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Auna is around 18lbs. She makes some of our more calm, small, and lovable AussieDoodles. Auna is a beautiful, red, AKC mini poodle. She is “fleece like”- soft and exceptionally affectionate. Even though she loves playing with other dogs and toys, her favorite place to be is with people, especially her “human family”. She absolutely loves being near, sitting or sleeping in my lap, my husband’s lap or even with our daughter. She’s not much of a barker, but will join in if my other dogs bark because they sense a stranger nearby.

Auna is very intelligent and aware of her surroundings. She was easy to train and is very calm. I may drop off my daughter at school and we can drive around the parking lot and Auna can still find my daughter in a big crowd of teenagers with her obvious excited tail and actions.

You may think by now that she is just a lap dog? But think again. Sometimes on our calm, comfortable walks, I let her off the leash and when she is free, she will continue to stay on the path and race all the bigger dogs and leave them in the dust! It’s awesome and funny to watch. And she is quite agile. This 18 pound girl is amazing; without trying or even training she can jump distances other dogs won’t attempt and when she jumps, she opens her arms and flies like Superman. Watch the video below to learn more about Auna.


Auna is owned by:

Wendy & Cozy

Wendy is no longer raising AussieDoodles with AwesomeDoodle, but we love her puppies just the same. Wendy's Pets:

Auna's Past Puppies

Luna Gal

Luna Gal is a black sable phantom female aussiedoodle. She has a big white patch on her chest, a white chin, and the cutest white-tipped back paws. Her copper is coming out all over her body and will get more vibrant as she gets fluffier. So beautiful! We think she will look a lot like Barolo as she gets older. Congratulations to Lisa and Anthony in Massachusetts.


Ryder is a black sable phantom female aussiedoodle. She has a big white chest, four adorable white paws, and a little white chin. Her sable markings will likely get more pronounced and vibrant as she grows. So cute! We think she will look a lot like Barolo as she gets older. Congratulations to Alana in California.


Henry is a red sable male aussiedoodle. His red coloring is even more vibrant and rich in person, as you can tell in his video. He has adorable white patches on his chest and chin. So handsome! We think he will look like Lola as he gets fluffier. Congratulations to Julie and Jeff in Texas.


Murphy is a red sable merle male aussiedoodle. He has a little white on his chin, chest and on each paw. We can't wait to see his merle and sable markings as he gets fluffier. So adorable! We think he will look like his older sister Isabella as he gets older. Congratulations to Amy in Tennessee.


Feeny is a sable merle male aussiedoodle. He has a big white chest, a tiny white chin, and four adorable white paws. So cute! We haven't had one quite like him. He is a very special puppy and we can't wait to see how he matures. Congratulations to Katherine and Bryson in New York.


"Woody is doing great. The sleeping crate routine is our biggest success (maybe because Wendy had crates in their pen?)....Woody goes in on his own at night, doesn't whine unless he needs to go outside, and even spends some time in the sleeping crate during the day....his choice.  Woody is a special pup. We could not be more pleased." Woody is a sable male aussiedoodle.  He has the perfect white markings - a little on his chin, chest and each paw.  He is going to be absolutely adorable.  We can't wait to see how he grows and gets fluffy!  We think he will be the perfect combination of looks between Kevin and Tripp.  Congratulations to Mark and Melodi in Colorado.


"Isabella is doing so well! Potty/crate training is taking off. She loves going outside and is very fast. We are spoiling her with love and chew toys! I appreciate all the helpful articles." Isabella is a gorgeous red sable merle female aussiedoodle.  She has the cutest little nose and face, and a white patch on her chest.  We think she will look a lot like Ginger as she grows.  So adorable!  Congratulations to Caroline in Connecticut.


"Our little guy Harley is the sweetest ever and has us so smitten!  He is stuck to us like glue.   We are so happy that we choose AwesomeDoodle and appreciate all the reading and videos to prepare us to be great Awesome parents!!!" Harley is a beautiful black phantom and sable boy.  He is the first puppy we've had like him. Look at that smile on his face.  He has striking copper markings that will come out even more as he grows.  He has the cutest little white chin and a white patch on his chest too.  We think he will look like a combination of Tripp  and Selah when he grows up, but with more copper coloring all over his body.  Congratulations to Diane and Craig in Illinois.


Bruno is an exceptional high contrast blue merle male aussiedoodle with copper.  His markings are so unique.  We've never quite had a pup like little Bruno, and we're so excited to see him grow!  Congratulations to Andrea in Maryland.


Barolo or "Rolo" is a Black Phantom Sable male aussiedoodle.  He is quite unique and the first combination of sable and phantom we've ever seen. His copper is stunning, and will get more and more vibrant as he grows and gets fluffy.  He also has the cutest little white chin.   So adorable!  Congratulations to Paul in New York.r coloring all over his body.  So adorable!  Congratulations to Paul in New York.


"Needless to say we love Lola. She is doing quite well sleeping at night, crate naps and crate potty training. Of course, potty training is hit or miss. She is still getting to know us and we’ve probably have not seen her full personality yet. ;)   Lola loves to fetch the Frisbee! She usually brings it right back, but doesn’t want to give it up, believe it or not!"   Lola is a rare red sable merle AussieDoodle puppy with lots of white on her chest. Look at her white paws. Super cute. She should have some nice dark fur around her eyes when she matures. Congrats to Tammy and Mark on this lil sweetie.


"We couldn’t be happier with Rusti!! She met all our family unit yesterday- and handled it beautifully.  I still cant believe how quickly she has ’taken’ to us & is very well behaved, comfortable , spunky & playful.  She IS a velcro pup for sure - she follows me everywhere:)" Rusti is a rare red sable female AussieDoodle puppy. She is a doll with lots of variations in her coat. She may have the merle gene but we will see as she grows. Congrats to Jamie and Jim on this sweet girl. Look at that face!


Ginger is a Red sable merle with two different shades in her merling and a white heart on her chest. What a doll. She has a little white on her chest. Congrats to Charlotte and Jim on this sweet girl.


She is the sweetest, most magical dog. She learns fast and just wants to be with us all the time. We are in love. Thank you for bringing her up so well."   Stevie is a Red sable merle with two different shades in her merle.  She will have pretty face colors as she matures. Congrats to Cory and Charlotte. Stevie is going to have a great home.


Kevin is a red sable male AussieDoodle Puppy. Look at those bold colors. He will look a little like Fitz. What a handsome boy. Congrats to Wendell and Bob. We're in love with this little (big) boy.