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Blue puppies are raised by:

  • Blue is our sweet Mini Aussie. She is our smallest in size but she makes up for it in heart. Blue is very agile and athletic and keeps up with the bigger dogs and sometimes beats them in races. She looks up to the older dogs and enjoys playing and belly rubs. When it’s time to go outside she gets so excited to play, she can barely contain her self. She’s full of life and happiness and is a true Aussie in temperament, and doesn’t have toy-ish behaviors. Blue is intelligent and curious.  She never wants to miss out on play time or a walk. She wants to be with you all the time but also will go play with the other dogs.

  • Size: 16lbs

Blue's Past Puppies:


Congrats to Pam and Carl on their new girl! Maggie is a precious black bi colored female AussieDoodle Puppy with white markings on her chest, belly, feet and tipped tail. She also has a big white patch on the back of her neck and a small stripe on the top of her head. Could she be any sweeter?  We think she will look a lot like this cute little doodle Guinness. [read more]


Congrats to Vivian on this sweet girl! Harper is a perfect little female black bi colored AussieDoodle puppy with a full white collar and perfect white markings on her legs, feet and tail. Her cute white stripe on her head will only become more adorable as she grows.  We think she will look a lot like Yuki.  Such a sweet little lady! [read more]


Congrats to Oliver on his new furry family member CC (short for Cookies and Cream)! CC is a sweet little black bi-colored AussieDoodle puppy with a big beautiful white collar.  Her white markings extend onto her legs, feet and her cute tipped tail. We think she will look a lot like Ruby Rose.  What a little doll she is! [read more]


Congrats to Pam and her family on their new puppy Ollie! Ollie is a darling red bi colored male AussieDoodle puppy with a big white belly and white points, including the tip of his tail!  He will look just like this cute dood Harley. What a handsome little guy! [read more]


Hi AwesomeDoodle Family, I just want to update you on Poppy. First of all, she is beyond adorable! She was very cautious the first 24 hours in her new home, so we took your advice, and introduced new things slowly. She is still wary of the backyard, but it has helped that the warm winds have settled down. She definitely didn’t like the wind. Crate training is going well. Last night she went 8 1/2 hours! She woke up only once, but quickly went back to sleep when I [read more]


Congrats to Christine and her family on their new puppy Nova! Nova is a beautiful female blue merle puppy with a full white collar and perfect markings. We think she will have a similar coat and facial markings to Tod. What a sweetie she is! [read more]