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You may be overwhelmed by tons of website doodle jargon, like F1 and F1B and Multi-generation. While we encourage you to read up on AwesomeDoodle to see how we raise our puppies, you don’t have to take our word for it. Read some of the reviews from our POO puppy owners below.

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When it’s time to pick a non shedding dog also a perfect family companion, families all over the USA are taking a second look at the AussieDoodle and BerneDoodle. Their inquisitive personality and dreamy eyes will make you melt, but they will also surprise you with their athletic ability to catch frizbees, swim, jog, or pretty much anything you can think of.


Congrats to: Beth and her family from Maryland on this Blue Merle w/ White & Copper F1 AussieDoodle puppy.

Wow, it’s hard for me to believe Koda is 4 months old either. He is wonderful. He loves going on hikes and eating. I have never ever seen a pup eat like Koda. He is VERY food driven. He plays with the other dogs more than he plays with us. He and Ollie have become great friends. Our yorkie tolerates him lol. He dislikes being in the heat. He is always looking for a cold floor or a vent with AC coming out of it to sleep. We take him on walks and to breweries and outdoor restaurants to socialize him. He is a very low key pup so he does very well wherever we go. Koda can learn any new trick in a day or two. He can look, wait, sit, touch, give “right” paw, roll over, lay down, it is super impressive and fun to see how well he learns. He almost has a human look about him when he is watching us. You can tell he is really paying attention. If I wouldn’t be considered a dog hoarder, I would have 10 awesome doodles.  I just love them and am so thankful to have them in our lives. -- Thanks, Beth


Congrats to: Cynthia and family on this Black Tri-Color F1 AussieDoodle puppy.

"Ollie is nothing but amazing in every way. We are more than thrilled to have him as part of our family. He is such a good puppy. Thank you all for everything. We first want to thank you for all the helpful tips. Ollie is doing fantastic, he has been completely party trained from the1st day, he sits, comes when called, returns ball& frisbee. He knows our daily routine. We now walk 1 mile every morning with his friend Nala followed by a 15 min play session. He comes to work with me every day & loves greeting customers and dogs friends. My business is in a dog friends community called Pawtuxet Village. He has about 5 friends that visit daily, with more to come when weather gets warmer. His favorite thing to do is play frisbee, especially in the snow. He will be attending his 1st training class next month. We had to wait until he has all his shots. We our so thankful for all that the AwesomeDoodle crew did to help us through the puppy process. Best, Ollie & Family"

AussieDoodles in Kentucky


Congrats to: Roberta from Minneapolis, MN on this Black Phantom F1 AussieDoodle puppy.

Hi Tom and Sharon, I just had our first meeting with our trainer. It was an amazing hour long training session. She has been a trainer in the  for 20 years.  She has a total positive reinforcement method.  She was so impressed with Scarlett, said she had seldom seen a 12-week old puppy as well trained and responsive already as Scarlett.  I told her about you guys and she said that the training you did with her was incredible.  She said you are in the top tier of all breeders in the U.S.   She also said she would definitely recommend you to anyone looking for an Aussiedoodle.  She said Scarlett obviously has good genes, is one of the smartest puppies she has ever worked with,  but also had an amazing start in life.  Scarlett is a quick learner, wants to please, and has such a happy personality.  The trainer was impressed with the fact that you have the puppy cam on all the time while the puppies are in the nursery.  That just isn't done by most breeders.    Thanks again for all you have done for her.   The trainer said Scarlett is lucky to have me, I am lucky to have her, and our yard is a beautiful, big area for her.  -- Roberta


Congrats to: Lisette and Isi in Florida on this Black Tuxedo F1 AussieDoodle puppy.

"Mowgli is doing great and is all settled into his new home! He and Sammy (our other dog) are getting along great and playing together."

black bi sheepadoodle puppy outside


Congrats to: Lexi and family from New York, NY on this F1 SheepaDoodle puppy.

"A quick update on life with Darcy-doodle: she is the most loving, friendly dog in the universe. One kiss is never enough – she likes to make sure everyone gets at least 10. We live in an apartment building, and I think just about every resident knows her name at this point, she is the social butterfly and welcome committee for the whole building. She loves to play with other dogs and is obsessed with tug (with everything, including our shoes and dish towels, unfortunately). She is stubborn and can be demanding so we’re still working hard and making training a regular part of life to reinforce good manners. The first couple of months were definitely tough (she was a tiny shark and had a very hard time with parasites and a general weak stomach) but it has been such a joy to watch her grow and develop and we can’t wait to see what she has in store for us next!"


