To shape a well rounded and well behaved AussieDoodle dog, follow these 5 tips. Most of us make these mistakes and we don’t even realize how it affects our puppies.

Reinforce Barking

Puppies bark when they are rewarded for it. Instead, reward your puppy for not barking.

Allowing Door Scratching

To prevent puppy from ruining our doors, don’t open doors when they paw them. Open the back door only when puppy barks once. Close doors all the way, so puppy can’t push them open.

Reinforce Jumping

Don’t pick up or even acknowledge your puppy when front feet are off the ground.

Tug of War

Playing tug of war might teach your puppy that you are a litter mate. If you want to teach your puppy fetch, avoid tug of war.


To shape a calm dog, always reward your puppy for calm relaxed behaviors.