Breed: Poodle

Weight: 10lbs

Raised by: Cassidy in Cortez, Colorado

Dio - the Doodle Daddy

Don’t let Dio’s size fool you, his whole 10 lbs. He is top dog and he knows it. He is very
confident and calm. We didn’t know he would stay as small as he has but it turns out he fits right
in the way he is, under my arm or on the back of the couch. He keeps up with the girls on their
evening runs and tag games, but He is also perfectly content to cuddle with our four year old
hyperactive son when he needs some help calming down. He is the most tolerant small dog I’ve
ever met. He even gives hugs. Dio loves to be groomed by anyone. He even asks the cats to
groom him when they are just laying around. He is a great family dog but is mostly attached to
me (Cassidy) like Velcro, since I spend all day at home with the kids and the pets. He loves car
rides and walks, but He doesn’t need much exercise, being as small as he is. Dio never really
went through the crazy puppy stage. He’s never been a chewer or a biter and was very easy to
house train. We thought we would get him trained and then find a good Guardian home for him
but after training him I couldn’t let him go.

A couple other little unique things he does, he throws small toys in the air for himself to catch.
He barks once to be let in from the back yard and sometimes tries one more time, but if I don’t
let him in, then finds something else to do. Dio seems to anticipate what is needed and
understands phrases when I talk to him.

If you are looking for a great companion dog to stick by you and be ready to play or just cuddle,
Dio is your puppy’s Daddy.

Dio's past puppies:

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