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Codee the standard poodle

Codee the standard poodle puppies are raised by:

  • Codee is a 64 pound standard AKC/CKC registered standard blue parti poodle. Codee loves his people and doing his tricks! He is a very sweet boy who is a little cautious when he first meets a stranger, but soon warms up and is a big lover. He gets along great with other dogs and loves going on runs, he’s never found to far from your side.

  • Size: 64lbs

Codee the standard poodle's Past Puppies:

Lucy Blue Merle AussieDoodle

"Lucy is doing great. She likes to chase moths & pounce on them. This is actually quite comical. She loves her tummy rubbed by EVERYONE! Everyone we meet comments on how calm & good she is. I always mention that she has crazy puppy time also. We continue to take her to socialization class every Saturday and Alexandra & Jameson are planning on getting together next week. We have about 5 dogs in our neighborhood that all play together. They vary in sizes from a 15 lb pug to a 90 lb pit bull. The all love playing together [read more]


Maisie is a Female, Bi-color AussieDoodle. She’s really cute with that little white color and white on her face and legs. Congrats to Rozlyn and family on this cute girl. [read more]


Shelley is a Male Bi Color AussieDoodle. He has a lot of white including a big white collar and chest and legs. Congrats to Kate and Mike on this cute boy. [read more]


Rufus is a Male Red Merle AussieDoodle with a half collar and tons of white on his chest and legs. Congrats to Zach and Marcie on this red merle boy. [read more]


Guinness is a Male, Black Bi Color AussieDoodle with a cute half white collar and lots of white on his chest and legs. Congrats to James and Amber on this freckled face cutie! [read more]


Sophie is a red Bi Color Female AussieDoodle. She’s super cute with a white chest and white tips on her back feet. Congrats to Sam and Alena. [read more]


Finley is quite the friendly, energetic, goofy pup. She loves going on adventures, but also loves to snuggle. She is the perfect travel companion and in 8 months has visited Yosemite National Park, Chicago, Park City, Wyoming and Massachusetts! She completed entry level puppy classes and the AKC Canine Good Citizen class. She must wait until she is 1 year old to take the official test. Finley loves to tag along on our trail runs, beach days and brewery visits. Finley is such a beautiful dog that when we are on walks people roll down their car windows to shout [read more]