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You may be overwhelmed by tons of website doodle jargon, like F1 and F1B and Multi-generation. While we encourage you to read up on AwesomeDoodle to see how we raise our puppies, you don’t have to take our word for it. Read some of the reviews from our POO puppy owners below.

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When it’s time to pick a non shedding dog also a perfect family companion, families all over the USA are taking a second look at the AussieDoodle and BerneDoodle. Their inquisitive personality and dreamy eyes will make you melt, but they will also surprise you with their athletic ability to catch frizbees, swim, jog, or pretty much anything you can think of.


Congrats to: Chad and Bailey in Arizona on this Red Merle F1 AussieDoodle puppy.

"Overall, Daisy is doing really well! I have already taught her several commands, such as sit, stay, and lay down! She is becoming well socialized, as I am able to bring her to work! We have also been to petsmart, friends' houses, and other stores that allow dogs. She gets along so well with every person and dog she meets."


Congrats to: Lauren and Kevin on this Blue Merle F1 AussieDoodle puppy.

Finley is quite the friendly, energetic, goofy pup. She loves going on adventures, but also loves to snuggle. She is the perfect travel companion and in 8 months has visited Yosemite National Park, Chicago, Park City, Wyoming and Massachusetts! She completed entry level puppy classes and the AKC Canine Good Citizen class. She must wait until she is 1 year old to take the official test. Finley loves to tag along on our trail runs, beach days and brewery visits. Finley is such a beautiful dog that when we are on walks people roll down their car windows to shout how pretty she is. Finley loves to play at dog parks and her best friend is Leo a 75lb Goldendoodle! Finley is around 38lbs and has started to get lighter as she gets older. - Lauren


Congrats to: Terese and family from Trevor, WI on this F1b BerneDoodle puppy.

"Alfalfa is doing great, getting big, and has become the center of our family. He is socializing well....joined a puppy class, been to the groomer, and enjoys grandchildren’s visits. He sleeps 7-8 hours at night. Potty training is getting more consistent. He loves the run of the yard and picking up sticks. He is becoming more aware of birds and smells of other wildlife coming through the yard. Everyone is amazed at the softness of his coat. Thank you to Tammy and AwesomeDoodle for Alfie!!" - Terese


Congrats to: Mikela in Massachusetts. on this Phantom Blue Merle F1 AussieDoodle puppy.

"Sammy goes to day care and also has two training sessions a week. She loves hiking and hopes to start agility training in the spring. I think she is half flying squirrel, and off the chart smart. The most loved dog" - Mikela


Congrats to: Taylor and Scott in Michigan on this Black Bi-Color F1 AussieDoodle puppy.

"In Nov we transitioned to full-time traveling in our RV. We weren’t sure how Aster would like this lifestyle- she lived and roamed freely on 5 acres before. But she seems to really love this traveling thing! She gets to enjoy a lot more walks, the dog parks at the campgrounds, and more varied hiking experiences. She goes everywhere with us that dogs are allowed. When we go somewhere that dogs aren’t allowed she hangs out in the RV. She has never chewed up anything. She has zero desire to be destructive. And the greeting we get when we come home is priceless! She has become even more social too! And her fear of other dogs(after she was attacked 1.5 years ago) seems to be completely gone now. She gets so excited for travel days because that means long car rides with dad(mom and the human kids drive separate). She enjoys hanging out in the front seat with the window down and watching the other people and cars. She is the best dog we have ever had. She is so affectionate and loves to be near us. She’s friendly but also has zero desire to run away from us. Everyone always wants to know her breed because they think she is so cute and sweet. I always make sure to credit AwesomeDoodle!!" -  Taylor


Congrats to: Susan D. and Family on this Black Tuxedo F1 AussieDoodle puppy.

"So happy to have EBONY!  Ebony has brains and beauty !  She gave a little whimper we pulled over and she peed! She is the best! I love her already!  I got the BEST MOTHERS Day present ever!" Thanks for your CONTINUED concern & dedication. EBONY is thriving ,healthy & happy !  She has a vet on Tuesday but I weighed her today and she is now 4# 3 oz .  She has no poop accidents Pee still a  bit of a challenge !  She will pee if I take her to "potty " She walks nicely on a leash, 3 times a day 45 min.  She consistently sits, look at me, down, in your bed leave it & gets toy in & outside .  She returns toy in house, not yet outside. She runs with me when I rollerblade .  This prevents the puppy crazies well !  She gave me a difficult time with the crate /pen set up in the kitchen but for the last week she has accepted the bedtime routine without a peep !  She sleeps till 600 am . Last night with no pee accidents! She comes with me in a basket when I bike ride . She comes kayaking with me . She is my new BEST FRIEND !  I LOVE HER SO !  Thanks so much  Susan


Congrats to: Kendra and John in Florida on this Black Tri-Color F1 AussieDoodle puppy.

