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Cali puppies are raised by:

  • Cali is a miniature sized blue merle Australian Shepherd with copper. If you’re looking for the perfect family pet, Cali’s AussieDoodle puppies might be for you. Cali is one of our lower energy dogs, she rarely barks, and she’s never far from her family. Cali goes everywhere with the family and loves to ride in the car, go to the kid’s school events, and meet new people. Cali is quite loyal to her family. When the family is spread out in the house, Cali will go from room to room to check on everyone, including the kids.

    Cali could not be more beautiful. Anywhere we take her, people always ask about her. Cali doesn’t have a mean bone in her body.

  • Size: 25lbs

Cali's Past Puppies:


Congratulations to Chelsea on her new little lady! Nala is a female black phantom mini AussieDoodle puppy with rich copper markings. She has a white blaze on her chest that is adorable and little bits of white on some of her toes. We think she will look a lot like her half sister Kimber. There is “No Doubt” you are going to fall in love with this little doodle girl! [read more]


Congratulations to Jennifer on this handsome guy! S’Mores is a phantom blue merle mini AussieDoodle puppy with beautiful bright copper markings. He has a big white stripe on his chest that is just adorable and a nice splash of contrast. We love that white on top of his nose and on his chin also! We think he will look a lot like his cute half sisters Julip or this awesome guy Rory. He is such a handsome little doodle boy! [read more]


Congrats to Jeremy and Nicole and fam on their new handsome puppy Enzo Enzo is a male phantom blue merle mini AussieDoodle puppy with rich copper markings. His white muzzle and the big white patch on his chest makes him unique as a Humphrey puppy, and we just can’t wait to watch him grow! His high contrast merle pattern reminds us of his half brother Remy’s.  He is a stunning little guy! [read more]

Winnifred (Winnie)

11 weeks and Lady Winifred is doing great! Yes – CRAZY puppy time is in full swing. Her nickname is Freddy…as in Kruger… She’s totally potty trained although still uses the potty pad for wee wee a few times a day. If she has to do #2 on the pad because I failed to take her out timely she gets angry! She does “sit” and “down” on command without fail . She also will do “sit, stay and then come” up to about 25 feet. She watches everything. Last [read more]


Congrats to Grace on her new little doodle boy! Jax is a male phantom blue merle mini AussieDoodle puppy with very vibrant phantom copper markings. His merle pattern is very dark and contrasts so well with that beautiful copper. We think he will look just like his half siblings Lucy or Remy, and his dark merle coat resembles Onyx. He sure is one handsome fella! [read more]


Congrats to Jeff on his new puppy! Coco is a female black phantom mini AussieDoodle puppy with deep copper markings. She has a small white tuft of hair on her chest that will get even cuter as her hair grows. Don’t you just love those copper eyebrows? We think she will look a lot like her half brothers Koda and Bear. What a glamorous little girl! [read more]


“Kirby is 15 pounds of pure “HAPPY” at almost 11 months old! I have had happy dogs before, but he tops them all! Everyone who meets him sees it. He’s so stinking cute too!  Because he is so smart (and adores me) training has been great! He can do a 5 minute sit-stay – even in a store or with other dogs wondering all around him. He comes at ”Look!” every time… even the dog I take care of comes at ”Look” now. (Training by osmosis.) He loves his teeth brushed; all I have to do is hold up the [read more]


"We have had CJ almost 8 months now and everyday is an adventure. He will be 1 year old March 8th, and is about 14 pounds. He enjoys visits to our condo in Panama City Beach, Fl, our mountain home in Blue Ridge, Ga and our permanent home in Louisiana. His favorite thing to do is ride with me in my pick up truck and riding in the utility vehicle in Blue Ridge, Ga.  Attached is a recent picture of our furry "CJ"" -  Best to all, Sam & Pat CJ is a tri color male aussiedoodle. This little guy [read more]


Miki is a blue merle female aussiedoodle. She has some copper coming out on her eyes and legs. She has a big white chest, white on her face, white legs and an adorable white-tipped tail. She's gorgeous! We think she will look like Sadie or Fen as she gets fluffier. Miki's parents are Cali & Gator. We expect her to be 15-25 lbs full grown. Congrats to Peggy, Chelle, and Zoe in Florida.


Quincy is a red merle male aussiedoodle. This little guy has a big white collar, white chest, legs and an adorable white-tipped tail. He is perfect! We think he will look like Oliver or Finley as he gets older. Congrats to Julie and Jeffrey in Texas.