Breed: Australian Shepherd

Weight: 24lbs

Makes: none at this time

Livvy - She is a compassionate, fun-loving Australian Shepherd!

Livvy belongs to Jessica. Jaci and Jessica are “co-partners” and they team up to raise Livvy’s litters.

Jessica and her family of 5 got Livvy when she was just a puppy, and they have been inseparable ever since. She goes on every family vacation and makes their memories that much better. She is the sweetest, most lovable girl ever. For example, she waits by the back door when she knows it’s time for the kids to come home after school. She is the protector of our home and goes from room to room to make sure everyone is ok. Once she’s done that, she lies by Jessica’s feet and waits patiently for belly rubs and attention. Then she does it all again, checking on all the kids, including our 3 year old.

Her temperament is gentle; her energy level is mellow. Jessica and her husband worked with professional dog trainer from the time Livvy was 10 weeks old until she was 5 months old. It was money well spent as they have molded into her the perfect well mannered dog. If you would like a loyal family dog with the kind of temperament and personality we’ve described above, then you might want to consider a puppy from Livvy.

This dog is no longer making puppies, and is living in it's furever home with it's furever family.

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