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Gucci's puppies are raised by:

  • Gucci is my little spunky girl! She lives with us near Little Rock, Arkansas and will be having her first litter of AussieDoodle puppies in Spring 2020! We take walks on our trails that run through our property almost daily. While our other two dogs are trotting ahead, Gucci is darting in and out of the woods along the trails with her nose to the ground just hoping to pick up a deer, rabbit, squirrel any trail she can pick up on and follow with a great desire to find what ever it may be! Gucci is a beautiful Aussie, her blue Merle colors are perfect and her beautiful blue eyes tops everything about her off. She’s very loving and loyal, Gucci welcomes company and neighborhood kids with a smile and a wiggle butt that doesn’t stop as long as she’s getting their attention. She weighs 30 pounds, stands 17 inches tall and is in excellent health. We love our little Gucci girl, she’s always fun to be with and she’s always up for a ride in the car!

  • Size: 30 lbs

Gucci’s Past Puppies:


Congrats to James on his new little buddy Ozzy! Ozzy is a black phantom male AussieDoodle puppy. He has a deep black based coat and bright vibrant copper markings for that adorable phantom look everyone loves. As he grows and gets fluffy, we think he will look just like his big sis Kinzie. This little dude is going to love coming home with you! [read more]


Parrish and Conner from Alabama on this new little doodle girl! Gigi is a black phantom female AussieDoodle puppy with an enchanting black based coat and those irresistible copper accents everyone has been after! We love the copper marks on her muzzle, watch them become more intense as she grows. We think she will look a lot like her older half brother Tripp as she gets fluffy.   This little peanut can’t wait to come home with you! [read more]


Congrats to Brett from Texas on her new little buddy Torrero! Torrero is a black phantom male AussieDoodle puppy. He has a charming silky black coat with deep copper markings on the trim on his legs, face and eyebrows. We think he will look a lot like his half brother Mo as his curls grow. Such a handsome little doodle boy! [read more]


We have all settled into our new life with Charli. She is learning the routine and what we expect from her and usually tries to do all that she has learned. She has been given a little more freedom around the house when we are around. I found if I take her to the beach early morning she gets some nice exercise in and get to meet lots of other dogs and pups and her socializing is very good. She loves meeting new friends. She also loves to just [read more]


Congrats to Art in TN on his new baby Nala! Nala is a phantom blue merle female AussieDoodle puppy with stunning copper accents. She has a gorgeous jazzy merle patterned coat and a cute little white splash on her chest. We think she will look a lot like her older sister Lucy as she grows fluffier. She is such a perfect little doodle doll! [read more]


At 11 weeks, Marley is doing great.  She is definitely a bit wild at times, but takes a lot of naps too.  Sleeping through the night still, which is good.  Very smart, sits for her food, eye contact, lays down on command and does come 90% of the time when called.  I save the best treats for that one.  She is also doing well with Leave it, although still needs some practice.  She is a lot of work, but also a lot of fun.  Looking forward to her getting [read more]


Congrats to Douglas in California on his new little one. Pepper is a phantom blue merle female AussieDoodle puppy with vibrant copper trim and that intricate merle pattern we adore. We love her little white chin and the white stripe on her chest. As she grows, we think she will look a lot like her half sister Shiloh. What a precious little pup she is! [read more]


Congrats to Nicole from WA on her new gal Shea! Shea is a phantom blue merle female AussieDoodle puppy with brilliant copper accents and a soft merle patterned coat. As she gets bigger, we think she will look a lot like her half brother Da Vinci. What a perfect little lady she is! [read more]