Dani, the Super Aussie

Breed: Australian Shepherd

Weight:  26

Owner: Michael and Lois

Dani, the Super Aussie - She is a compassionate, fun-loving Australian Shepherd!

Dani is an Australian shepherd at 26lbs; the daughter of Skyler and Copper. Tom was lucky enough to get Dani from Mike when she was just 8 weeks old. Tom raised Dani from the time she was 8 weeks old, to 7 months old. She is hands down the easiest puppy he has ever raised, including being virtually potty trained at 10 weeks old. She doesn’t chew up anything. Dani stayed in the crate at bedtime for the first 2 months, and after she was 4 months old, she was trustworthy enough to sleep on the bedroom floor, NOT in a crate. It’s pretty unheard of for a 4 month old puppy to not have to be in a crate at night, and no worry of her chewing up anything or peeing on the floor. Tom socialized Dani properly, taking her to visit friends, neighborhood parties, and going to the pet shop whenever possible.When she was 4 months old, Dani came home to live with us (Lois and Mike) forever.

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