Our Aussie Doodles are smart, happy go lucky dogs.

Aussie Doodle Puppies love EVERYONE!  They are very low shedding, low allergenic dogs.  AussieDoodles, especially ours, are incredibly smart dogs.

AussieDoodle Puppies are too smart to sit around with nothing to do.  Just like a child, AussieDoodles need to be engaged in human interaction, and have their brains and bodies exercised several times a day.  Before getting an AussieDoodle puppy, ensure you can make this commitment to such a smart dog.

Take the ultimate AussieDoodle quiz to see if an AussieDoodle is right for you.

blue eyed merle aussie doodle

Reasons you might want an AussieDoodle:

1.   AussieDoodles shed very little, sometimes not at all.

2.  AussieDoodles are better for people with mild allergies.

3.  AussieDoodles are incredibly smart and easy to train. By 4 months old, they will already know several phrases, like “let’s get in the car,” and “time for bed,” and “let’s go for a walk.”

4.  AussieDoodles are fun, affectionate, happy-go-lucky dogs.  They love everyone.  They are not protective or aggressive.  They usually love other animals, dogs, cats, especially if introduced early.

5.  They are loyal to their owners and after some time and training, can walk off leash reliably.

affectionate red tri aussie doodle

And a few reasons this may not be a good breed for you.

1.  With extreme smarts, can come bad things too.  Like kids, they learn to out-wit you to get what they want.  They learn how to get into the trash can and unlatch the gate.  If you do something once, they will expect it again. Smart dogs get bored easily. They want to be doing something, and if you’re not entertaining them, they may find something to do on their own (something you don’t want them to do).

2.  While they are not extreme high energy, exercise is a must, especially as a puppy.  Frisbee sessions, training exercises, are essential to give them an outlet.

3.  They need to be groomed.  Dogs that don’t shed, their hair continues to grow, and will grow long, just like a poodle.  You will need to learn how to groom your AussieDoodle, or take it to be groomed.

Is an AussieDoodle a good breed for my family with kids?

AussieDoodles love everyone, including kids, other dogs, cats and even chickens. They are an incredible family pet and they love to go everywhere with you and your family.