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You may be overwhelmed by tons of website doodle jargon, like F1 and F1B and Multi-generation. While we encourage you to read up on AwesomeDoodle to see how we raise our puppies, you don’t have to take our word for it. Read some of the reviews from our POO puppy owners below.

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When it’s time to pick a non shedding dog also a perfect family companion, families all over the USA are taking a second look at the AussieDoodle and BerneDoodle. Their inquisitive personality and dreamy eyes will make you melt, but they will also surprise you with their athletic ability to catch frizbees, swim, jog, or pretty much anything you can think of.

AussieDoodles in Kentucky


Congrats to: Roberta from Minneapolis, MN on this Black Phantom F1 AussieDoodle puppy.

Hi Tom and Sharon, I just had our first meeting with our trainer. It was an amazing hour long training session. She has been a trainer in the  for 20 years.  She has a total positive reinforcement method.  She was so impressed with Scarlett, said she had seldom seen a 12-week old puppy as well trained and responsive already as Scarlett.  I told her about you guys and she said that the training you did with her was incredible.  She said you are in the top tier of all breeders in the U.S.   She also said she would definitely recommend you to anyone looking for an Aussiedoodle.  She said Scarlett obviously has good genes, is one of the smartest puppies she has ever worked with,  but also had an amazing start in life.  Scarlett is a quick learner, wants to please, and has such a happy personality.  The trainer was impressed with the fact that you have the puppy cam on all the time while the puppies are in the nursery.  That just isn't done by most breeders.    Thanks again for all you have done for her.   The trainer said Scarlett is lucky to have me, I am lucky to have her, and our yard is a beautiful, big area for her.  -- Roberta


Congrats to: Amy and her family on this Red Merle w/ White & Copper F1 AussieDoodle puppy.

I can’t believe LaLa is 16 weeks old. She has been truly amazing. She has a real personality and kind of does her own thing.     She absolutely loves chasing balls. This pairs perfectly with our two year old because he loves to throw them and hit them off a tee. We are working on dropping them. She brings them right back every time but sometimes just doesn’t want to let go of them. She loves stuffed animals. LOVES running outside. She would prefer to spend most of her time out there. Bathroom breaks consist of doing her business followed by a jaunt around the lawn.       As far as dislikes:  she doesn’t like any sort of hats.  She barks continuously when someone is wearing a ball cap or winter hat.       Socializing: we have been nervous about this because of the stay at home orders. She goes on walks through town a couple days of week. She finished up her vaccines today and will be able to start daycare on Friday (yay).  She is going to start with two half days a week to get acclimated and meet other dogs. Her contact with other humans outside our family has been very limited due to the corona virus.         LaLa picks up on things very quickly. She is also very protective of our little guy. She follows him around from morning to night. She is very quick to figure things out. One trip up and down the stairs and she became a pro.        She is completely potty trained. Hasn’t really had any accidents in the house since coming home. We transitioned from the wood pellet tray inside to outside and then eliminated it all together. She can sit and we are working on stay. She comes when she is outside running with the word treat. She is also leash trained.  LaLa has by far been our easiest dog to potty train. She is absolutely a joy to have around. She is very lovey and a true family dog. Thank you so much for everything!!!  -Amy

Mocha Black Phantom AussiePoo

Congrats to: Iris and her family in Massachusetts on this Black Phantom F1 AussieDoodle puppy.

"We are loving having Mocha!  She is very sweet and affectionate.  She really loves being outside, even in the freezing New England weather.  "


Congrats to: Tammy and Mark on this Apricot Tuxedo F1 AussieDoodle puppy.

"Needless to say we love Lola. She is doing quite well sleeping at night, crate naps and crate potty training. Of course, potty training is hit or miss. She is still getting to know us and we’ve probably have not seen her full personality yet. ;) Lola loves to fetch the Frisbee! She usually brings it right back, but doesn’t want to give it up, believe it or not!"


