Sharon, We miss you!

Sharon has TWO AwesomeDoodles so she’s been in your shoes twice. Sharon has had the full AwesomeDoodle experience and she’s learned what it takes to raise a well rounded, well socialized and mannered pup.

Sharon has been taking care of all your detailed puppy questions for quite some time, but we are sad to say that as of Sept 2020, Sharon is taking some time off to take care of her family. We miss her already and hope she can partner with us again in the future.

We love you, Sharon!

Sharon’s Pets:

Lucy Blue Merle with Copper

Lucy’s dramatic copper markings and blue eyes turn heads wherever we go. She’s so friendly, too. Her personality is just as beautiful as she is. We love that she’s both fun and cuddly. Lucy is eager to learn and has known “sit”, “eyes”, “lay down”, “rollover”, and “stay” since she was twelve weeks old. By the time she was 15 weeks, she would sit at the door while I opened it and wouldn’t cross the threshold until I said, “Okay!” Now, I can place her breakfast in front of her, tell her “leave it,” and she won’t go to her dish until I release her. And her classes for basic training don’t start for another week.


"I can’t believe how well Jorja did during her grooming. She exceeded all of my expectations (which she has a habit of doing everyday).  We love her so much. What a joy!  We’ve had so much fun socializing her, providing new experiences, and training her. She is so smart, responsive, and loving. She loves school (in “second” grade now and impresses the teacher all the time), and has the perfect disposition to be a therapy dog, which is the plan. When she visits the local cancer center she melts hearts. Playing fetch, going for walks. And learning new tricks are her favorite things." Jorja is a blue merle female AussieDoodle.  She has rich shades of black, gray and white.  So beautiful!  We think she will look a lot like Loganberry when she grows up. Congrats to Sharon & Andrew in Maine!