"Milo is doing fantastic! The airplane & car ride went well. Then he was not too timid when meeting all of our family members and our dog Bella. Each day they feel more and more comfortable with each other and his new Familiy and new environment."


Congrats to: Lauren and family on this Black Phantom F1 AussieDoodle puppy.

"We haven't written back in a while, partly because it's been a busy summer but also partly because Barley has been such a laid back and fun dood - that we've been able to take on each new phase in stride and haven't faced any major challenges or setbacks. We've spent a lot of our summer remodeling our home, which means that for several weeks in a row, Barley made near-daily trips to Lowe's with us which has made him great around strangers and in public settings. Despite the remodel disruption, Barley got the hang of potty training pretty early on (with a few exceptions along the way) and we think his general adaptability to various settings is another outcome of the house project. Barley loves walks and trips to our nearby park, where he has gotten really good at jumping from tree stump to tree stump at the playground. We also get a kick out of our monthly Barkbox subscription to get new toys and different treats all the time. In the summer heat he loves getting in the water and either splashing or just taking a quick soak. Over the past 2 weeks we've been phasing in daycare a bit more, which he LOVES - I can tell by how fired up he gets when we pull into the parking lot. Not too many dislikes to report... we did have to work on a little bit of anxiety barking if we step outside our fenced area without him, but we're making progress there too. Thanks again for all the guidance and support - it has meant a lot even if we haven't written back every time to say so. This has been such a fun journey and we already can't imagine our lives without Barley :)"- Lauren

black tri sheepadoodle puppy


Congrats to: Luis and family from Marina, CA on this F1 SheepaDoodle puppy.

"This is Takeo checking in at 20 weeks! I've been busy doing all my favorite things in Monterey! I live next to the beach, so I'm always there and playing in the sand dunes! Good thing I'm a sheepdog and have all this fur to keep me warm. Phew, I get worn out almost every day. I don't care too much for fetch and I don't like getting shots, but boy oh boy do I love running! ...and sleeping belly-up on my back and eating chow and playing. But, my family says I'm still a puppy so they won't let me go on longer runs with them... yet. My favorite thing is to dig deep holes in the sand and then stick my whole face inside. It's so satisfying! I think everyone should try this. I like my morning training, too! I learn almost every training lesson the first time they teach it. I was even house trained in a week, they seemed really happy about that. I'm really good with all the basics - stay, no, come/idiwah, sit...etc (some of my commands are in Korean, wow!). I'm usually good with "katchi", and can walk and run for a long time next to their feet without pulling. This makes the bigger humanz very proud. I love crunchy leaves! ...and I really don't like "leave it" nope, no I don't! I meet all kinds of new friends on the beach trail. Lots of humanz like to greet me. Children and toddlers are my favorite. I really like birds and rabbits -- but they usually run away, I'm not sure why. I stay away from the Coyotes, though. I've never met a friend that looks like me, but today I met a Bernedoodle that came pretty close. Doc says I'm very healthy and on New Year's Day I weighed in at 25lbs! Well, gotta jump into the car with my family to pick the small humanz up from school now. Thank you AwesomeDoodle for all the tips and please tell Momma I'm having so much fun with my family :)"

blue merle aussiedoodle adult dog with blue eyes


Congrats to: Kana and family on this Blue Merle w/ White & Copper F1 AussieDoodle puppy.

Just wanted to send a quick note and update you on Rogue at 6 months; weight is just under 20 lbs. He’s been an awesome addition to our family and we love him so much! He loves playing soccer, he fetches both the ball and frisbee, loves playing chase with the kids to get his zoomies out, loves cuddling, hates the car (thankfully the throwing up has stopped) & most of all LOVES everyone and every dog he meets.  He is best when he keeps to a schedule & gets plenty of exercise and mental stimulation.  Every morning Rogue and I wake up, he won’t leave our room until he greets my husband good morning. After he goes to the bathroom and has his breakfast, he gnaws on his antler (most of the time while I’m holding it) while I have my morning coffee before he takes a morning snooze. It’s become one of my favorite times of the day & I notice he’s way more needy if we don’t get that time together in the morning. His first job of the day after his morning nap is to wake his sisters up! :)  We’ve also figured out how he expresses himself when he’s overtired which has made a big difference in his behavior & our relationship with him.  We continue to work hard on our walks... he is doing great but still loves lunging at cars, barking at dogs & people if he can’t greet them but he’s getting also helps that I am getting better at getting his attention before the unwanted behavior so it’s been a growth process for both of us. :) behavior training has paid off immensely and we continue to do it every day.  Yesterday we went on a 3 mile hike in Lake Tahoe and we let him off leash...he was amazing. He came when called every time and had the time of his life!!  Thank you for all you guys do!! Rogue is such awesome addition to our family; we couldn’t imagine life without him.  - All the best, Kana, JM, Anabelle, Sofia & Rogue


Congrats to: Teresa and family from Plymouth, MI on this Black Bi-Color F1b AussieDoodle puppy.

"Simply stated—she’s absolutely amazing! It’s incredible how quickly she’s adapted to her new surroundings. She does a wonderful job sitting, will lay down and come when called. She’s also doing a great job playing catch with us. She gets into her bed willingly and hasn’t cried once and from the second night home, she’s slept all night! Her vet appt went great and the dr and nurse immediately fell in love with this baby girl. She definitely gets puppy crazy time and has an affection for shoelaces and anything else we don’t want her to have haha We expend her energy by playing fetch and working with her on walking with a leash on. We also have several treat puzzles that she loves. She’s also mesmerized by the tv and will sit quietly and watch for several minutes. We couldn’t be more happy with this sweet girl and are so thankful that Awesome Doodle and Shannon gave her such a wonderful start."


Congrats to: Brett and family from Mountainside, New Jersey on this Phantom Blue Merle F1 AussieDoodle puppy.

"On our 10 hour drive back from Kentucky to pick up Moku we can already tell this guy is going to be a ball of light and happiness in our lives for a very long time. Words can’t even begin to express our gratitude towards AwesomeDoodle and especially Diane and Morgan who played such a HUGE role in shaping Moku into the young lad he is today. The boy is 5/5 for pees on the pad and has been an absolute treat in the back seat with Elana and I switching play buddy roles the whole time to NJ. Could not be happier and for anyone’s worth it." - Brett

red bi colored aussiedoodle


Congrats to: Marisa, Rebecca, and family from Michigan on this Red Bi-Color F1 AussieDoodle puppy.

"We have fallen in love with Sadie...from the moment Jordan handed her over :) She's so cute we can't even stand it. We're 3 days in now, and things are going so well...a testament to how well AwesomeDoodle raises their pups! She's sitting just about every time she approaches us, and your training video on teaching her this behavior was so helpful...all of the videos/articles are really good, and we're watching/reading every one! We're going to work on the biting, because you're right...she's a little biting machine. When she wants to bite us or other objects we are redirecting her with one of her toys. I'm sure this will take some time. We took her to the vet yesterday, and she's been on several car rides. I feel that Sadie has lifted the community's spirits with our drive-by visits to everyone locked down at home by the virus. She seems to make everyone happier :) On the first night, she slept in her crate from 9:30pm to 6am without a peep...she was TIRED. We've been keeping here going pretty steady between dinner and bedtime with lots of playing, training, and loving...and it seems to be allowing us to sleep pretty good at night. We've been introducing her to her collar, and we're really looking forward to teaching her to play fetch! Our other dog, Wiley (14 year old Pomeranian) is also teaching Sadie, in his own is interesting and fun watching those two learn how to deal with each other:) We're having so much fun with Sadie. Thank you for everything you've done to raise her and to educate us. Attached are some pictures we took this morning :)" - Nathan, Rebecca, Marisa, and Cristian

Aussiedoodle puppy atlanta GA

Winnifred (Winnie)

Congrats to: Mary on this Black Phantom F1 AussieDoodle puppy.