Congrats to: Erica and Tony in Washington on this Black Bi-Color F1 AussieDoodle puppy.

"Thanks for continuing to stay in touch with us and checking in!  Eavie has had her vet visit and her first puppy class already.Thanks for the date for her vaccinations - she was all set for class!  She was the youngest in her puppy class and so sweet, good and hilarious! She was so worn out that she fell asleep the last part of class.  Eavie has gotten better each night with the crate and we are doing pretty well right now with getting outside to potty.  We're starting to learn her signs and getting her out in a timely manner.  She's definitely a bundle of energy which has brought some challenges! " Congrats to.

adult aussiedoodle black phantom at the beach


Congrats to: Julie and family from Huntsville, AL on this Black Phantom F1 AussieDoodle puppy.

"Daisy is a bit over 1.5 years old now. She is 10.5 lbs and full of joy. She continues to love training and learning new ways to impress us. Daisy goes everywhere with us to include planes, boats and trains. She is an expert travel companion and taking her on our adventures has been so much fun. Thank you AwesomeDoodle for being a careful, caring, nurturing and all around excellent breeder that puts the pups first. Daisy’s start to life was positive and carefully considered!"


Congrats to: Ben & Kelsey on this Black Phantom F1 AussieDoodle puppy.

It seems like just yesterday we were driving down to pick her up! It's been a whirlwind few months. June has a lot of favorite things: -peanut butter (a little PB on a spoon and bath time isn't scary anymore!) -treats (open the treat bag and she is laser focused) -fetch -chewing bully sticks in your lap -hiding those bully sticks around the house when she's done She's also got a few dislikes: -her reflection  -when we take away toilet paper or socks she's found -hair dryers and box fans June loves to socialize. We take her on walks in our busy neighborhood where we always see people or other dogs. She still takes a while to be friendly with the other dogs, but loves to get treats or be pet by other people. Sometimes we go to the pet store where all the employees love her. Puppy training class and puppy playtime are her favorite. She's definitely top of her class and has made some friends during the socialization hour! Speaking of top of her class, her training is going so well. Sit, down, and wait are old hat at this point. June calmly sits and waits for "take it" before every meal. When a specific chew toy with peanut butter comes out of the freezer she knows it's time to kennel up for a little while and runs to her spot. She's getting much better at stay, but still needs some work. Walking on a leash is also the next big thing we want to work on. She likes to pull sometimes. As I'm typing this she just learned she can roll a ball down the stairs, then run down and get it before bringing it back up and dropping it again! Instant fun! --Ben and Kelsey

Coco Red Tri-Color AussieDoodle

Congrats to: Jeanette and Gary in Colorado on this Red Tri-Color F1 AussieDoodle puppy.

"We adore her and she certainly seems happy to be near us.  She has even made friends with our very old cat, and will sit with him on Gary’s lap. "

aussiedoodle puppy blue merle with white and copper in the fall


Congrats to: Tony and family from Brunswick, Ohio on this Blue Merle w/ White & Copper F1 AussieDoodle puppy.

"We welcomed home little Ellie today. She is everything we had hoped for 🥰 and Dana did an amazing job with these pups."

phantom aussiedoodle puppy with white points


Congrats to: Annie and family from Wantagh, NY on this Black Phantom F1 AussieDoodle puppy.

"First week in the books with Mowgli!! He’s such a smart, fun, cuddly little man. Feeling so lucky to have him, especially during these times❣️" - Annie


Congrats to: Lauren and Kevin on this Blue Merle F1 AussieDoodle puppy.

Finley is quite the friendly, energetic, goofy pup. She loves going on adventures, but also loves to snuggle. She is the perfect travel companion and in 8 months has visited Yosemite National Park, Chicago, Park City, Wyoming and Massachusetts! She completed entry level puppy classes and the AKC Canine Good Citizen class. She must wait until she is 1 year old to take the official test. Finley loves to tag along on our trail runs, beach days and brewery visits. Finley is such a beautiful dog that when we are on walks people roll down their car windows to shout how pretty she is. Finley loves to play at dog parks and her best friend is Leo a 75lb Goldendoodle! Finley is around 38lbs and has started to get lighter as she gets older. - Lauren


Congrats to: Adam and Stacy in Oklahoma on this Black Phantom F1 AussieDoodle puppy.

"Darcy is doing great!  She is already telling us when she needs to go out to use the bathroom, and using the litter box at night. She has been interacting with several people and visiting many places, while loving the attention.  We are having one challenge with her, but is expected with a puppy, which is biting fingers and toes. If there are any training tips/videos available they would be much appreciated. The tips you have provided thus far have been a success."


Congrats to: John and Santhi in California. on this Red Bi-Color F1b AussieDoodle puppy.

"Romie is beautiful, intelligent, well trained and just a blast to be with. He is crazy over any kind of game with a ball or frisbee (yes, he jumps and catches mid air). He is extremely social and friendly to all people and other animals. I spent significant time training Romie and it has paid off well. Romie and I walk extensively (average 6+ miles / day). Romie walks everywhere with me Off-Leash, even in areas of traffic. He is trained to not step foot in the street and he stops at corners without command, waiting on my release." - John


Congrats to: Carol on this Black Tuxedo F1 AussieDoodle puppy.

"Jazzy has blended so well in our family. She gives us so much happiness and every day we are laughing at some silly things she does. She has started puppy school. Next Saturday she gets her first puppy cut. She has been the easiest dog I have ever potty trained. We all love her so much. Even the cats get along with her! She is fine in the car and we socialize any time that we can. We are starting to take her for walks now. I love the AwesomeDoodle website and check that every day to see how everyone is doing. You guys are wonderful ."- Carol


Congrats to: Joy on this Black Tuxedo F1 AussieDoodle puppy.

"Hello my awesome friends at AwesomeDoodle's! Baby Bodhi is growing up. As the new year rolled around, I absolutely could not think of one thing I was more grateful for than this baby. So I wanted to say thank you a and give you an update on this hilarious and extremely photogenic guy. (Ok, I may be biased but look at that face!).  All puppies are a labor of love. That said, of all the dogs I have owned and fostered over the last 20 years, Bodhi is hands down the easiest baby I've ever raised. And the least destructive. Only a few rolls of toilet paper saw untimely demises. Shoes and furniture have so far been made it mostly unscathed. More importantly, he is the the most happy, joy filled dog ever. No matter where we go: the dog park, Lowe's, dog training people stop to comment on either how happy he is and/or how he's the softest/fluffiest dog they've ever touched. Needless to say, I'm a proud doggy mom. He brings so much happiest to me and this world. I'm so grateful to AwesomeDoodles.  My parents (and their 9 month chihuahua/terrier mix who hides from most other dogs and humans) fell in love Bodhi. We lost Lilly, our Aussie/Border Collie mix in November. My parents mentioned over New Year's that they think they are ready for another furry one. So it's quite possible you'll see another application from me soon." - Sincerely grateful, Joy

Our little Winnie

Congrats to: Jennifer and Aaron on this Blue Merle F1 AussieDoodle puppy.

"What can we say?  She is the most adorable little thing we have ever seen!  Our kids named her after mama (Winnie) since they have similar markings. She is so pretty!  She is a very sweet girl and we are so impressed with her!  We brought her home on Sunday with a short 2 hour ride to Bloomington Indiana.  She sat on our daughter's lap and started to whine about half way home, we stopped, she pottied, and off we went.  Wow!  She also loves her crate and has been only whining for about 5 minutes at night and then she goes to sleep.  We've been getting up about once in the's not bad at all!!!  We've been practicing her waiting patiently for treats and we give her an A+.  Everyone that has stopped over to see her can't believe she knows how to do this already!  We couldn't be more happy with our decision to go with Awesomedoodle.  We just want to thank Tom for his love and passion for breeding healthy and happy Aussiedoodles!  So impressed with the entire experience! Thank you again and we love our little Winnie. Jennifer and Aaron


Congrats to: Lisa & Zachary on this little beauty! on this Red Tri-Color F1 AussieDoodle puppy.

"Hello! She is doing wonderful!! She sleeps all night in crate next to me and does not make a sound until she sees me get up😊 she has mastered sit, down, eye contact, and fetches ball about 80% of time. She is about 60% potty trained. Pee is doing much better than poop😐 she is a road warrior and loves car rides. She gets very excited when meeting someone new😬. We just love her and do not know what life was like without her😍" - Lisa


Congrats to: Chris D and his family on this Blue Merle F1 AussieDoodle puppy.

"We are so happy with Desmond and he has truly become part of the family!  He is so smart and adorable!"

Lilly: Black Tuxedo AussieDoodle

Congrats to: Laure and family on this Black Tuxedo F1 AussieDoodle puppy.

"Lilly is so smart! She know tons of commands.   I really think she just flat out knows English.  (Not kidding) She loves to play hide and seek with her toy named bear. Bear is her hide and seek toy only.  Whenever she brings us bear, we play hide and seek.  We tell her to sit, and stay.  Then we hide bear (somewhere rather easy like the side of a chair but out of her view so she can’t see where we placed it)and on command, we tell her to find bear. She runs to find bear and when she does, we all get so excited and praise her. If we say, “what’s going on?” She runs upstairs and looks out the window in the room over the garage. That only took a day and a half to train her to do that.  She has a bin full of toys.  We named them all, and when we say the name of a toy, she’ll dig in that bin and find it for us.  Or, if it’s not in the bin, she’ll run around the house looking for it until she finds it.   I set up her toys to have different jobs. For instance, Bear, just plays hide and seek.  Bessie the cow, and Koala are just her sleeping buddies.  We never play catch with these and we ask her to find them when it’s night night time.  They are quiet toys.  When she has these, it’s quiet time.  We have a group of toys that we play catch and run around with.  Different toys mean different things.  Sometimes toys break or get chewed up. We replace it with a different toy or plush animal and re-train our pup on what that toy means."


Congrats to: Melissa and Dennis on this Phantom Blue Merle F1 AussieDoodle puppy.

"I’ve got a little pick-pocket on my hands...took this money gently out of my back pocket when I was sitting down😂🖤🤍🐾" -Melissa


Congrats to: Vicki and Bruce in South Carolina on this Black Phantom F1 AussieDoodle puppy.

How can we thank you? Our little Ivy is everything you promised and more. All of you have been just amazing. We couldn't love our little awesome doodle more. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts."


Congrats to: Phyllis and family from Brookline, MA on this Black Phantom F1 AussieDoodle puppy.

"Taylor came home Friday and we're having a ball! We love this little fur bundle! Thank-you Susan, for taking such good care of him! And the whole AwesomeDoodle family...Erin, Tom, are really truly awesome!" - Phyllis

phantom blue merle aussiedoodle puppy with marble blue eyes


Congrats to: Rachel and family from Hoboken, NJ on this Phantom Blue Merle F1 AussieDoodle puppy.

"Kobi is the sweetest dog ever. He is so smart - consistently ringing the bells and tells us when he needs to go outside to go potty. He is so amazing. We love him to pieces. He also loves toddlers and babies!!! Every single little kid he sees he runs up to say hi to! It’s adorable. And every single person he meets he also runs up to say hello to! The most friendly guy in town!"


Congrats to: Michael and Susan from Michigan on this Black Phantom F1 AussieDoodle puppy.

