Breed: Poodle

Weight: 55lbs

Makes: none at this time

Raised by: LaDonna in Searcy, Arkansas

Nova - He is a brown phantom parti poodle.

Nova is a happy go lucky small standard poodle weighing in at 55lbs. He is a large brown phantom / parti poodle. He loves to swim in the pond and assist with all the chores around the ranch. He is happy all the time. He is well socialized and not shy at all. Nothing ever phases him. He likes when visitors come and loves to meet new people.

Nova does not belong to LaDonna. Nova belongs to the same person who owns Jackpot. We have a special partnership which allows Nova and Jackpot to have a fun life.

This dog is no longer making puppies, and is living in it's furever home with it's furever family.

Nova's past puppies:


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