Where are you located?

Where are you located?

Where is AwesomeDoodle? Our home base is in Louisville, KY, and we have partners who raise mini AussieDoodle Puppies in several locations all across the US. So far our partners live in Searcy, AR, Atlanta, GA, Columbus, OH, Akron, OH, Dallas, TX, Tulsa, OK, Nashville, TN, Ocala, FL, and Denver, CO. You are welcome to pick up your puppy from any of the locations. We do NOT want you to feel like you must limit your choice of puppy based on location. We never know what mother nature might bring with each litter. As a result, limiting yourself to one location can significantly increase your wait time, especially if you’re specific about color/size/gender. What if you live in New York and your perfect puppy is born in Florida? You should get the puppy you want!

If your perfect pup is located too far for driving, don’t worry, you have options. While many of our puppies ride home on airplanes under the seat with their owner, other puppies fly to their new homes with our “puppy nanny”.  Finally, some puppies are shipped on non stop flights onlyClick here for more info on puppy nannys and shipping.  Sorry, we will not ship a puppy out of the USA.

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This map represents where our AwesomeDoodle puppies are born and raised before they go home to live with their perfect forever families.

Watch our video to see how it works: