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TaterTot puppies are raised by:

  • If you like Patches, you’re going to love Tater Tot; she is Patches’ sister. Watch the video below to see just how sweet this Tater Tot is. We love her. TT had her first litter of AussieDoodles in March 2017. Tater Tot is a daughter of “Rebel” who is the famous champion mini Black Tri Aussie with one blue eye.

  • Size: 35lbs

TaterTot's Past Puppies:


Bailey is a tuxedo male aussiedoodle. We love this little guy. The white patches on his chin and chest are perfect for his tuxedo look! We think he will look a lot like the oh-so-adorable Kip. Congrats to Elsie & David in California. His beautiful mama is Tater Tot and his handsome dad is Jackpot. Marvin should grow to be somewhere between 25-35 lbs full grown, which is the perfect size!


Pepper is a super cute tuxedo female aussiedoodle.  She has an adorable little white patch on her chin and chest.  She will look a lot like Moose as she gets older. Congrats to Jessica & Kevin in Washington!


Harry is a tuxedo male aussiedoodle. He has a cute white chin and chest and a some white on his back paws too.  He will look a lot like Kip as he gets fluffier.  Congratulations to Betsy and Russ in in Georgia.


A-Kar (Ahh-Car) is a tuxedo female aussiedoodle.  She has an adorable white chin and chest, and even some white on her back paws.  She is going to look like the super cute Kip as she grows. Congrats to John and Pascale in New York.


Christina is a tuxedo female aussiedoodle. She has the cutest tiny white patch on her chest and chin. We can't wait to see her super soft silky fur get fluffy!  We think she will look a lot like Kyra. Congrats to Drew & Karen in North Carolina!


Rosalina is a tuxedo female aussiedoodle.  Her fur is so silky and soft!  She has a cute white patch on her chest and back paws.  We think she will look a lot like her brother Obie or Kyra as she gets fluffy.  Congratulations to David and Rob in Oregon.

Penny Ann

Penny Ann is a black phantom female with copper. Her copper markings will get even more vibrant as she grows and gets fluffy. She has a tiny white patch on her chest and on her back paws too.  We think she will look like Phoebe or Louie. Congratulations to Wanda and Bill in California.

Madison: December 2018 ADOTM

Madison is a black phantom female aussiedoodle.  Her copper markings are already standing out, so they will be even more rich as she gets fluffy.  She even has white patches on her chin and chest.  So cute.  We think she will look like Winnie or Mocha.  Congratulations to Kat and Reagan in Texas.


Montague is a blue merle male aussiedoodle. He's adorable and has a little white patch on his chest.  We think he will look a lot like Casey as he gets older.  Congratulations to Dana, Juliet, and Scarlet in New York.


Bindi is a blue merle female aussiedoodle.  She is absolutely adorable.  It looks like she will have some copper come out on her face and legs, and a little white on her chin and chest.  We think she will look like Tucker.  Congratulations to Cade and Kari in Oregon.


Bella is a blue merle female aussiedoodle.  Her colors are stunning.  She has copper markings on her face and legs that will get more vibrant as she gets fluffy.  She also has adorable white patches on her head, face, chest and paws.  We think she will look a lot like Iggy or Patches.  Congratulations to Dawn and Rod in Florida.


"We are so so happy with him.  He's doing really well. He met both families and he's soooo well behaved!" Stout is a gorgeous, blue merle mini aussiedoodle puppy. He's got a striking coat with handsome, high-contrast black and white markings. Check out that black and white sock! Congrats to Dominic C and family.


"Gold stars to you and your excellent and thorough work with him and us!! We think he is doing great. He slept in my arms most of the way home. He went to the vet on Saturday (was a little wiped out after that),  and today he visited a dog training facility and we signed him up for a puppy kindergarten obedience class which starts 6/10. The Manager there said he "seems confident" and that we must have found a good breeder. We did! He is just too sweet and loving and is bonding nicely to us. He is not very food motivated, but we have been using clicking to work with him to come and managing his unwanted puppy behaviors with toy distractions.  He has been sleeping through the night (with a gazillion stuffed puppy toys, including the duck you sent, which is a huge success). No fuss getting into his crate. He often retreats to the crate on his own to rest. He has learned to climb stairs, but as of yet has not tried going down, so when he gets to the top he barks to come down. It's pretty funny!" OBie is a sleek and handsome black tuxedo mini aussiedoodle puppy with some adorable, super tiny white markings on his chest and snout. He has such a shiny coat! What a sweetie! Congrats to Sherrie B and family.


"The first couple of days were a bit of a learning curve, but thanks to the videos and plenty of chew toys we're on track. ;) He's resting just near me in his puppy bed. We were just outside running around. He just loves exploring our yard. He's doing well. :)" Logan is a super sweet, black and white tuxedo mini AussieDoodle puppy. He's got adorable, tiny white markings on his chin, chest, and paws! Congrats to Bailey and family!


"Jordy had his vet check today and he is doing great!!  He is a super little fluffy guy.  So excited to have him in our family." Jordy is a very handsome, black and white tuxedo mini aussiedoodle puppy. He's got a gorgeous coat with white markings on his feet, chest, legs, and snout. Jordy is going to be living in Louisville, KY, so we can follow him as he grows! Congrats to Diane and family.


"Thank you for bringing Darcy into our life - she's wonderful and sweet and smart and better behaved than any puppy I've seen. She seems to have taken to life here with ease. It couldn't have been more than a couple minutes of crying last night before she was fast asleep. We are filled with gratitude." Darcy is a darling black mini aussiedoodle puppy with adorable, tiny white markings on her chest, chin, and feet! Congrats to Austin & Chelsea


"We all love him so much! So far so good. He sleeps from 10pm-5:30am which is great. He goes in crate willingly most of the time. He went to the doctor on Monday and he is doing well. On Sunday, we took a road trip and he is a terrific traveler. He also takes my daughter to the school bus. All the kids want to get off to pet him. There isn't a person , old or young  -  boy or girl who doesn't stop us to say how cute he is.  So far his older brother is tolerating him- Ozzy curled up with Jake to take a nap."   Ozzy is an adorable, male blue merle mini aussiedoodle. He's got a gorgeous, merle coat and lots of white markings, including little white socks! Congrats to Tracy K. and Sammie J.!


"Nellie is settling in well and we are thoroughly enjoying her! She has been to Starbucks, Lowe's, the hair salon, and the pet store. She did extremely well in the car. She is starting to get a little feisty!  Need to work on puppy biting" Nellie is a gorgeous and sleek black and white tuxedo mini aussiedoodle puppy! She's got adorable white spots under her chin and on her chest. Congrats to Janet W and family.