Miss Grace

Breed: F1 AussieDoodle

Weight: 36lbs

Makes: F1b AussieDoodles

Raised by: Martha and Miss Grace in Nashville, Tennessee

Miss Grace - She is the perfect AussieDoodle!

Miss Grace is a blue merle Awesomedoodle. Her mom is Jordan’s Maggie. She was born in Sept. 2017. Her puppies will be F1b AussieDoodles. Miss Grace lives on a farm in middle Tennessee about an hour northeast of Nashville with us, (Pete and Martha), and occasional visits from their four grown children and one grandson. She is fearless and naturally herds our sheep, horses, donkeys, and llamas. She LOVES water and jumps in the watering troughs every chance she gets. She also swims, kayaks, and boats with us, and dock dives for balls and sticks.

We bought Miss Grace because of her striking blue eyes and fabulous markings, but quickly fell in love with her extremely outgoing personality. She entertains us with her hilarious aussiedoodle wiggle-walk and her gentle, comforting ways. Miss Grace has been a great addition to our family. She is smart, beautiful, and funny – and she knows it!! She can outsmart our other animals and many times us too! Miss Grace has great agility and quick moves, but is docile and calm when indoors. She is wary of strangers, but not aggressive. She befriends other dogs quickly. She chases our cats that run, but licks the ones who aren’t afraid of her. She is a very low shedder and her coat is soft and wavy. She loves to walk with us and ride in the car.

Because she was an Awesomedoodle pup, she came to us sitting and waiting for treats. She quickly learned to sit on command, lie down, and shake. She can also roll over and “sit pretty” on her hind legs. She loves to play ball. Miss Grace will be a nurturing caring mother. Her puppies should be emotionally and physically well balanced, easily trained, and great family companions. She weighs 36 pounds and is bred to Humphrey, who is much smaller. They should be large enough to hike and bike with and yet small enough to be under required apartment weight. We are looking so forward to seeing her puppies – they will be stunning!!!

Miss Grace's past puppies:

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