11 weeks and Lady Winifred is doing great! Yes - CRAZY puppy time is in full swing. Her nickname is in Kruger... She's totally potty trained although still uses the potty pad for wee wee a few times a day. If she has to do #2 on the pad because I failed to take her out timely she gets angry! She does "sit" and "down" on command without fail . She also will do "sit, stay and then come" up to about 25 feet. She watches everything. Last week it was airplanes and the local train. This week she loves to watch the deer. She doesn't make a peep and doesn't move; she just watches. We are working on the people in her life - training them to talk to her like the Lady she is as opposed to an excitable puppy. She's growing like a weed and goes for her second vet visit on Thursday. I just love my little Winnie.  She's the best shelter-in-place companion one could wish for. Hope everyone at Awesome Doodle is healthy and safe. - Mary

black and white sheepadoodle puppy


Congrats to: Lydia and family from Chagrin Falls, Ohio on this F1 SheepaDoodle puppy.

"Major is legit my best friend. He’s snuggly and playful. He’s convinced his big butt is just a little lap dog and has zero concept of personal space. He lives for treats. Super stubborn and crazy smart. He’s all in when it comes to snow, peanut butter, chicken and sock stealing. Major is without a doubt my favorite child 🤣"


Congrats to: Deb and family in Canada on this Apricot Bi-Color F1 AussieDoodle puppy.

"Halo loves to play catch with her frisbee and / or ball.  She is built for speed and super quick.  She’s also very clever and learns new commands easily.  She’s crate trained and still sleeps in it every night.  Halo’s extremely affectionate and most of all, she loves just to be with everyone. Please say ‘hi’ to Tom for us.  He did a great job raising her for her first seven weeks!" - Deb


Congrats to: Kasey and Dave in Massachusetts on this Phantom Blue Merle F1 AussieDoodle puppy.

"Things have been really fun and great so far! He's getting really good at holding it almost for the night (usually one break around 3/4am). Potty training has been manageable as well. He hasn't had too many accidents and I am starting to pick up on cues he's giving when he needs to go (although we have a potty pad out for times we miss them). He's a pro at sitting and getting very good at eye contact as well :) Puppy crazy time is REAL but also manageable! We also just went for our second vet visit and he did great."

f1b curly black phantom aussiedoodle puppy


Congrats to: Mary and family from Dallas, TX on this Black Phantom F1b AussieDoodle puppy.

"Our little Lilou is truly an AwesomeDoodle. She is a very good girl — beautiful, sweet and funny. She already knows the commands ‘sit’ and ‘come’, is well on the way to being house-broken and loves playing in our yard. Looking forward to all the adventures we will have with this outstanding creature!! ❤️🐾🐶"

Lucy Blue Merle with Copper

Congrats to: Sharon and Andy in Maine on this Phantom Blue Merle F1 AussieDoodle puppy.

"Lucy’s dramatic copper markings and blue eyes turn heads wherever we go. She’s so friendly, too. Her personality is just as beautiful as she is. We love that she’s both fun and cuddly. Lucy is eager to learn and has known “sit”, “eyes”, “lay down”, “rollover”, and “stay” since she was twelve weeks old. By the time she was 15 weeks, she would sit at the door while I opened it and wouldn’t cross the threshold until I said, “Okay!” Now, I can place her breakfast in front of her, tell her “leave it,” and she won’t go to her dish until I release her. And her classes for basic training don’t start for another week."


Congrats to: John, Kendall, Aidan, and Trystan in Florida on this Blue Merle w/White F1 AussieDoodle puppy.

"Ellie is a permanent fixture in the family. And the neighborhood. We have regular daily visitors from around the block to see and play with her. Our routine: Ellie gets up about twice each night to go outside. Once around 1:00 am and again around 4:00 am. After both ventures outside, she comes back in and goes right back to sleep in her box (Crate). She has breakfast with our boys and then goes with me to take them to school. We come home, train and play with the stuffed squirrel, her favorite toy until she is ready for a nap. Lunch around noon, sometimes we walk about one mile into town for lunch, she is exhausted when we get home. School lets out and she is entertained till bedtime around 9:00.  Ellie loves her squirrel and to play frisbee. She can’t catch it yet but she will go get it and bring it back (as long as it lands upside down, she hasn’t figured out how to turn it over). She sets perfectly, we are working on her setting immediately when I stop while on a walk. She’s abut 50% on that one. Yes we can tell when she needs to go outside. She goes crazy if we ignore her one bark or the bells on the back door.  Ellie gets lots of compliments on the street. She is the softest dog I have ever rubbed. Ellie is very demonstrative when she is not happy with you. She won’t look at us (or whoever she is displeased with) for a few minutes. The last vet visit she loved the vet until the shots, then she wouldn’t let him pet or rub her. It was hilarious. Thanks Courtney, Ellie is the best thing for our family and our boys. Please tell the entire AwesomeDoodle family how happy we and Ellie are."


Congrats to: Colleen in Oregon on this Black Phantom F1 AussieDoodle puppy.

"First I want to thank all the AD crew for such wonderful puppies!  Louie is smart, playful, almost potty trained and going to be bigger than I expected which is fine!  His paws are huge!  Everywhere we take him, I am sure just like other AD puppies, Louie is the show!  Loving, playful and all out way too cute."


Congrats to: Allison and Brad in Indiana on this Blue Merle w/White F1 AussieDoodle puppy.

"Just wanted to send a 6 month picture of Chesney! Hard to believe that she is already half a year old! She just recovered from her spay surgery. She continues to love meeting other dogs at daycare once a week! She loves fetching balls, going for walks and car rides, loves food and treats, and loves everyone she meets! We continue to find new things to teach her and challenge her as she learns so quickly! She’s a bundle of energy and so much fun to be around! I hope all is well with the AwesomeDoodle crew!" "Chesney continues to master new tricks and is a very sweet and loving dog! Chesney loves retrieving balls and frisbees! She absolutely loves eating and getting treats. She is fully vaccinated and just got groomed for the first time. I didn’t think she could get any cuter. She is staying with nana and pops this week as we are on vacation! She is definitely getting spoiled! They love her! Chesney also just finished her first level of obedience class! She was a little show off. I taught her most of the skills before the classes began so she was able to show off to the trainer! We socialize Chesney by taking her to the park, grandparents’ houses to play with their dogs, pet store, and numerous neighborhood walks everyday. We get asked constantly what kind of dog she is. She loves meeting new people! Only thing that we have to continue to work on is her nipping and herding of our beagle especially when it’s time to go outside. Luckily, he’s very patient with her. 

blue merle aussiedoodle with white copper and two blue eyes


Congrats to: Tracy and family from Kiowa, Co on this Blue Merle w/ White & Copper F1b AussieDoodle puppy.

"We’ve had our Aussiedoodle now for 3 ½ weeks and she is super sweet, fun and smart. We finally had good success with potty training by the 3rd week, she’s 100% outside or in the litter box if we aren’t quick enough. Lexi thinks everything in life should be approached with eagerness and excitement. She has mastered sit, look, leash, let’s go, go to bed, her name and here even under distraction and off leash almost 100%. She’s still working on not jumping, she gets a little over excited sometimes and just can’t quite help herself yet, but it only takes a little ignoring before she is sitting politely. She does bark and ask for a treat though if you take too long when she thinks she deserves it! She’s had her first haircut and did really well with everything, she loves the blowdryer and bites the air when it hits her face! She’s happy to go get a toy and play by herself while we are doing things around the house…she throws it around and chases it by herself. She’s great at her crate, she puts herself in bed at night without a peep about 9pm, she has a small playpen with litter box and 2 toys in her crate and we don’t hear from her until we get up around 6, she’s always laying in her bed when we get up so not sure how long she would actually stay in there. She’s happy to stay in her crate patiently when I need to go outside for a bit or take the other dogs out, she does very well. She’s very sweet, well-adjusted and even at her most excited moment you can still get her attention about 98% of the time and help her be productive. We’ve had so much fun with her, she’s just a little bundle of happy."


Congrats to: Patti and family from Driftwood, Texas on this Blue Merle w/White F1 AussieDoodle puppy.

"Thank you so much for all the videos and pictures. This girl has my heart! They do such a good job with these pups and it shows in the temperament of BluBelle. It definitely makes it easier for me. Please tell Michelle thanks for us! BluBelle adjusted so well to us and our home today!"


Congrats to: Joseph and Olivia from Atalanta on this Black Phantom F1 AussieDoodle puppy.

Mabry is 11 weeks and doing great. She has sit, watch me, leave it, down and come. She struggles with stay but can do it sometimes. She just had a bath and did great! She surprises us every week with a new thing she’s curious about and getting in to. We’re having a great time with her! Thanks for the articles! -  Joseph


Congrats to: Lisette and Isi in Florida on this Black Tuxedo F1 AussieDoodle puppy.

"Mowgli is doing great and is all settled into his new home! He and Sammy (our other dog) are getting along great and playing together."

Easton Red Bi AussieDoodle Boy

Congrats to: Lauren and Eitan on this Red Bi-Color puppy.

"Made it back to St. Louis! Drive was pretty smooth. 2 potty breaks, no car sickness, and no accidents. After a few challenging nights, last night was much better.  Easton has a lot of energy and I think we just weren't getting him tired enough.  We played with him in the backyard to the point of exhaustion and then some - we even just walked in circles around the backyard for a while and he followed us around the whole time.  By the time it was bedtime, he went in his crate (somewhat reluctantly), whined for about a minute and then passed out for about 6 hours.  Even then he just rustled around a bit then sat quietly waiting for me to get him out.  His whining has decreased significantly and we're just working diligently on getting him to like his crate and getting him very tired.  He's an active little pup so we're making sure to play with him accordingly!  He's such a sweet, good boy otherwise.  Definitely responds well to the clicker and sits and lays calmly, accepting treats gladly when he does!  Here's some pictures of him loving the backyard and all his toys, and hanging out with his dog buddy Nash" Lauren and Eitan

black tri aussiedoodle on walk with human


Congrats to: Sarah and family from New Smyrna Beach, FL on this Black Tri-Color F1 AussieDoodle puppy.

"Luna is a cuddle bug. She loves people more than anything. She loves her snacks more than her meals. She has no boundaries and does not respect ours. Luna changed our lives for the better."

black phantom aussiedoodle puppy with a white chin


Congrats to: Diana from Medford, MA on her new doodle boy! on this Black Phantom F1 AussieDoodle puppy.

"Just letting you know how well Franklin has been doing. He is in training and learning quickly. We are able to use commands and he responds during walks and at the park. He learned fetch after a couple weeks at home and he loves his bully sticks, chewing on ice cubes. He gets socialization with people and other dogs on our daily walks as we live in a city. He loves when people on the street give him attention and pets. He is very friendly with other dogs and loves playing at the park. On hikes he walks with us off-leash never straying away. Even passing other people and dogs he does not tend to run off. Dad walks him every day but mom is definitely his favorite. His weight was 14.6 pounds at 14 weeks vet visit. A few photos attached. There is no mystery as to who his father is. No Maury Povich paternity test needed :) Also, Tessa from 15th Aug Bernadoodle litter is his cousin and they play together every week." - Vincent & Diana

blue eyed blue merle with white and copper aussiedoodle puppy


Congrats to: Patricia and family from Dallas, TX on this Blue Merle w/ White & Copper F1 AussieDoodle puppy.

"Blaze is an Awesome Doodle. Probably 22 people in the last 2 days stopped us and asked where she is from, and I said Awesome Doodle from Michigan! She picked an old purse of mine from when I lived in California. She has her leash, her baby and her chewy rope and blankie in there…she hops in and barks at me…that means she wants to go ridin’ in the car. If I do not respond quickly she will get the leash and pull it out of her purse and run around until she has my undivided attention. She is hilarious!!! Shannon, thank you for this precious angel!!!"

blue merle aussiedoodle puppy in Christmas dress


Congrats to: Ron and family from Fort Wayne, Indiana on this Blue Merle w/White F1 AussieDoodle puppy.

"Pebbles is just over 20 pounds at 16 weeks. Hopefully, the rate of weight gain slows and she ends in that 35 to 45 pound range. She is now sleeping later, 9 to 7 as opposed to 9 to 4 or 5. She has been excellent in her nighttime crate, with any accidents from day one! She understands poops go outside, occasionally in the pine pellet tray, but peeing in the house is still a problem (luckily we have hard surface flooring and not carpet). We occasionally put her in her daytime crate and go out for short periods and she does great and just quietly naps. She likes to chew on a small squeaky toy. Sometimes we’ll throw it and she has learned to bring it back and drop it for a treat. Another favorite is knocking around an empty 1 litter soda bottle. She’ll run into it a bump it around, trying and trying to get ahold of it. For socialization we often bring her to several of the stores that are pet friendly. We get her together occasionally with dogs we know. We are also looking forward for her 4th shot next week so we can broaden exposure. She is very smart and picks up on things like sitting and waiting. Except when she’s overly excited or has the zoomies. We have two food puzzle games that she likes. She also has a ball that treats drop out of that didn’t take long for her to figure out about rolling it around."


Bailey is a Boy, Black Phantom F1 AussieDoodle puppy.

"We're having a great time and really enjoy having Bailey home with  us!"

red merle aussiedoodle


Congrats to: Angelyn on this Red Merle w/ White & Copper F1 AussieDoodle puppy.