Things are going great with Piper (Darla/Humphrey), she is now, at 17 weeks, pushing about 20 pounds, all snuggly, feisty and sweet!  We have been fairly steady with training, has full knowledge of the standards, sit, come, down and all combinations, knows her name, has good recall, and the crazies are becoming a thing of the past. She loves fetch, we try to really run her every day, this helps with both appetite and lessening of mouthiness (still working on that). We are working with a trainer in weekly obedience classes, for both the extension training and socialization with other pups. To that, we do send her to puppy day care. They do a great job in letting dogs socialize and interact while providing certain activities for enjoyment. This also gives us a break and we plan family outings around these days.  Piper is sleeping through the night in her crate, she has no issues with either crate (one in the kitchen, her main place), and we can crate her and leave, we have worked it, with lots of practice, to about an hour and a half now. She's a trooper. She also loves her bicycle carrier! We use it so our entire family can bike to town for ice cream, and I can bike her for a run at the local elementary school, etc. We try to be careful of the recommended 5 min of heavy exercise for every month of life rule. - Michael, Susie and Andy


Congrats to: Sherrie B and family on this Black Tuxedo F1 AussieDoodle puppy.

"Gold stars to you and your excellent and thorough work with him and us!! We think he is doing great. He slept in my arms most of the way home. He went to the vet on Saturday (was a little wiped out after that),  and today he visited a dog training facility and we signed him up for a puppy kindergarten obedience class which starts 6/10. The Manager there said he "seems confident" and that we must have found a good breeder. We did! He is just too sweet and loving and is bonding nicely to us. He is not very food motivated, but we have been using clicking to work with him to come and managing his unwanted puppy behaviors with toy distractions. He has been sleeping through the night (with a gazillion stuffed puppy toys, including the duck you sent, which is a huge success). No fuss getting into his crate. He often retreats to the crate on his own to rest. He has learned to climb stairs, but as of yet has not tried going down, so when he gets to the top he barks to come down. It's pretty funny!"


Congrats to: Dan and Amie in Kansas. on this Black Bi-Color F1 AussieDoodle puppy.

"Riggins is awesome!  So far!  Haha.    We traveled 2 days in the car to get back to Wisconsin and he was a trooper. He didn't get car sick, which was my biggest concern since we had 2 days of travel and no way to avoid it.   We set up a small station in the way back with a dog carrier,  toys and pee pads covering the floor.   A space for him to wander other than sitting in our laps in the back seat.  He wandered into that carrier very easily.   I put the yellow duck and a bully stick in there and he'd hang there for minutes at a time.  We stopped frequently and he'd pee outside.   He loved the hotel with space to run.   He slept in the carrier next to our bed THE WHOLE NIGHT without a peep.   We couldn't have asked for a better trip. He's acclimating to the house and we're confining him to the kitchen so far.   I don't want to use the pee pads in the house.  We've got the bell system up (we used that with our previous dog too).  We've started working on "sit".  He's very good already at looking me in the eye when I'm talking to him.    It is bitter cold today here so he's only outside for a minute or two at a time,  but he seems to like the snow.   Overall a total success so far.   Aaand... He slept the WHOLE NIGHT again last night.  We have been lucky. "

black and white adult aussiedoodle


Congrats to: Diana and Family in New Jersey on this Black Bi-Color F1 AussieDoodle puppy.

"Olivia is my superstar pup! Smart and athletic, she is my best friend and we enjoy so many adventures together. Even saving the world!"

Molly the tuxedo Aussie Doodle Puppy

Congrats to: Laura on this Black Tuxedo F1 AussieDoodle puppy.

"Molly very happy playing with her brothers and chasing balls. She is extremely smart, and catches on to agility activities. She loves this sport and runs through tunnels, jumping and the other equipment. She will be able to trial when she is 1. She is going to be fast. Molly is also started nose work and will be trialing when she is old enough. She is so good with this activity as she has a great nose. I think that you can say these dog can do nose work." Laura


Congrats to: Paola and family from New York, New York on this Black Phantom F1 AussieDoodle puppy.

