hiking with aussie doodles

Non shedding Doodle dogs are swiffering the nation.

While the Golden Doodle is known as the most popular, families are taking a second look at the Australian  shepherd poodle mix called the AussieDoodle. They’re so cute, they will make your heart melt. They combine the loyalty, health and athletics of the Aussie, with the intelligence of the poodle

AussieDoodles are known as the “Einstein” of dogs.

This makes them incredibly easy to train, and they learn what you want very quickly. One might argue that poodles and border collies are smarter but I disagree.  This Australian shepherd poodle mix tends to learn human phrases, such as, “go ahead”, “back up”, “get in your crate” within the first few months. With a little effort, these dogs can be trick dogs, agility dogs, therapy or comfort dogs. They don’t typically make great “service” dogs, since they are always so happy to see strangers. I always feel sorry when I see the golden retriever with the “DO NOT PET” sign on his back.

We can’t speak for ALL AussieDoodles, as they are not all equal, however we can speak to our AussieDoodles.

AwesomeDoodles are known to be “happy go lucky” dogs who can do anything. They are Jogging partners, surf-boarders, hikers, doggie disc stars, swimmers, fetchers, trick dogs… the list goes on and on. If you can dream it, these dogs can do it.

Are AussieDoodles for everyone?

Absolutely not. They have typically higher than average energy levels at a young age. They are not usually “high energy” dogs, but they can be high maintenance, due to their intelligence. Click here to read an article to see if an AwesomeDoodle is the right dog for you.

AwesomeDoodle does NOT breed any “working” or “herding” dogs.

All of our Aussies come from breeders who breed dogs for pets, not herding. Do our AussieDoodles herd? This is a common misconception.  Any breed of puppy will chase you and bite your heels, if you make it fun for them. They want to play with you. They want to wrestle with you, just like they did with their litter mates. Your feet are the closest thing to them and they will attack your feet, just like they do their litter mates. So be careful to NOT accidentally train your puppy to chase you or your kids. Dogs have an instinct to follow you, and puppies have an instinct to wrestle. Combine the two and it would appear your puppy is trying to “herd” you, but this is very rarely the case.

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Behavior training: It is incredibly important to teach your AussieDoodle good manners, right from the start.

For example, AwesomeDoodles are not known to be barkers, and we rarely get complaints about puppy barking. Our smaller size AussieDoodles are no more likely to bark more than the larger size. However, any dog, AwesomeDoodle or not, can be trained to bark often. It is extremely easy to accidentally train your dog to bark. Puppies, when they want something or they are frustrated, will attempt to bark, to see if it gets them what they want. If you look at your dog and say, “No barking”, then you just gave your dog attention for barking, and you just trained your dog to bark. Think like a dog! Another example would be, if your puppy is biting your feet and you reach down and tell it no, then again, you just gave your puppy attention for biting your feet. We will help you socialize, train, and shape your puppy’s behavior, after you get your new AussieDoodle.

Like any puppy, AussieDoodles will probably wake up and cry every night for the first week, to go outside and pee. But after a couple weeks, they learn to sleep through the night. From ages 10 weeks to 16 weeks, they typically sleep 6-7 hours a night. If you’re a couch potato and relax on the couch from 7-10 while your puppy snoozes beside you, don’t expect your puppy to go to bed and sleep all night!

Health issues: Our AussieDoodles’ DNA is tested.

To ensure your puppy will never be affected by diseases that can cause health issues such as blindness, we test our mom and dad’s DNA for diseases. You can read about our health testing policies here. Since we do not “line breed or in breed” (AussieDoodle X AussieDoodle) we avoid any health issues related to this type of breeding. Poodles and Aussies have few inherent diseases and known health issues. And by mixing the two, we end up with a dog who will life a very happy healthy life. Of course, things can happen to dogs, just like humans, but in general, AussieDoodles live a very long happy life.