"Jasper is the best at finding good sticks to bring home. Did I say wickedly intelligent?"

black tri aussiedoodle puppy with one blue eye


Congrats to: Dan and family from Chagrin Falls, Ohio, OH on this Black Tri-Color F1 AussieDoodle puppy.

"Maple is a playful and rambunctious little gal! She loves playing and snuggling with her brother Miso."

groomed aussiedoodle


Congrats to: Robin and David in Ohio on this Phantom Blue Merle F1 AussieDoodle puppy.

"We are having a wonderful time with Nolan....he is sweet and smart." "It has been busy around here as we spread the love to Nolan who is an absolute treat. He is so happy and he and Oscar are now play buddies."


Congrats to: Emily and family from Washington, DC on this Black Phantom F1 AussieDoodle puppy.

"We picked up Okra one week ago today and he has absolutely stolen our hearts. The pickup process was so smooth and easy, and Okra slept in our laps or calmly watched the road the whole 8-hour drive home. He’s already learned “sit,” “down,” “drop it,” and his name, sleeps in his crate through the night without issue, and has never had an accident in the house. We are still in a bit of shock at what a smart and eager-to-please pup he is! Thank you so much to Morgan and Diane for raising such amazing puppies and to AwesomeDoodle for making sure the whole process was seamless, and for sending all of the helpful training articles and videos. These are such smart dogs!" - Emily


Congrats to: Whitney and Fransisco in California on this Blue Merle F1 AussieDoodle puppy.

"He's the chillest dog. I think socializing him as much as we did at the beginning made a HUGE difference. And now the biting and jumping and barking stopped he's a dream boat. So loving and sweet. He is a HIT everywhere we go. We get stopped at least 10 times a day no joke. It’s wild. He had his first doggy sleepover this weekend. He’s depressed she’s gone today. And he’s mastered the bells. I honestly Gave up on them and one day he rang it, I was so excited and now it’s every time he needs to go out. It has made my life so much easier."

Fitz: the red sable aussidoodle puppy

Congrats to: Nikki and William on this Apricot Tuxedo F1 AussieDoodle puppy.

We are loving having our little guy, so much love & happiness despite the increased workload - wouldn't change a thing!  Vet appointment went well, said they should have videotaped his exam as he was the perfect example. 


Congrats to: Bob and Carolyn in Pennsylvania on this Black Bi-Color F1 AussieDoodle puppy.

"Hobbs is doing great.  He enjoys our yellow lab Riley and Riley enjoys him.  He is having very few accidents and slept pretty well through the evening .  He got sick a couple times in the car on our drive home, but perked right up once he got settled into our home. "

bernedoodle and baby


Congrats to: Amanda and family from Middletown, CT on this Black Tri-Color F1 BerneDoodle puppy.

"Indie is very smart. She is goofy. Indie is calm and loving. She is great with children and other dogs."


Congrats to: Jocelyn and Wayne in Nevada. on this Black Phantom F1 AussieDoodle puppy.

"She is doing pretty well. She did not mess on the floor at all before bedtime. She used the litter box once or twice, and went potty outside a number of times. She was very active between naps, and certainly sat waiting for treats. She has gone in and out of her crate in the kitchen on her own, although of course we have not yet closed the door on that crate. But our big news is that after she was up and had some treats and fresh water, she rang the bells to go out!! And she really did need to go potty. So some good progress. Thanks again to AwesomeDoodle for this beautiful little girl."


Congrats to: Diane and family from Queen Creek, Arizona on this Black Phantom F1 AussieDoodle puppy.

"After an 18 hr round trip🛫🛬 journey, Rae is home 😃💖 Can’t say enough about Diane and Morgan🙏🏼 Rae is confident, a snuggler, smart as heck and full of vim and vigor (lots of positive energy🤪) Couldn’t ask for for a sweeter puppy and a better experience! Makes the waiting well worth it!!" - Diane


Congrats to: Ara and Alice in California on this Phantom Blue Merle F1 AussieDoodle puppy.