Aspen is a Girl, Phantom Blue Merle F1 AussieDoodle puppy.

"Aspen has been such a dream! Her first night she only woke up once to go potty outside and she didn’t cry at all except one little wine to tell us she needed to pee.  I could brag all day about this sweet little girl! Brandon and I feel so thankful and lucky to have her home finally! AwesomeDoodle really does make some Awesome Doodles! "


Congrats to: Paola and family from New York, New York on this Black Phantom F1 AussieDoodle puppy.

"I’ve had Ziggy now for about 6 weeks and he’s truly a gem! Getting him was the best decision I’ve made. Ziggy was crate trained by day 4, potty trained within a week and he can now sit, go down, give his paw, high five, leave it and stay for about 12 seconds. With your guidance, he’s really become such a well mannered pup and will be starting puppy development classes when he’s done with all his shots. Ziggy is so smart and so loving. He’s got such personality and he just makes the days so much brighter for my family and friends."

black phantom aussiedoodle puppy


Congrats to: Sean and family from Nashville, Tennessee on this Black Phantom F1 AussieDoodle puppy.

"Theodore Mosby Cunningham “TED” 🐶 This sweet little boy has been home for 4 days now and is doing great! Jordan and Angela did such an amazing job raising this litter and I can’t thank them enough for the whole process, our little boy was so well taken care of from day one! He is such a smart, sweet, submissive lil cuddler. All he wants to do is be near me! So in love! 🥰 He is already doing amazing with potty training, only had one accident in the house on his second day and that was totally my fault, other than that he has gone outside every time! And he is doing better now with sleeping through the night. The first two nights were hard, a whole lot of whining and one or two potty trips, but now he is sleeping almost 6 hours before waking up and only whines for about a minute now." - Sean


Congrats to: Jeremy and Caroline in North Carolina on this Black Tuxedo F1 AussieDoodle puppy.

"We are having a blast with Coal.  He LOVES it here."


Congrats to: Emily and family from New Ulm, MN on this Black Bi-Color F1b BerneDoodle puppy.

"Sitka has been home for a week now! He loves: naps, meeting new people and dogs, running in the snow, his crate, and rope toys. He is the sweetest pup, as long as we aren’t in crazy puppy time. 😉" - Emily


Congrats to: Ashley and Paul in Kentucky on this Black Tuxedo F1 AussieDoodle puppy.

"Cody is such a sweet boy.  I can’t wait for you to see him.  He has settled right in and is so playful.  Last night he slept through the night until 5:30 am this morning.  We are so thankful to have him.  Mike and family did such a wonderful job."

black phantom aussiedoodle puppy with white chest


Congrats to: Amanda and family from Falmouth, MA on this Black Phantom F1 AussieDoodle puppy.

"Oliver is growing up fast! He’s a ball of fluff, fun and love! I/we couldn’t be happier. He’s 15 weeks old, ~14 lbs"

Toy AussieDoodles


Congrats to: Stephen in Florida on this Black Bi-Color F1 AussieDoodle puppy.

EmmyLou is perfect in every way. The airport pickup went well and the drive back to Sanibel Island was a good opportunity to begin bonding. She is happy and active. She has adapted completely to her new house and people. I am rather amazed at how relaxed and comfortable she is in her new situation. She has her vet appointment tomorrow. Thank to you and the other folks involved for making such a good experience for us and for EmmyLou. - Steve


Congrats to: Mikela in Massachusetts. on this Phantom Blue Merle F1 AussieDoodle puppy.

"Sammy goes to day care and also has two training sessions a week. She loves hiking and hopes to start agility training in the spring. I think she is half flying squirrel, and off the chart smart. The most loved dog" - Mikela


Congrats to: Chris and Rachael from Pennsylvania on this Phantom Red Merle F1 AussieDoodle puppy.

We were just outside playing and I took a couple of pictures so you could see how Luna has grown and what she looks like now.  She really is a beautiful girl and we love her dearly. She is sleeping through the night and has been since day one. We have been exercising her brain with training and taking walks, playing ball and frisbee to exercise her body.  She isn’t quite getting the hang of fetch. We will keep trying. Her enthusiasm to chase our 8.5 month old AussieDoodle overrides the desire to chase the ball. I think we just need to work with her without Jasper.  We will keep you posted and send pictures as she grows so you can show others what similar colored pups will look like as they mature.  All our best! Chris, Rachael, Jasper, and Luna


Congrats to: Marianne and Patrick in New York on this Black Bi-Color F1 AussieDoodle puppy.

