will be like. Stay tuned over the next several months because we are hoping she will have her first litter this Spring.
  • Size: 10lbs

Dixie's Past Puppies: