Throw a flying disc to your dog

Throw a flying disc to your dog

You can exercise your dogs by playing catch with a flying disc. After a day at work, your dog is ready to go for a walk.  You’re too tired?  No problem, get out the disc and go in the back yard for some fun.

I like to use the cloth discs because they float well, and the dog can get to the disc before it hits the ground.  They also won’t hurt your dog if it hits them in the face.

This is the flying disc I like the best:


My dogs love to fetch, and yours should too!  There is something about catching a flying disc in the air that really gives them satisfaction.  They really TRY to catch it before it hits the ground. If you’re not teaching your puppy to catch a flying disc, you’re missing out on a really fun game with your dog. If you wait until it’s older, it’s much more difficult to teach them.

Here are few tips for playing disc in the back yard.

  1. Go out and practice throwing, before playing with your dog.  If your dog is not catching it at least 80% of the time, it’s your fault, not the dog’s.
  2. Don’t throw the disc into the fence or into a tree, or anywhere that your dog could run into an obstacle.  The dog is focused on catching it, and you don’t want your dog to get hurt.
  3. Do NOT tease your dog.  Don’t “pretend” to throw the disc or the ball and then laugh when your dog is confused.  It’s not funny.  Build a trusting relationship with your dog, every day.  NEVER give your dog a reason to not trust you.
  4. Allow your dog to have fun.  If they bark in excitement, that’s ok!  Make it fun for the dog.  If the dog isn’t “getting it,” it’s your fault, not the dog’s.  Start slow.  Get your dog excited about the disc before even throwing it.  Every dog will have their own “pros and cons.”  Eventually, you and your dog will LOVE playing disc.
  5. Praise your dog for doing it right.  When your kid catches the baseball, you yell “good job!”  Do the same with your dog.  They will love you for it.  Don’t give food treats for bringing it back.  Because they will be too focused on the food.
  6. The discs are not dog toys.  The disc should be a special treat and your dog isn’t allowed to play with it unless you are throwing it to them.