AussieDoodle Training

AussieDoodle Training

At just 5-6 weeks, we start training puppies to wait until it is their turn for a treat.


Before your new Awesome Doodle goes home with you, it will already have a head start on the most important training lessons it will learn.  In weeks 6-8, each puppy gets one on one training sessions.

1.  Sit.  Puppies start learning both the hand signal, and the command.

2.  NOT jumping.  Our puppies learn very quickly, that jumping on humans won’t get them the treats they want.

3.  Not pawing or biting or barking.  No treats for puppies until all 4 feet are on the floor, and no teeth are touching hands.

4.  Building attention and eye contact.  Puppies learn to look at a human’s eyes, instead of the hand holding the treat.

Here’s an example of a one-on-one puppy training session.  This was only Ace’s second lesson. Smarty pants.