"Odessa has been having a great time so far with her brother.  She’s gone to the vet and just like Oscar had no issues with shots. She’s been to puppy class and at week one completed up to week 3 exercises to advance into the week 4 class, so it’s clear she’s very smart and capable.  She was timid around the unknown puppies during playtime, but she loves playing with Oscar.  I’m almost certain they could tell quickly they are siblings due to how instantaneously they were comfortable with one another.  We’ve been keen to monitor and discourage any resource guarding on either side, and encourage sticking to their own toys or food or allow sharing when it’s calm and real sharing.  Odessa has already started learning Release at home, which is good.  And she’s rewarded for showing calm quiet behavior.  Once she’s old enough we will teach her how to speak, whisper, and be silent like her brother."

RemDog: Nov 2017 D.O.T.M.

Congrats to: Samantha in Alaska on this Blue Merle w/White F1 AussieDoodle puppy.

"Remy's the best dog in the whole world and makes me incredibly happy. One thing I would tell perspective owners: Make sure you start training good behaviors immediately! I know some of my friends and family were skeptical about how well disciplined I would be with a puppy (because I just want to love on them all the time), but I was very very strict with Remy from the beginning (including crate training him even though he still to this day HATES the crate) and it's really made a huge difference. He is only 6 months old, but I can leave him in the house while I go to the grocery store (or do other short errands) and he doesn't touch a thing (besides his toys). He also knows all of the basic commands and we are excited to start agility training in the spring. He knows I am the boss and does not want to upset me. But he is not afraid to snuggle up for warmth at night and lick my face when I'm not paying enough attention to him. Also, he loves every other dog and human. He's so friendly, which is slightly surprising. I think this is probably because he was socialized from the day I brought him home. He always had other human friends around, wanting to touch him and talking to him. I wouldn't say he's easy going because he definitely knows what he wants and how to get it, but he is so sweet and always wants to experience new things."


Congrats to: Abby and family in New York on this Black Bi-Color F1b AussieDoodle puppy.

Marley is doing great! We recently moved into a new house from an apartment so she is loving having a yard to play in everyday! She is such a sweet girl who loves every one. She loves to play with her 3 cousins who are all West Highland Terriers. We are thinking of getting her a brother or sister soon too! She loves long walks and cuddling. - Abby

black and white australian sheepadoodle puppy


Congrats to: Maggie from Indianapolis, IN on this F1b AussieDoodle puppy.

"Okay you guys! How amazing are these sweet pups? Skipper has been the best gift this year. He is already 35+ pounds and close to 5 months. Look at those paws - we are expecting him to be a big boy. Sleeps 12+ hours in his crate at night, house trained and does really well with *most* commands. We are still working with him on not jumping on our 3 boys and sneaking food but he is such a lover and lazy pup. Sounds like his dad!" - Maggie


Congrats to: Rachel and family from Kanas City, MO on this Phantom Blue Merle F1 AussieDoodle puppy.

"BleuBelle is growing so fast. She is such a good puppy and we are so happy to have her as part of the family. Thanks Natalie and Kris for raising such great puppies!"

f1b aussiedoodle puppy

Bear, the F1b AussieDoodle puppy

Congrats to: Chad, Allison, & family on this Blue Merle w/ Copper F1b AussieDoodle puppy.

Bear is growing like crazy. We weighed him last week and was 10 lbs 2 oz. He is losing his teeth, excels at sit, touch, wait, and ringing his bells to potty. He mastered the "very scary" stairs in our house last week and loves to come make sure he knows where everyone is at all times. His favorite things are roast chicken, afternoon naps, puppy camp, his giggle ball and herding us on walks. He definitely wins the "most popular" award and he is a common topic of conversation everywhere we take him and he is a star at his puppy class. Given the status of things in the world at the moment, he is VERY happy to have his family at home and we will be moving to virtual puppy training as of this evening. As long as I have chicken, he will pay attention! Here's a current favorite photo. He is stunning and fun!- Allison Bear is a Phantom Blue Merle male F1b AussieDoodle with a white patch on his belly. What a handsome boy! We think he will resemble Taja when he is older, only with more copper.


Congrats to: Caroline in Connecticut on this Apricot Tuxedo F1 AussieDoodle puppy.

"Isabella is doing so well! Potty/crate training is taking off. She loves going outside and is very fast. We are spoiling her with love and chew toys! I appreciate all the helpful articles."


Congrats to: Tony and Sunny in Georgia on this Blue Merle w/ White & Copper F1 AussieDoodle puppy.

"Belle's doing great and is such a joy. She's well on her way with crate and potty training, and we got her to the vet this weekend as well. All of the information you provide is super helpful, and Mark was great when we picked her up as well. We also really appreciate the care gift! ; )"