We are very happy with our Benji. He's sweet & likes being with us as much as we love being with him. Benji is is very intelligent. We are still training him and responds very well. He likes being in our fenced in yard & is very busy chasing squirrels or watching the neighbors. Barks at cars so difficult to walk around the neighborhood with him. He plays with other dogs well & loves playing with all our grandchildren.- Marianne


Congrats to: Sally and Brad in North Carolina on this Black Tri-Color F1 AussieDoodle puppy.

"It’s been one full week with Digby O’Dog and we couldn’t be happier with the way he is coming along. The drive home was fabulous!! Even though it was a 9 hour drive he did GREAT!  No mess in the car, slept well, and was just a joy."


Congrats to: Katie and Brad in Missouri on this Red Merle w/ White & Copper F1 AussieDoodle puppy.

"We want to thank you guys for preparing us so well for this experience. We were a little nervous as we have a lot going on with 5 kids and now puppy and weren't sure if we had what it takes to shape an awesome aussiedoodle but with your guys help, the process is going better than expected. Luke is such an amazingly sweet little guy and we couldn't be happier. He seems to be adjusting to us very well and there is very little to no whining and crying, which I anticipated hearing more of due to separation anxiety."


Congrats to: Jeff and Amy on this Black Tuxedo F1b AussieDoodle puppy.

"I wanted to let you know how amazing Madison is. We live on a small farm. We have six kids, 4 cows, 3 horses, chickens and cats. She runs freely around 78 acres, EVEN WITH that beautiful coat. She is SO smart. So thoughtful. So sensitive. So obedient. She is truly the best dog I have ever known (I whisper that in her ear so that Violet can’t hear me). Maddie is a world class snuggler. She literally falls into you. She, of course, sleeps with Jeff and I at night. Bless you and all that you are doing to raise these beautiful puppies."


Congrats to: Sarah and Stan in Massachusetts on this Black Phantom F1 AussieDoodle puppy.

"We Bodie!!!!!  So very thankful to you all at Awesome Doodle for giving our dog the greatest start a puppy could have!"


Congrats to: Phyllis and family from Brookline, MA on this Black Phantom F1 AussieDoodle puppy.

"Taylor came home Friday and we're having a ball! We love this little fur bundle! Thank-you Susan, for taking such good care of him! And the whole AwesomeDoodle family...Erin, Tom, are really truly awesome!" - Phyllis

lake aussiedoodle black tri coloring


Congrats to: Paul and family from Spicewood, TX on this Black Tri-Color F1 AussieDoodle puppy.

"Koda is doing great! We started puppy class the week she got home (local place offers a sanitized environment for pups not fully vaccinated) and she’s been super well behaved with the other pups and gets along with everyone. She’s also extremely focused for her age and equally motivated by treats or toys. She has excellent eye contact and will offer calm behaviors even when there are distractions. We started day one with behavior shaping, but that quickly transitioned to learning commands. By week 10 she had sit, down, stay, shake, rollover all nailed down. Our favorite is “play dead” after a finger pistol “bang” motion😊 Toy-wise she takes after her mom Juno as a fetch machine, and naturally caught on to the idea of bringing the ball back to us, and will calmly sit until we throw it again. She also seems to have inherited Charlie’s temperament as she is a small dog without any of the yippy and annoying small dog characteristics. The only real challenge we’re still working on is separation anxiety. She’s a total velcro dog and doesn’t enjoy being alone. She’s content in her crate for the most part, so we’re slowly working on making that her safe space to be alone in. Thanks!"


Congrats to: Erin and Ross in Ohio on this Black Phantom F1 AussieDoodle puppy.

"We have had a busy and fun weekend getting to know Bradie and giving her lots of love and snuggles.  She is doing GREAT!  She has slept through the night in her crate with zero whining or crying for three nights now, and no accidents in her crate. The moment we got her home we took her out to the yard and put the pellets out and she went potty right away on the pellets, we have had no pee accidents in the house but a couple of poop accidents, right after she does it we take her outside and I think she is definitely getting the concept of going potty outside.  She LOVES her crate and we have had no problems getting her to go in at night.  She has had a couple of crazy puppy moments (to be expected) but seems to calm down pretty quickly with a little petting.  She's adjusting great in our house and loves playing outside in the snow.  We had a little family photo shoot yesterday at a local park and she did so great and really enjoyed meeting some new friends while we were there.  Thank you so much for all of the helpful tips, we will be sure to reach out if we have any questions :)"


Congrats to: Steve and family in California on this Black Bi-Color F1 AussieDoodle puppy.

"Everything is good. Nothing too challenging typical puppy stuff getting her acclimated to California time is getting better. She’s doing fine in the crate she’s doing fine with potty training (few accidents) we’ve done a lot of socializing friends family and Father’s Day. She’s been everywhere but the pet store with us and she has a Vet appt. tomorrow. Having are other dog here I think helps from not missing momma and litter mates too much"


Congrats to: Ashlynn and Seth on this Red Merle w/ White & Copper F1 AussieDoodle puppy.

"Arnie is doing great! He is just so adorable! He's growing like a weed though! He has the occasional accident but has been doing really well with potty training. He hasn't had an accident in his kennel since the first week or two we had him home, which is great! He is such a smart boy! It's crazy how fast he has learned phrases. He is already an expert at "Arnie come" (but you better have a treat when he gets there ha!). He will come over to you and sit down like a good boy! I've even tested him when he's playing in the yard with our other dog and he still comes. I can definitely tell he's teething. Especially just in the last couple days he's started to try to chew on anything he can get his mouth on. He has a few ropes and balls that he loves to chew on so I just redirect his biting to those and it works really well. We start his first puppy class on Saturday and I can't wait to see how he does! I really want to start working with him on loose leash walking because right now he does not like walking on a leash at all. The puppy class will be awesome for him though: burn some energy and make some more pup friends! Thanks again AD for such an amazing pup!" - Ashlynn

Molly the tuxedo Aussie Doodle Puppy

Congrats to: Laura on this Black Tuxedo F1 AussieDoodle puppy.

"Molly very happy playing with her brothers and chasing balls. She is extremely smart, and catches on to agility activities. She loves this sport and runs through tunnels, jumping and the other equipment. She will be able to trial when she is 1. She is going to be fast. Molly is also started nose work and will be trialing when she is old enough. She is so good with this activity as she has a great nose. I think that you can say these dog can do nose work." Laura

red tri aussiedoodle puppy with white chest


Congrats to: Kathryn and family from Waxhaw, NC on this Red Tri-Color F1 AussieDoodle puppy.

"I wanted to give you all an update on Zathras. His is doing so well at home. He has the sweetest personality. If he could have his toys while being cuddled, he would do that 24/7. He is smart as a whip and loves training. It helps that he is very food motivated. He loves his family intensely and cannot stand to see us in separate areas outside or in a store. He has to get to where the other members are and check-in with them. He does seem to be a lower energy puppy and tends to observe before jumping into something new. Every time he goes to the vets, they remark on he is such a calm and sweet puppy. Sally did a wonderful job and we are so thankful!"

f1b aussiedoodle puppy

Bear, the F1b AussieDoodle puppy

Congrats to: Chad, Allison, & family on this Blue Merle w/ Copper F1b AussieDoodle puppy.

Bear is growing like crazy. We weighed him last week and was 10 lbs 2 oz. He is losing his teeth, excels at sit, touch, wait, and ringing his bells to potty. He mastered the "very scary" stairs in our house last week and loves to come make sure he knows where everyone is at all times. His favorite things are roast chicken, afternoon naps, puppy camp, his giggle ball and herding us on walks. He definitely wins the "most popular" award and he is a common topic of conversation everywhere we take him and he is a star at his puppy class. Given the status of things in the world at the moment, he is VERY happy to have his family at home and we will be moving to virtual puppy training as of this evening. As long as I have chicken, he will pay attention! Here's a current favorite photo. He is stunning and fun!- Allison Bear is a Phantom Blue Merle male F1b AussieDoodle with a white patch on his belly. What a handsome boy! We think he will resemble Taja when he is older, only with more copper.


Congrats to: Joy and Joe on this Red Merle w/White F1 AussieDoodle puppy.

"We had an uneventful trip home. Rosie rode in her travel crate the entire time. She cried for 10-15 minutes each time we put her in but then settled in. We took breaks every 2hrs and got her some exercise. We’re now home and she’s quickly getting settled in. We had already done some of the things your note detailed, but the reminders/affirmations were good to have. And she has DEFINITELY bonded - does not like it when we step out of kitchen without her.  Thank you so much for making this transition so smooth and for enabling us to become a dog family again. We couldn’t be happier!" 


Congrats to: Bev & Willy on this Black Phantom F1 AussieDoodle puppy.

