Think you’ve got what it takes to raise AussieDoodles in your home? Think again, because these are AwesomeDoodles, and we’re different. If you think you’re up for the challenge, we’re looking for families to turn AussieDoodles, into AwesomeDoodles, in their home.

Our AwesomeDoodle crew consists of regular families, just like you. We’re not your average dog breeders; we’ve got quite a diverse group, including two Doctors, an AT&T executive, a system’s engineer, a rancher, a school teacher, an x-ray tech, and more.

It’s not easy to be a part of the crew, and not everyone will qualify. All our homes follow AwesomeDoodle’s strict policies for raising puppies.

How do you know if you would qualify to raise AwesomeDoodles? Here are a few traits of an AwesomeDoodle Crew partner:

  • You work from home or you have someone to be at the home with puppies all the time. We don’t leave our puppies alone.
  • You’re ok missing your Christmas family get together, because you’re home delivering a new litter of puppies.
  • You’re ok missing your Daughter’s first piano recital, because you’ve got to drive your girl 4 hours to meet her stud.
  • You are able to plan your life around your litters of puppies. You don’t plan your litters around your life.
  • You have a passion for puppies and you are ok cleaning up puppy poop and pee all day.

If any of these apply to you, you may not be a good candidate for an AwesomeDoodle Crew:

  • You only check your email once a week.
  • You’re a soccer mom (or dad) and can’t bare to miss a game.
  • You’re camera shy.
  • You’ve raised puppies before and you want to raise AwesomeDoodles similarly.
  • You think $4000 is too much to spend on a perfect dog.
  • The sounds of yapping puppies at 3am annoys you.

Raising AwesomeDoodles is challenging, for sure. Not only will you learn how to raise puppies, you’ll learn to be a photographer, be a star on the camera, but most of all, you’ll be smothering these puppies with love IN your home. Your home WILL be over taken by puppies when you have a litter.