"I’ve had Ziggy now for about 6 weeks and he’s truly a gem! Getting him was the best decision I’ve made. Ziggy was crate trained by day 4, potty trained within a week and he can now sit, go down, give his paw, high five, leave it and stay for about 12 seconds. With your guidance, he’s really become such a well mannered pup and will be starting puppy development classes when he’s done with all his shots. Ziggy is so smart and so loving. He’s got such personality and he just makes the days so much brighter for my family and friends."

aussiedoodles in georgia


Congrats to: Jessica and Seth from GA on this Blue Merle w/ White & Copper F1 AussieDoodle puppy.

It’s been almost a week since we've had Miss Stella so I thought I would let everyone know how she was doing. Firstly, her eating has much improved everyone was right she needed about 24 hours to feel comfortable enough to eat and drink normally but she’s been doing really well ever since. She got a perfect report from our vets office. They were smitten with her but she didn’t reciprocate the feeling she was very excited to go home. Potty training has been very interesting I’ve NEVER had a dog that was this smart! She’s only had 3 accidents and honestly I think that they surprised her as much as us. For a puppy her age I consider that to be a raging success! We started really using the potty bells yesterday because we had been working through some fear of walking out the door itself something about it just bothered her but with treats and encouragement I think she’s over it. She has used the potty bells on her own 3 or 4 times now with no real instructions and each time she has actually had to go. We are so amazed by how intelligent she is. My daughter taught her to fetch a ball the second day she was home. It was amazing how fast she understood what she was wanting her to do. I’m sure that either she had done it before or perhaps Willow’s love of fetch just comes naturally to her as well. We are still working on positive associations with the crate, grooming tools, and car rides but she’s making a lot of progress with small doses of exposure and lots of treats. She goes everywhere with us. I’m really hoping that with some restrictions being lifted that they will start offering training classes again soon. If that’s not an option I’ve found a doggy daycare locally that offers one on one sessions that recently reopened. They have great reviews so I’m hoping to start one of those once We get the vets approval. She is a wonderful puppy the whole family just adores her. She’s ruined us for all other dogs I’m afraid 🤣 - Jessica


Congrats to: Patience and Leroy in Maryland on this Red Tuxedo F1 AussieDoodle puppy.

"It’s going well, and I really mean well.  Oswin loves everyone and is eager to greet new people.  He has attended his first puppy training class and really did good.  He is socializing with new puppies.  He had been socializing with mature dogs and did well and learned. He goes to his crate, is walking on the leash in the yard and on the sidewalk.  Housebreaking is going very well.  The crate training has that housebreaking advantage.   He plays fetch, brings the ball back near - we’re getting there.  The article about frisbee training is helpful and should be a great transition. I do have to tell you that Oswin doesn’t meet strangers.  He’s such a lovable Oswin and is desired everywhere he goes.  He is doing well in the puppy training classes.  Of course, he’s a STAR:) Oswin is an absolutely treasure."

Oreo Cookie

Congrats to: Jan and Thom in California on this Blue Merle w/ White & Copper F1 AussieDoodle puppy.

"Oreo has been home with us one day and she such a good girl. We had a bit of a rough night last night but she did OK. I learned a couple things on your email below that I will try tonight that should help. Oreo is experiencing new things every minute. She loves the feel of grass on her paws and the sunshine of California. She did very well on the plane, but really perked up when we got her home."

Kinzie the soon to be famous AussieDoodle

Congrats to: Courtney on this Blue Merle w/White F1 AussieDoodle puppy.

"She's the most adorable puppy I've ever seen." Says Courtney.

Lennon Red Tri-Color AussieDoodle

Congrats to: Susan T. and family on this Red Tri-Color F1 AussieDoodle puppy.

"Lennon is amazing! We got home a couple of hours ago. He did great in the car and so far so good at home. He could very easily become a real lap dog but I'm purposely trying not to pick him up too much. Right now he's quietly sitting under the chair I'm sitting on. I know it's still the honeymoon period but he is just so good! He follows me everywhere but I assume that will change as he gets more comfortable with his surroundings."