Annie is thriving at a little over 4 months. She weighs in at 15.7 lbs. She and Bear play very well together. She adores him . He puts himself in front of her when meeting dog friends on walks. We are working with a trainer with both as Bear has a few issues, barking mostly, that we don't want to share with Annie. We found a mobile groomer whom she saw briefly after her bath and blowout for a sani trim and eye trim, she wasn't a fan, drama queen, but we are working on it. We adore our new baby and are wrapped around her paw. Snuggling at 530 am after a quick potty run every morning, she usually sleeps through the night in her crate, grudgingly,  but it's all good. All is well, notes and videos SO helpful thank you for all your guidance,  she is a wicked smart handful, but perfection. - Bev and Willy

blue merle bernedoodle puppy


Congrats to: Melissa and family from Chapel Hill, NC on this Blue Merle w/White F1b BerneDoodle puppy.

"Kona had his first vet appointment yesterday. He did GREAT! I can't even tell you how amazing, well behaved, and lovable he is... and SO SMART too!!! It's been crazy, and busy, and a bit overwhelming with 3 kids starting back to remote school, both of our remote work starting again in the new year, and the schedule, routine, and puppy needs piled on top- but oh my gosh, it's wonderful to have him to hold, care for and play with. Our family of 5, plus one more with my sister are smitten with him. Even our two cats are curious, although cautious, and the same with him- no aggression or tension so far. He has been doing wonderful at sit, settled lay down, (he spontaneously rolls over- and we simply say "roll over, yes!"), he waits patiently for us to open his crate for permission to exit for potty breaks and play times. He rarely fusses, is great for nap and bedtime in his crate, and has only barked once to get the cats attention. Thank you for everything so far!" - Melissa


Congrats to: Tony and Sunny in Georgia on this Blue Merle w/ White & Copper F1 AussieDoodle puppy.

"Belle's doing great and is such a joy. She's well on her way with crate and potty training, and we got her to the vet this weekend as well. All of the information you provide is super helpful, and Mark was great when we picked her up as well. We also really appreciate the care gift! ; )"


Congrats to: Harry and family from Montclair, NJ on this Blue Merle w/ White & Copper F1 AussieDoodle puppy.

"Linus is three months old today! We brought him home a month ago and it is like he has always been a part of our family. He is doing really well sleeping in his crate at night and knows ‘sit’ ‘stay’ and ‘down.’ We are also working on leash training with him. His alter ego “Puppy Piranha” is still pretty fierce but will hopefully calm down soon. He loves to abscond with towels and shoes every chance he gets. Rebecca did an amazing job raising him and we are so grateful for all of the articles and guidance along the way." - Jennifer

Ozzie: the black tuxedo mini Aussiedoodle puppy

Congrats to: Congrats to Justine and Family in Connecticut on this cutie! on this Black Tuxedo F1 AussieDoodle puppy.

"Ozzie is AMAZING.  He took right to our girls and family.  He did not have an accident the entire car ride. Made it home and we took him in the yard and he did his business. He played with us in the yard for a while and relaxed with us for a bit in the evening. Only 1 small accident  (and it is my fault bc I took my eyes off him while getting ready to take him out). He is an AMAZING dog and we are lucky to have him in our family. I will be sure to read ALL of these tips and appreciate any advice you may have. The trainer is scheduled to come tomorrow. We are absolutely in love!" Best, Justine

Penelope: Red Tuxedo, August 2017 D.O.T.M.

Congrats to: Congrats to Dave and Michele on this beautiful girl! on this Red Tuxedo F1 AussieDoodle puppy.

"She is awesome!!!  She's incredibly sweet. She's busy, curious, likes her toys, stays very close to me. I'm shocked at how well she's done....I expected a lot more crying from missing her litter mates but she's very happy being with us. She only got up once last night....goes outside and right back to sleep! She's sweeter than I could have imagined!" "Couldn't be happier with her disposition....sweet, loving, playful, busy but not too much....she's just a happy dog and she is soooo adorable. Haven't really figured out what color she is/will be....I'd call her red with interesting brown undertones and white undercoat.  Cutest face ever!  I'd get another one from her parents in a heartbeat!" Michele E. - Biloxi, M

Coco Red Tri-Color AussieDoodle

Congrats to: Jeanette and Gary in Colorado on this Red Tri-Color F1 AussieDoodle puppy.

"We adore her and she certainly seems happy to be near us.  She has even made friends with our very old cat, and will sit with him on Gary’s lap. "

Lucy Blue Merle with Copper

Congrats to: Sharon and Andy in Maine on this Phantom Blue Merle F1 AussieDoodle puppy.

