What is a puppy “pack” leader? You’re in charge of your puppy.

Did you know your dog needs you to be pack leader? Establishing yourself as pack leader is critical to shaping their good behavior and building trust. These 8 Lessons teach you how to be in charge without being the bully, so the two of you can enjoy a healthy relationship. From the first day you get your new puppy, you will be the pack leader.  The “pack” is you and your pup.  Dogs NEED to be the pack leader or be led by one.  Your dog is not “EQUAL” to you.  Dogs are much more comfortable, and less nervous when they have a pack leader to rely on. In the pack, the leader makes the kill, eats, and only then allows the others to eat.  Believe me, your dog is content to watch you eat while they wait their turn.

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