"Lucy’s dramatic copper markings and blue eyes turn heads wherever we go. She’s so friendly, too. Her personality is just as beautiful as she is. We love that she’s both fun and cuddly. Lucy is eager to learn and has known “sit”, “eyes”, “lay down”, “rollover”, and “stay” since she was twelve weeks old. By the time she was 15 weeks, she would sit at the door while I opened it and wouldn’t cross the threshold until I said, “Okay!” Now, I can place her breakfast in front of her, tell her “leave it,” and she won’t go to her dish until I release her. And her classes for basic training don’t start for another week."


Congrats to: Alana in Nevada on this Blue Merle w/ Copper F1 AussieDoodle puppy.

"Things are going great with Nala. We have a trainer that has been coming to my house once a week. He’s been a help with the basic training of a puppy.  She’s pretty awesome and settling in well with us. We love her to pieces!!"


Congrats to: Congratulations to Lauren and Will in Alabama on this Black Tuxedo F1 AussieDoodle puppy.

"Thanks so much for all the useful info! Pickup went great, it was so fun to meet Marc and Michelle! And willow too of course. She’s such a lovely dog, so affectionate and friendly! And of course we are so much in love with Penny already. She seems to be bonding to me already and is snoozing in my lap. She was chewing a little on the couple of toys I brought so I’m guessing she’s pretty comfortable and relaxed. I can tell she has some spunk, but loves to snuggle too. She is even looking me right in my eyes and holding eye contact which is lovely! "

black and white aussiedoodle puppy outside


Congrats to: Stefanie and family from Mesa, AZ on this Black Bi-Color F1b AussieDoodle puppy.

"Chavah has now been a part of our family for one year and she is almost 14 months old. She is 21 pounds and very active, especially after dinner :-(. She loves to play with squeaky toys and fetch a ball. Catching a snow ball is also one of her favorite games when we go to our cabin. Twice daily walks give her an opportunity to practice her training lessons but she still barks at big dogs and strangers. We plan to go to PetSmart advance classes to work on Chavah’s “friendly greetings”. For her first winter holidays she loved her matching pajamas but was fascinated by lighting the menorah candles and checking out the tree ornaments. We are so enjoying Chavah and even Hershel has succumbed to her (not) sisterly charm. Thanks for doing a great job with getting her ready for her forever home. Happy New Years 2022!"


Congrats to: Connor and Lindsey in Virginia on this Black Tuxedo F1 AussieDoodle puppy.

"Duke loves his new home here in, VA! He loves training treats, dog puzzles, and playing with his ball. He also snuggles with his duck toy! He doesn’t like the stairs or the broom, but we have continued to practice with him and he has gotten used to both.  Duke is able to find treats in the puzzle and is doing a great job with his training, showing off his smarts.  He also knows that he is supposed to potty outside, and accidents inside are few nowadays! I don’t have a video, but duke is able to sit, stay, touch fingers with his nose, come when called, lay down, and will stay close on a walk and when tethered. He is going to join the adolescent training class in a few weeks, and we are so excited. We are loving spending time with him, and everyone loves to meet him. We are thankful to be a part of the awesome doodle family and wish you a merry Christmas and a happy holiday! Thanks for all your support raising our sweet boy!"


Congrats to: Dan and Lynnea in Washington on this Black Phantom F1 AussieDoodle puppy.

"Merlin is doing well. He definitely loves to be with us! We upgraded to a stronger carrier this past weekend so he can accompany us in the car for our weekly soccer practices/games. He has become quite the mascot both at the kids school and sport teams! We are sleeping better after a few weeks of figuring things out. Our nighttime routine now includes more intentional puppy play or at least better toys for him, rather than wrestling away towels and socks. :) He is also better at holding his bladder all the way downstairs to the outdoor exit. For the most part, he is getting lots of exercise because of morning walks, learning to fetch (tennis ball/frisbee/toys), and field play in the afternoons with kids. He has been healthy and so good at letting me bathe him and even brush those teeth/clip nails. Thanks for all the supportive advice and encouragement."

Kinley : June 2018 ADOTM

Congrats to: Linda in Alaska on this Phantom Blue Merle F1 AussieDoodle puppy.

Kinley is a rockstar. He has been amazingly easy to train. Thanks to all the training videos AD provides I was ready. We had a basket full of toys, 2 kennels (1 beside my bed and 1 in the kitchen), puppy treats for training, and bells for the outside door. Within 2 weeks, Kinley was potty trained. He would go to the door and bump the bells to be let out. Those first 2 weeks, he did often pee in the kitchen, but he never poo’ed inside. We were pretty faithful to take him outside FREQUENTLY, so he didn’t have the chance. When he did occasionally pee, we immediately cleaned it up with the recommended enzymatic cleaner to rid the floor of any smells. I remember Tom stressing that if you don’t want your dog to do a particular behavior to never let them do it, not even once. So in the first few weeks, we were hyper vigilant with the potty training and I think it paid off. These pups are so smart, they remember everything! Kinley is a true lover boy. He knows no stranger and thinks every dog/cat wants to be his pal. He is kind, sweet and smart. In the evening he thinks he is a lap dog. Kinley loves to go for car rides, even if it doesn’t mean he gets to go somewhere fun. He loves to go hiking. He is pretty much happy doing whatever we are doing. He seems to know when to ‘hang out and be chill’, or run around the back yard with my youngest son. He loves to hike and explore the mountains. He rolls around on the tundra and growls at nothing. :) He is a goofy, happy, sweet boy! We couldn’t love him any more.

blue merle f1b adult aussiedoodle


Barkley is a Girl, Phantom Blue Merle F1b AussieDoodle puppy.

"We're writing to let you know that Barkley is doing well, and her first birthday is in a few weeks. She's a very happy, sweet, and energetic puppy. We absolutely adore her." - Kim & Chris


Congrats to: Laura and Brad in California on this Apricot Bi-Color F1b AussieDoodle puppy.

Dawson, otherwise known as Dawson Doodle, has blossomed into a confident, devoted, loyal, easy going, and playful AussieDoodle. We are a family of 3, yet we all love him so much and he has his own, unique relationship with each of us. When we walk on trails or in town, frequent comments are "how is your puppy so well trained?" and "he is just soooo cute". The most common remark we get from our friends is that he is "the most calm and well mannered puppy they have known." Our family would agree. What has been the most exciting surprise for our family, is how he has acclimated seamlessly to our travel lifestyle! Dawson flew on 18 airplanes and has been to Mexico 3 times by the time he was 12 months. He sees the travel bag or suitcases and appears to get excited and even jumps into his carrier. We keep Dawson active and stimulated daily, which I think has helped tremendously. He sleeps throughout the night. We start the morning off with a 2 mile walk. Mid-day, he then gets play time with a toy or ball or another dog for about an hour. In the afternoons, he either swims in the river, lake, or ocean or we take him on jogs or hikes with us. Otherwise, he is curled up on his dog bed and snoozing or lounging right next to my son playing legos, or following us around the vineyard. Other interesting facts about Dawson Doodle are he is being trained as a therapy dog and comes to work with me 1 day a week in my psychological private practice. Sticking with consistent training has been the best reward for all of us. We use daily interactions with him as opportunity for training - and boy has it paid off! Around 11 months is when Dawson truly 100% of the time followed all the commands, including being able to walk with me off leash for over 2 miles. His blue eyes and steady eye contact melt our heart, his stealing my son's stuffed animals when he thinks we are not watching is hilarious, and his deep loyalty to us remains remarkable. -Laura

Rosie: Red Tuxedo AussieDoodle Puppy

Rosie: Red Tuxedo AussieDoodle Puppy is a Girl, Red Tuxedo puppy.

"Rosie Doodle came into her new home just two weeks ago.  I am so grateful for all the help, support, suggestions and love that came in the Rosie package.  You helped me out so much to prepare and make this transition as easy as possible.  From picking me up at the airport, to providing food and treats (I arrived with only an empty dog carrier and water bowl), to including her smelly blue towel that reminds her of home.  She is simply an amazing pup.  She rings the door bells to go outside, she sits for treats, she plays fetch and she has charmed our old, grouchy, part-chow rescue dog into being her new best friend.  These are all things she learned from being raised by YOU.  All this goodness arrived in the little fur ball that I picked up in KY two weeks ago!! She is also willful, crazy smart and requires a LOT of care and attention.  I'm so lucky to have the enormous amount of time it takes to actually raise a responsible canine.  It's not unlike having a newborn.  We have spent the last two weeks getting a perfect score from the vet, being exposed to lots of new noises and objects (she's very sound sensitive, we play a lot of different types of music and sounds from youtube like you suggested - brilliant ).  She's enrolled in a puppy class for socialization and we are slowly exploring the environment.  Yesterday we spent time splashing in the pool and she didn't care at all, but a red mop sent her into a barking frenzy.  I'm using lots of treats and trying to remember the clicking and keeping commands simple.  It's not easy speaking "dog". I'll keep you updated with lots of pictures.  The puppy cam and all the communication we had before picking up Rosie was a really huge plus in this process.  You guys are amazing and your doodles are awesome as a result."


Congrats to: Sydney from California on this Blue Merle F1 AussieDoodle puppy.

Nash is very confident, and very coordinated. She likes to retrieve balls, in the ocean or out of the pool. When I hold the toy underwater she will put her whole face and eyes under to get it.  As a swim and surf instructor, this delights me to no end. She loves everyone she meets, both dogs, people, and small children. Last week she was running around with a big group of small children I didn't know at the beach last week, and not a single time did she jump up and try to grab them with her mouth, and they were running around trying to get her to chase them etc. I was really impressed.  She has surfed with me on the paddle board and we caught lots of waves. She never shakes or trembles or cries when she's on the board, or when we're paddling through waves. This has been awesome.  She loves to take my shoes and move them around and her favorite game with them is to take the insoles out. So far she is not destroyed or damaged a single one. - Sydney

black phantom aussiedoodle puppy


Congrats to: Karley and family from Chicago, IL on this Black Phantom F1 AussieDoodle puppy.

"Hello, thank you so much for all of your support along the way! Bean is so, so perfect and we cannot imagine our life without her. Overall Bean has just done such an amazing job, and we fully credit AwesomeDoodle! Diane and Morgan started her off with such an amazing foundation, and all of the training videos and informational materials have helped us continue to support her growth. I have friends who got a puppy the same time we got Bean and hearing their struggles with potty training alone made me feel so grateful to have gone through awesome doodle. We would truly have had no clue what to do without you!" - Karley

therapy dog


Congrats to: Christopher in Ohio on this Red Phantom F1 AussieDoodle puppy.

“I felt like a nervous father with a newborn when I brought Abbie home.” Even though he’d never raised a dog alone before, Chris had big plans for Abbie. She would become a therapy dog. Chris knew that providing a good foundation was key to raising a well-behaved puppy, so he promptly hired a private trainer. He adds, “I hired a different one because I didn’t agree with the first trainer’s approach.”  From day one, he created an enriching and social environment for Abbie. She learned by playing with toys and games that are mentally-stimulating, like puzzles and a snuffle mat. He played YouTube to introduce her to a variety of noises, like thunder, garbage trucks, fireworks, babies crying, and dogs barking. Chris provided Abbie with short training sessions 2-3 times a day that followed AwesomeDoodle’s positive training principles. As soon as she’d had her shots, Abbie hit the classroom. She completed a series of puppy classes that spanned from Kindergarten to Advanced Training, to the AKC Good Canine Citizen course and test. Abbie became familiar with walkers, wheelchairs, loud noises, distractions, and being touched by people she didn’t know. “She missed a couple items on the test the first time so she had to retest.” Abbie ended up passing the second time with flying colors! Next, it was time to find an organization to test and certify Abbie as a therapy dog. After some research, Chris chose Canine for Christ Therapy Dog Ministry and scheduled the test. His membership dues include the materials and resources they need, and insurance. They even help him set up their visits with the facilities. Chris and Abbie go to local nursing homes and spend time with Alzheimer’s, Palliative Care, and Hospice residents. Abbie bonds with the people, and they love to see her. This time is fulfilling for Chris, however, it requires that he work, too. It’s necessary that he pay close attention to all situations during their visits and anticipate what may happen next. He watches Abbie’s body language for signs of unease. “She does great work, but takes a three-hour nap when we get home,” he chuckles. "She’s learning tricks now, like “Bow,” “Touch,” and “Cover your eyes.” Chris tells me he’s never scolded Abbie, and approaches all her teaching and training with, “All good things come from me.”  His ultimate goal: for Abbie to become a service dog who can sense the extreme highs and lows of blood sugar levels in a diabetic. He informs me that dogs can smell these alarming levels through the person’s pores and breath. Abbie has fun, too. Chris schedules a playdate with a doggy friend once a week. “She’s a normal dog,” he adds, “who went through that awful biting phase and puppy crazy time. Abbie still loves her toys. She’s been through four yellow Duckies!”  “We’re always working on something new. We’re currently addressing her fear of elevators and storm drains.” There’s optimism and pride in his voice.


Congrats to: Evan and Jaclyn on this Blue Merle w/White F1 AussieDoodle puppy.

"Dexter is adjusting to our schedules and antics quite nicely!! He knows to sit, lay down and come. He sleeps all night. Has minimal accidents in the house.  We are still working on biting, though, especially with my kids since I’m assuming he sees them as something akin to litter mates."